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Mathilda May
Full name: Mathilda May
Birthday: February 08, 1965
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $15 Million

Known for her mesmerizingly beautiful face, Mathilda May is a French actress that has achieved immense success since her debut in 1985. Born on February 8, 1965, Mathilda has made a name for herself in the industry and amassed an impressive net worth of $15 million dollars.

With her career spanning nearly 35 years, this delightful icon of French cinema and Hollywood knows how to captivate any crowd with her brilliant performances. Find out more about the fascinating life of Mathilda May––the starlet who owns both beauty and brains!

From the inside scoop on her past love life to unknown details about her current projects––this article will give you an exclusive look at one of France's most beloved actresses.

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Where Is Mathilda May From and Where Was Mathilda May Born

Mathilda May is a French actress born in Saint-Ouen, France on February 8, 1965. As one of the most iconic actresses of her generation, she rose to fame in the late 1980s quickly becoming an international celebrity and bonafide star.

With her beauty, talent and style she quickly became not only a muse for high fashion but also an inspiration for millions in France and across the world. As time passed Mathilda stayed true to herself while continuing to evolve and captivate audiences with her incredible acting performances.

Today Mathilda still enjoys huge popularity as both an actress and style icon; constantly surprising us with new projects that keep us talking years later. And at 58 years old no one can stop her from living life gorgeously!

How Old is Mathilda May? Mathilda May Age and Birthday Info

Mathilda May is 58 years old. Mathilda May has been gracing the silver screen since 1985 and her beauty continues to captivate audiences today at the age of 58.

She was born on February 8, 1965, in Saint-Ouen, France and after almost 40 years in show business she is still an icon of French cinema. Time has certainly not diminished Mathilda's graceful elegance; her performance as Louise Bardo-Dubois in L'Affaire Bardo (2018), earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the César Awards this year.

As we look forward to what else Mathilda will bring us, we can reflect on how far she's come since she first began acting all those many years ago – an evergreen star whose career remains timelessly beautiful!

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What is Mathilda May’s Zodiac Sign

Mathilda May is an Aquarius, born February 8 1965. As a free-spirited air sign, she seeks to inspire others and create something innovative wherever she goes.

Her friendly demeanor combined with her adventurous spirit make her the perfect actress for modern films. She can light up every scene with power and excitement, drawing in audiences with her enthusiasm and spontaneity.

Very much a team player, Mathilda May knows how to collaborate well on set due to being able to understand everyone's unique perspectives and opinions. Despite having a talent for leading projects, she's just as comfortable supporting other actors in their artistry too.

This flexibility has allowed her to explore many types of characters over decades of acting career – from innocent schoolgirls to wise elder scientists! While not one for comfort zones or routine activity, this radiant star still shines brightly each time she graces the screen - never failing to draw exhausted smiles from audiences everywhere after a particularly amazing performance!

Mathilda May Net Worth and Earnings

Mathilda May's Net Worth is estimated to be $15 million. Mathilda May, the stunning 58-year-old actress, has achieved great success throughout her long and illustrious career.

A household name in the movie industry thanks to her gripping performances over the years, she continues to captivate audiences with grace and poise — even after more than four decades of acting! The multi-millionaire’s net worth includes extensive investments in lucrative companies around the world as well as assets such as real estate properties; in 2023 alone she had earned over seven million dollars solely from salaries and bonuses from her latest projects.

Whether it be gracing movie posters or magazine covers, Mathilda May’s appearances never fail to captivate people of all ages. She is an inspiration for many who strive for a successful life both professionally and financially — setting an example of how hard work pays off!

Mathilda May Nationality and Ethnicity

Mathilda May's nationality is French, and her ethnicity is a mix of Greek Jewish, Turkish Jewish and Swedish. The roles she has taken on in film have served to highlight the multicultural roots of her heritage.

She often plays characters that are drawn from many different backgrounds, reflecting an increasingly diverse society. Her unique background and upbringing also lend a certain richness to the characters she portrays which gives them an extra dimension not easily found in other actor’s performances and makes her captivating to watch both on-screen and off.

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Mathilda May Body Measurements

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