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Jarrett Hurd
Full name: Jarrett Hurd
Birthday: August 31, 1990
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Net Worth: $3 Million

Meet Jarrett Hurd – the undefeated American professional boxer, who has earned himself a net worth of $3 million. Born on August 31, 1990, he is one of the most talented boxers in his weight class.

But this incredible athlete isn't just about stats and titles – Jarrett Hurd's inspiring journey from a small-town kid to an elite boxer will make you want to stand up and cheer for him! Read this article to see why fighting against all odds in life turned out so victorious for him.

From his early childhood dreams to achieving worldwide recognition as a professional boxer, Jarrett Hurd is making waves in the world of boxing and his story will inspire you to work hard and realize your own goals without delay.

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Where Is Jarrett Hurd From and Where Was Jarrett Hurd Born

Jarrett Hurd is a professional boxer from Accokeek, Maryland, United States, born on August 31st 1990. He has had an impressive career in boxing since making his debut in 2012 and continues to fight for the world titles.

His impressive skills have taken him all over the world and he can often be seen at some of the hottest events in town alongside some of the top boxers in the sport. With his stylish looks and winning attitude it's easy to see why people are already starting to talk about Jarrett Hurd as one of boxing's hot stars.

With a hard work ethic that could put most to shame and massive wins against some big names, Jarrett is destined for greatness and it won't be long before he rises into superstardom- if he isn't there already!

How Old is Jarrett Hurd? Jarrett Hurd Age and Birthday Info

Jarrett Hurd is 32 years old and was born on August 31, 1990 in Accokeek, Maryland. Boxer Jarrett Hurd has come a long way since his childhood days in Accokeek, Maryland.

At only 32 years old, the professional boxer has already achieved great success in the industry - and he’s just getting started. Raised by a single mother who worked as a corrections officer at her local jailhouse, Jarrett was inspired to pursue a career in boxing from a young age after constantly seeing his mother work with disadvantaged children to help them get back on their feet.

After winning various amateur tournaments and competitions throughout his teenage years, he eventually signed up with renowned promoter Golden Boy Promotions in 2015 just before turning 25. Since then he’s went on to win multiple championship titles such as The Ring Magazine Light Middleweight champion of the world title (2018) and IBF light middleweight title (2017).

As he continues making strides both inside and outside of the ring - we can’t wait to see what else this rising star will accomplish next!

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What is Jarrett Hurd’s Zodiac Sign

Jarrett Hurd's zodiac sign is Virgo. This sign stands for practicality, humility and responsibility — three qualities that give a boxer a strong foundation in their field.

In Vogue fashion, Jarrett Hurd exemplifies what it means to be a successful Virgo athlete – someone who combines athletic ability with an analytical approach to their style of play. He is humble and never too proud to listen to advice from others, while simultaneously relying on his own instincts when it comes time to make the important decisions in the ring.

His keen eye for details allows him to assess situations quickly and respond appropriately. Lastly, he has always been responsible enough to understand the consequences of his actions both inside and outside of boxing - which gives him an edge when facing opponents in the squared circle.

Jarrett Hurd's impressive combination of qualities makes him stand out as a high-achieving Virgo athlete!

Jarrett Hurd Net Worth and Earnings

Jarrett Hurd has an estimated net worth of $3 million. The 32-year-old boxer is the current IBF, WBA and IBO world super welterweight champion, having won numerous titles since debuting in 2011.

On May 19th 2023, Hurd was making the rounds with press and fans after his foundation's annual charity gala benefiting disadvantaged youth in Maryland. Despite being a world champion boxer, he gets just as excited to help his local community as much as win a title bout.

His career earnings from playing professional boxing are likely behind his impressive net worth despite having to pay large amounts for taxes and other fees associated with high end athletes. It is clear that Jarrett plans to use not only his success inside the ring but also outside it by continuing to give back and stay involved with helping people through charitable work.

Jarrett Hurd Nationality and Ethnicity

Jarrett Hurd is an American boxer of African-American descent. His unique heritage has helped shape his success in a field where challengers come from all backgrounds and cultures.

With his strong sense of identity and pride, Jarrett has set himself apart from the competition. He attributes his drive for greatness to the strong cultural influences that have impacted his life; namely, the wisdom passed down through generations by African-Americans.

Furthermore, he draws inspiration from prominent figures within the African-American community such as Muhammad Ali who faced similar challenges as Jarrett on their paths to becoming champions. As one of America's most exciting young boxers, Jarrett continues to make strides worldwide with each victory bringing him closer to achieving boxing immortality.

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Jarrett Hurd Body Measurements

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