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Joachim Garraud
Full name: Joachim Garraud
Birthday: September 27, 1968
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Net Worth: $10 Million

The award-winning French music producer and DJ Joachim Garraud – who has been described as "the crown prince of the French electronic dance movement" – is a true master of his craft. Born on September 27, 1968 in France, Joachim's career spans 30 years and features major artists like Daft Punk, David Bowie, and Jean Michel Jarre.

He has traveled around the world producing unique sounds that have made him immensely popular across multiple genres. With a net worth estimated to be over $10 million, Joachim Garraud truly lives up to his famous moniker as "the king of the modern disco".

Read this exclusive article about one of today's most influential producers for an in-depth look into the life and rise to success of this electro artist!

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Where Is Joachim Garraud From and Where Was Joachim Garraud Born

Joachim Garraud is a French record producer, disc jockey, and remixer who was born on September 27, 1968 in Nantes, France. Now age 54 and living in 2023, his career has spanned over three decades with the art of programming and mixing music becoming part of his world-renowned reputation as an accomplished musical artist.

His inspiring story began during the rise of electro music when he was chosen by Jean Michel Jarre to be part of ‘Revolution’ alongside Laurent Garnier. His expansive work within both commercial and underground industrial continues to make waves across Europe, while his impact on production has earned him nominations at prestigious nightclub awards such as London's Fabric Club Awards Ceremony for "Best DJ/Producer International 2006".

An early pioneer of today’s contemporary electronic music scene Joachim Garraud remains incomparable – showered in respect from peers worldwide for his innovative approach to dance music production with an old school charisma that lightly evolves through time.

How Old is Joachim Garraud? Joachim Garraud Age and Birthday Info

Joachim Garraud is 54 years old. Born and raised in Nantes, France on September 27, 1968, the French record producer, disc jockey, and remixer has established himself as a legend in the underground music industry both within France and abroad with over three decades of experience.

Since he was in his teenage years Joachim has been creating sonic masterpieces that constantly keep dancing crowds captivated. His unique approach to the combination of sounds together with his expertise as a DJ proved to be well received even from today's top producers who consider him an inspiration.

A must-have on any playlist or concert lineup, this incredibly experienced artist continues pouring new beats into our ears and keeping us all moving no matter how much time passes. As we stand now at May 25th 2023, Joachim Garraud is 54 years old but remains as vibrant and electrifying as ever!

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What is Joachim Garraud’s Zodiac Sign

Joachim Garraud's zodiac sign is Libra, the divine equity. As a record producer, disc jockey and remixer, he values creativity and communication in equal measure.

A Libra relishes working with others to create something beautiful, and this suits the collaborative nature of being a music producer perfectly. He shares an innate understanding of rhythm that allows him to mix different styles into his work without sacrificing its integrity; an unmatched skill in the industry today.

A Libra strives for balance in all aspects of their life- something which also comes naturally to Joachim as he has been creating music since his teenage years. He is known for pushing boundaries and experimenting with sound - something which is no surprise when you consider that Libras are energetic and innovative by nature; they welcome changes motivated by progress rather than boredom or fear.

With such an edge on how he approaches composition, it's no wonder why Joachim Garraud has become one of the most sought-after record producers among music fans worldwide today!

Joachim Garraud Net Worth and Earnings

Joachim Garraud's net worth is estimated to be $10 Million as of May 25, 2023. The 54-year-old record producer, disc jockey, and remixer has certainly made his mark on the music industry with over two decades in the business!

From collaborating with big names like Jean-Michel Jarre and David Guetta to consistently pushing himself creatively with side projects such as Fukkk Offf and Noisebuilder Electronic Music System, it's no wonder he's achieved such a remarkable amount of success. Born in Nantes, France in 1969 - he started out spinning records before branching off into songwriting and producing techno tracks which opened up new possibilities for him.

His professional career has allowed him to reach millions of fans worldwide through multiple world tours throughout his lifetime. With a passion for upholding his reputation as an innovative artist, he’s sure to continue making waves in the music scene for years to come!

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Joachim Garraud Body Measurements

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