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Matt Dallas
Full name: Matt Dallas
Birthday: October 21, 1982
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $5 Million

Discover the life and career of actor Matt Dallas! Famous for his breakthrough role on "Kyle XY," he is now a Hollywood star with major credits like "Beauty and the Feast."

This article gives you an inside look into one of America's most intriguing celebrities. Get to know all there is about this multifaceted talent- from his humble beginnings, to his $5 million net worth, to how he leverages his success post "Kyle XY".

Join us as we explore Matt Dallas' story and discover what makes him such a beloved figure in entertainment today.

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Where Is Matt Dallas From and Where Was Matt Dallas Born

Matt Dallas, an accomplished American actor, was born on October 21 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona. He has grown to become a well-known and highly respected name in the entertainment industry all over the world.

With a long list of credits to his name spanning eras from television series’ to films, Matt continues to deliver performances that remain timeless. But behind this talented artist lies an interesting personal history which began when he was born in Phoenix.

Growing up amidst the desert landscape and freedom of Arizona may have influenced his creative spirit, leading him to pursue acting over other interests. In addition to this curiosity for performing arts, we believe Phoenix played a crucial role in shaping the resilient man who stands before us today with a career that is ever-evolving and exciting.

There's something truly beautiful about having grandiose beginnings like Matt did—a person who can look back at where he came from as inspiration for what he will become next.

How Old is Matt Dallas? Matt Dallas Age and Birthday Info

Matt Dallas is 40 years old. Born on October 21st, 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA the actor has turned heads with his success in various feature films, television series and projects for stage.

Reaching 40 was an opportunity to celebrate for this rising star who has won audiences over with his natural charisma and charm. After a brief stint as a model after high school, he decided to pursue acting professionally starting with guest-starring roles in the early 2000s before getting casted as main characters in some of the most iconic TV shows such as Kyle XY (2006) and Baby Daddy (2012-17).

On top of that, he also received great feedback from critics on his performances at plays off Broadway and in renowned film festivals like Sundance Film Festival 2019 for his latest movie 1 Night In San Diego. As Matt Dallas celebrates four decades he can be proud of all his accomplishments so far…after all age is just a number!

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What is Matt Dallas’s Zodiac Sign

Matt Dallas's zodiac sign is Libra, born on October 21st 1982. As a Libran actor/actress, Matt has an eye for detail and values harmony both on and off the set.

His innate knack for seeing both sides of a situation makes him an even-handed performer with an impressive creative range; one capable of strong emotions and subtle nuances all at once. Knowing when to put his foot down and assert his beliefs or opinions while staying true to his peaceful nature is another key element that has benefited him as a person, co-worker, and ultimately helped him reach success as a performer in all aspects of Hollywood life.

Both collaborative yet unbending, Matt Dallas exemplifies balance within the craft as an intuitively balanced artist deserving of recognition within the industry today.

Matt Dallas Net Worth and Earnings

Matt Dallas's net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million. The forty-year-old actor has established himself in Hollywood as a prominent figure in TV, film, and theatre.

His roles have seen him win accolades from both critics and fans alike, leading to a great number of industry awards and multi-million dollar contracts. After breaking into the industry in 2005, Dallas has since starred or guest appeared in multiple films and television shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Eastwick, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, and the recent hit drama series Family Reunion.

Though he currently commands a sizeable salary per episode for his role on Family Reunion (based on estimates), his net worth can largely be attributed to his extensive portfolio of projects over the past two decades that have earned him modest royalties through residuals. This June, Matt Dallas celebrates twenty years of success in show business having achieved a remarkable milestone amidst changing tides within Hollywood culture - amassing an impressive fortune along the way!

Matt Dallas Nationality and Ethnicity

Matt Dallas is an American actor of German, English, Scottish, Welsh and remote Dutch descent. Through his heritage he draws inspiration for his characters on screen and off.

As Matt says himself: "My ethnic background has had a huge influence in my life, from the stories I heard growing up to ultimately the way I perceive certain situations." With roles ranging from film stars to television leading men, Matt infuses each character with unique energy that can only come from such a diverse cultural palette.

From having such an eclectic mix of cultures in his ancestry it's no wonder why Matt Dallas continues to break boundaries and capture hearts all over the world.

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Matt Dallas Body Measurements

Height: 183 cm or 6′0″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Matt Dallas is a 6ft (1.83m) American actor and his body measurements play an important role in his profession. In order to perfectly fit into roles he plays, Matt maintains a strict exercise routine focused on maximising strength and flexibility while keeping the perfect weight for his height.

His disciplined routine makes him the perfect embodiment of each character, transporting viewers into a different world. Besides physical protection, he also pays great attention to nutrition which helps him stay healthy and energised during long filming days.

For Matt Dallas, achieving the right balance between health and professional performance is key to success in both aspects of life.

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