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Kevin Carter
Full name: Kevin Carter
Birthday: September 13, 1960
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Net Worth: $20 Million

Meet Kevin Carter: the journalist and photojournalist who captured South Africa's history in photos. A man of incredible talent, Kevin Carter was born on September 13th 1960.

During his vibrant career, this millionaire used his unique eye to document critical moments such as war, poverty, and natural disasters. Though sadly he passed away at just 33 years old, this legendary personality will never be forgotten – especially thanks to his iconic photo "The Vulture and the Little Girl" which shocked the world with its depiction of a Sudanese child stooped over her starving figure while being observed by a vulture.

Discover how one man changed how we view photographs forever with this exclusive piece about the life of Kevin Carter! Delve into his humbling beginnings growing up in South Africa to finally becoming one of the most renowned photographers in history!

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Where Is Kevin Carter From and Where Was Kevin Carter Born

Kevin Carter was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on September 13, 1960. A highly acclaimed journalist and photojournalist, Kevin is best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of a vulture stalking a starving child in Sudan.

He captured the plight of the nation in sharp black and white contrast – an image that has since been memorialized worldwide as a reminder of the world's capacity for suffering. Outside of his work in journalism and photography, Kevin continues to live an incredibly busy lifestyle between his work with humanitarian organizations and various cultural projects all over the continent.

His influence extends far beyond South Africa’s borders, as he is forever inspiring people from all walks of life to strive for meaningful change through their actions and words. Now, at 63 years old, one thing remains certain: Kevin Carter will always be remembered as a powerful force for good who helped bring light into a dark corner of our world.

How Old is Kevin Carter? Kevin Carter Age and Birthday Info

Kevin Carter is 62 years old. Born on September 13, 1960 in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and photographer has spent his life capturing historic moments through his camera lens.

With an eye for detail and a natural talent for storytelling, Kevin has become iconic for his works that capture the raw emotion of situations and bring a message to the masses. His images reflect sadness and rage as well as hope, giving people around the world a glimpse into events they may never personally experience.

Despite being in his sixties, Kevin continues to travel around the globe to document stories that need telling - stories of injustice, inequality and suffering – earning him two honorary doctorates from universities along with multiple awards for his work such as the Oskar Barnack Award in 2012. Through powerful visuals, he manages to tell concise yet meaningful stories that will continue to shape our history books long after we are gone.

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What is Kevin Carter’s Zodiac Sign

Kevin Carter's zodiac sign is Virgo. As a journalist, photographer and photojournalist, the star sign of Virgo brings keen focus and attention to detail.

This makes it easier for Kevin to draw out the meaningful patterns in his stories, which then become memorable to viewers more readily than if he didn’t use that skill. Additionally, Virgos are known for their strong work ethic and like to have everything neat and tidy – both key traits for a successful journalist or photographer with an eye on capturing powerful moments in time.

It would not be uncommon to find Kevin spending late nights preparing stories or intensely focusing on perfecting shots when others may have already called it quits for the day. His passion is truly reflected in his ability to capture special moments through photographs or powerful words through journalism-- likely thanks partly due to his intuitive Virgo nature!

Kevin Carter Net Worth and Earnings

Kevin Carter's Net Worth is estimated to be at an impressive $20 million. A South African born journalist, photographer and a photojournalist, 62-year-old Kevin Carter has had a remarkable career dedicated to both writing and capturing compelling images during extreme times of conflict in several countries.

Gaining recognition for his 1994 Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of an emaciated Sudanese toddler who was stalked by a vulture, Carter's stirring photos have captivated the world and remain iconic pieces today. His experiences led to essays being published in The New York Times and other distinguished magazines, making him one of the most respected photographers ever known.

Dedicating his life to report real stories through creative words and visuals, it's no surprise that he currently stands as one of the wealthiest journalists alive with a net worth estimated at $20 million!

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