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Justin Bobby
Full name: Justin Bobby
Birthday: March 11, 1982
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Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
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Net Worth: $20 Thousand

Meet Justin Bobby, the original bad boy of The Hills – and now a jet-setting model, TV Personality, and author! His story is one of reinvention and risk-taking.

At 38 years old, he has overcome some major personal struggles to become a success in a variety of fields. And despite being worth only $20 thousand, his life and work could inspire anyone to take charge of their dreams.

With all the successes he's had during quarantine, this article is worth reading to see how Justin Bobby continues to redefine himself as an entrepreneur! Get ready to be inspired by his bold moves – from working in fashion to living like a rockstar on television.

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Where Is Justin Bobby From and Where Was Justin Bobby Born

Justin Bobby, notable television personality and model, was born in Orange County, CA on March 11, 1982. Born into the celebrity scene of sunny Los Angeles, Justin’s story starts like a modern day fairytale: as a young kid with ambition and drive.

After working his way up the ladder in LA's glamourous entertainment industry -- first as a musician and then finally breaking out as an actor -- Justin now lives life to its fullest. A recognizable face in nightlife across many cities worldwide, this 35-year old entrepreneur is now also renowned for his blogs and model contract.

He continues to redefine what it means to live life unfiltered; he’s vibrant, wild yet maintains a sense of refinement no matter where he goes. With an ever-growing international fan base for both himself and his work, there is no doubt that we will be seeing much more from him in the future.#

How Old is Justin Bobby? Justin Bobby Age and Birthday Info

Justin Bobby is 41 years old as of May 25, 2023. On just his 41st birthday on March 11, TV personality and model Justin Bobby celebrated in style at an exclusive party thrown by friends in Orange County, CA.

With a career spanning decades since the early 2000s, this larger-than-life celebrity has made quite the name for himself - from reality TV star on The Hills to making music with his rock band and even designing a high-end fashion line! Now looking every inch the seasoned Hollywood actor he is, Justin Bobby laughed and posed for pics as cameras flashed all night long - no doubt taking inspiration from those closest to him who know how to dress up for the occasion.

A true night out of glitz and glamour as only Justin Bobby knows how!

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What is Justin Bobby’s Zodiac Sign

Justin Bobby's zodiac sign is Pisces, which means he is intuitive and romantic. He can easily read the emotions in a room, making him an impeccable friend and great TV Personality.

As a model, his sensitivity helps him to connect with the audience in a beautiful way. His creativity allows him to quickly come up with new ideas when on set - always leaving people impressed by his talent and grace under pressure.

Justin Bobby's vivid imagination never fails to give any project an extra flair of passion and elegance. Pisces are also known for being compassionate, patient, but sometimes overly dependent upon others - qualities that without doubt contributed to Justin Bobby's amazing success as a two-in-one personality!

No wonder he has gained such popularity!

How Did Justin Bobby Get Famous?

Justin Bobby became famous and popular from his appearances on the MTV series The Hills, as well as modeling campaigns. Now at 41 years old, Justin has established himself as a successful TV Personality and Model.

A household name in 2023, Justin Bobby is having an incredible career resurgence – he is widely recognised and admired for his vibrant personality, unique fashion sense and signature hairstyle that have kept people talking for over a decade now. His appearance on 'The Hills' was one of the major turning points in his life which made him a star overnight.

From there, he went on to feature in multiple music videos with artists like Maroon 5 and Rihanna. He also modeled for Calvin Klein's denim collection which further increased his fame among audiences globally!

These days, Justin Bobby is making waves in the fashion world with high-profile modelling campaigns around the world. His personal style has been heavily replicated by fans who admire his effortlessly cool aesthetic!

As he confidently strides forward into this new era of stardom, one thing remains certain — Justin Bobby will remain an iconic figure loved by masses worldwide for many years to come!

Justin Bobby Net Worth and Earnings

Justin Bobby's Net Worth is estimated to be $20 Thousand. The accomplished 41-year-old TV Personality and Model has come a long way since his breakthrough performance in MTV’s hit show ‘The Hills.’ His business savvy and modeling career have been sources of steady income for Justin Bobby, with an array of projects under his belt that showcase his immense talent.

Nowadays, he can be seen on the covers of prominent magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan, where he discusses his journey to success, musing about life in the entertainment industry. He also recently announced plans for a fashion line which will be released later this year!

With an impressive career path much admired by fans all over the world, it looks like Justin Bobby is sure to remain influential in both the small and big screens alike!

Justin Bobby Nationality and Ethnicity

Justin Bobby is an American of American ethnicity. His nationality and ethnicity have been an integral part of his success as a TV personality and model.

He has embraced his heritage while expanding his reach across America, appearing on numerous national television shows to showcase the impact of American culture in entertainment. As a self-made star and trendsetter, Justin Bobby transcends typical expectations for Americans by embracing both the traditional characteristics instilled from his native environment with modern fashion trends, embodying the very spirit of transition that has sustained our nation's growth.

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Justin Bobby Body Measurements

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