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Marcus Mariota
Full name: Marcus Mariota
Birthday: October 30, 1993
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Net Worth: $12 Million

Marcus Mariota is a trailblazer in the world of professional football and one of the most inspiring figures on and off the field. The Hawaiian-born NFL prodigy, born October 30th 1993, has taken every challenge head on since he entered college ball and made history when he was drafted second overall for the league back in 2015.

His net worth today is estimated to be an impressive $12 million. Follow Marcus Mariotas remarkable story in this exclusive article as we dive deep into his stellar career accomplishments – both off and on the pitch – making him one of Hawaii's hottest exports!

From humble beginnings to becoming rookie of the year, we explore how childhood adversity turned into amazing triumphs that have shaped his life. See why everyone loves Marcus Mariota by reading this insightful article only here!

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Where Is Marcus Mariota From and Where Was Marcus Mariota Born

Marcus Mariota was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 30th, 1993. Today marks ten years since his entrance into the NFL as the number 2 overall draft pick for the Tennessee Titans.

Since then, he has proved himself to be an elite athlete and leader both on and off the field. A proud alumnus of Saint Louis High School and University of Oregon, Marcus is a family man at heart with deep roots in Hawaii that he cherishes every day.

His infectious smile and enthusiasm for life have captivated audiences around the world making him one of football's most beloved figures today. Off-field charm aside, it’s no wonder why Marcus is loved by so many, having racked up an impressive list of accolades over his tenure including three Pro Bowl selections and two division championships; a remarkable career established by humble beginnings from an island paradise far away from otherwise ordinary paths of greatness.

How Old is Marcus Mariota? Marcus Mariota Age and Birthday Info

Marcus Mariota is 29 years old. He was born on October 30, 1993 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and over the past decade has grown into a beloved NFL quarterback.

At age 29, Marcus enjoys all that life has to offer-- from taking time to travel around the world with his friends and family, donating money to charity organizations that he's passionate about helping out, and continuing his path of success in the National Football League. With two bowl championships under his belt already at such a young age and an impressive football career so far, it looks like Marcus will be adding more accolades in the future as well!

His compassion for others combined with an unending drive to succeed continues to positively impact many people’s lives each day—Marcus Mariota is setting an example as one of America’s favorite role models.

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What is Marcus Mariota’s Zodiac Sign

Marcus Mariota, born on October 30, 1993, is a Scorpio. Symbolized by the Scorpion, this zodiac sign is known for its ambition and determination when it comes to achieving goals.

This makes Scorpios an ideal fit in the NFL world – as they have the drive and tenacity to push themselves to their limits to achieve victory. For NFL players like Marcus Mariota, this might mean taking extra care of their bodies through tough training regimens or doing whatever it takes on game day to come up big in the fourth quarter.

But being a Scorpio doesn’t just mean intense focus and work ethic – but also passion and integrity which can make them great role models off the field for other players and fans alike who look up to them. Whether through inspiring others with charity work or leading from the front with consistent performances – Marcus Mariota has shown those traits befitting of a Scorpio since his college days at University of Oregon where he won several accolades including 2015 Heisman Trophy winner.

His successful move into NFL back in 2016 has not only brought his immense talent onto bigger stages but has done justice to one of everyday life’s most determined signs: The Scorpion.

Marcus Mariota Net Worth and Earnings

Marcus Mariota's net worth is estimated at $12 million, as of May 23, 2023. With a career that skyrocketed after being drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2015 with the number two overall pick, Marcus Mariota has become one of the most celebrated players in the NFL.

Making over 700 passes for over 9,000 yards and 49 TDs has made him an undeniable star on and off the field. His numerous appearances on nationally televised events have only helped increase his fanbase and reach even more people around the world.

A proud Hawaii native is poised to break records with his ever-improving game-play and inspiring sportsmanship., While it's clear he's already done well for himself in terms of accolades and compensation, Marcus Mariota continues to work hard towards expanding his already impressive portfolio with smart investments across multiple sectors while providing incredible enthusiasm whose contagious attitude can be felt from town to town each time he takes on yet another challenge.

Marcus Mariota Nationality and Ethnicity

Marcus Mariota is a professional NFL player of Hawaiian nationality and ethnicity. His origins have played a huge role in defining his success, as Marcus grew up immersed in the local culture and values which had shaped his career to become successful.

From his positions on the field, to being an advocate for social change off it, Marcus has been throughly rooted within the spirit of Hawaii - standing tall in what he believes and embodying its message of acceptance and courage alongside football greatness. As one of very few players with such strong ties to this iconic place, there is no doubt that this connection has driven him forward become one of today's most talented NFL athletes.

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Marcus Mariota Body Measurements

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