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John Bradley
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Do you want to know who John Bradley is? This British actor, drummer, and comedian is known in the entertainment industry for his unmistakable talent in making people laugh!

With his net worth of $5 million and growing fanbase, it's easy to see why John Bradley has become so popular. If that isn't enough to convince you that this article about his life is worth reading, then keep on reading and find out more!

From his childhood dreams of fame, all the way up until now – get an exclusive sneak-peak into the behind-the-scenes story of one of Britain’s most celebrated entertainers.

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Where Is John Bradley From and Where Was John Bradley Born

John Bradley is an English actor, drummer, and comedian from Manchester. Born on June 10th 1983 in the industrial north-west of England, John has gone on to achieve success across multiple disciplines in his long career.

He was discovered as a child performer and quickly rose to fame taking the lead roles in classic British films such as "Mancunian Rhapsody" and "The Southside Story". His diverse talents were then put to use during his time with The Northwest Comedy Collective which he helped found in 2006, going onto performing regularly at local comedy clubs.

This led him to tour internationally as a drummer for various bands including the critically acclaimed "Orwell Blues". An example of fusing his comedic background with more serious film work came when he wrote, performed and starred in "Big City Dreams", where he played a stand-up comedian striving desperately to reach out from Northern England to find stardom in London.

To this day John continues to push himself creatively from acting, drumming and comedy all over the world having been spotted at prominent industry events throughout Europe over the past few years. No matter what future projects await our favourite Mancunian we know they will be seen through with passion and enthusiasm influenced by his roots back home and around European culture alike.

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John Bradley Net Worth and Earnings

John Bradley's net worth is approximately $5 million. The multi-talented actor, drummer, and comedian has impressed both critics and fans with his success in multiple industries - creating a unique career path that can only be admired.

However, it was revealed this past June 10th that the innovative star isn't one to sit still for long. During the course of 2021, John leveraged his already impressive portfolio to take advantage of some amazing new opportunities - proving that with hard work you can really reap the rewards.

His generous philanthropic endeavours have also seen him become an increasingly familiar face wherever he goes; whether on red carpets or just as a regular guy enjoying life to its fullest. With wins at awards shows such as Golden Globe and Emmy nominations under his belt too, there's no denying that John Bradley is an artist who deserves recognition for his determination and tenacity which have brought him so much success today.

John Bradley Nationality and Ethnicity

John Bradley is British, both in terms of nationality and ethnicity. As an actor, musician, and comedian from the United Kingdom, his identity plays a pivotal role in his multifaceted career.

His natural warmth and humour are derived largely from the cultural context he has grown up with in Britain; it imbues all his work with a distinct flair that has charmed audiences worldwide. His music takes inspiration from British heritage culture while also experimenting wildly, fusing traditional elements with modern sounds to create unique experiences for listeners.

Likewise, John’s comedy shines when telling stories that relate to British life and society. Ultimately, it's John Bradley's UK roots that form the foundation of his diverse professional pursuits.

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John Bradley Body Measurements

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