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Ken Lawson
Full name: Ken Lawson
Birthday: January 19, 1976
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Net Worth: $1 Million

Meet the multi-talented Ken Lawson! This amazing man from the United States of America has made a real name for himself in two completely different industries: music and acting.

Born on January 19, 1976, he combines his creative ingenuity to be an inspiring presence with a net worth of $1 Million. As if this isn't enough, he also makes sure to keep up with trends and innovations so that his career remains successful.

Find out why you need to know more about Ken Lawson – read further for an in-depth look at his fascinating biography!

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Where Is Ken Lawson From and Where Was Ken Lawson Born

Ken Lawson is an American musician and actor from West Covina, California, born on January 19, 1976. After climbing the ranks to stardom over the last three decades, Lawson has solidified himself as one of America's leading musical talents and a Hollywood heartthrob.

With his signature charm and striking looks, he effortlessly captures audiences around the world with his talent for weaving together both music and drama in theatrical performances that place him in a league of his own. His career continues to reach new heights as we enter into 2023 - already this year he has added two Grammy awards to his growing list of accolades; timeless reminders that Ken Lawson is indeed still here, taking us all along for the ride!

How Old is Ken Lawson? Ken Lawson Age and Birthday Info

Ken Lawson is 47 years old. Born in West Covina, California on January 19th 1976, he has achieved much success as an actor and musician for the past two decades.

As one of the leading faces of West Coast urban culture since his breakout role in 2003, Ken continues to redefine how people perceive celebrity and modern artistry through his extensive back catalogue of works. In 2021 alone, Ken acted in 3 films, released a critically-acclaimed EP which earned him a Grammy nomination, and previewed a new album slated for release later this year.

After almost 20 years on the scene by his late 40s, it appears there’s no sign that Ken Lawson's ever-ascending trajectory will slow down anytime soon!

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What is Ken Lawson’s Zodiac Sign

Ken Lawson is a Capricorn, born January 19, 1976. As an ambitious and wily musician-actor duo, the sign of Capricorn is in perfect accord with Ken's personality and goals.

Those born under this sign are known for their tireless work ethic, ambition to reach the top of their respective fields, and ability to stay humble no matter how much success they gain. For them, life is a constant battle - one they usually win!

And as Ken has established himself in his dual career paths over the years since 1976, it's clear that he exemplifies all these positive traits associated with being a Capricorn. He is driven to succeed while remaining gracious and humble; qualities that have undoubtedly played a part in his accomplishments thus far.

With 47 years on the proverbial clock for Ken Lawson's special brand of musical-theatrical genius, we can't wait to see what exciting new ventures await him around every corner!

Ken Lawson Net Worth and Earnings

Ken Lawson's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Despite living a relatively low-key life, the 47 year old musician and actor has managed to accomplish great success in his field.

From sold out concerts to starring roles in Hollywood films, Ken has been making waves for nearly two decades due to his talent and charisma. This multi-talented artist recently made the Forbes list as one of June 9th’s ‘millennials with massive bank accounts’, having established several successful ventures beyond his music and acting career.

With an eye for business acumen coupled with a drive for perfectionism in all that he does, there are no limits when it comes to this multi-faceted genius’ potential growth. Ken Lawson is the perfect example of how careful investments during our youth can turn into something fruitful as we get older!

Ken Lawson Nationality and Ethnicity

Ken Lawson is an American national and ethnically, he identifies as an American. His nationality and ethnicity have enabled him to pursue a successful career in music and acting, allowing him to build cultural bridges with audiences from all walks of life.

In his performances, the American-born artist exudes confidence, commitment and pride - values that have been passed down through generations of Americans while still occasionally touching on themes relating to immigration and assimilation that are relevant for other nations in today's climate. He is quick to point out that these important conversations would not be possible if it were not for his distinct blending of both American culture and heritage.

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Ken Lawson Body Measurements

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