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Michael McIntyre
Full name: Michael McIntyre
Birthday: February 21, 1976
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $80 Million

Michael McIntyre is a British household name and one of the biggest names in comedy today. Born on February 21, 1976, he is a successful actor and comedian who has been gracing our screens with his style of humorous carnage since the early 2000s, building up an impressive net worth of $80 million along the way.

His influence has seen him become one of the most sought-after comedic figures in Britain, selling out shows across all continents from time to time. In this article, we will take you through some fascinating tidbits about his life so far – from childhood to worldwide fame – and explore how Michael McIntyre became such an iconic figure in the world of comedy.

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Where Is Michael McIntyre From and Where Was Michael McIntyre Born

Michael McIntyre is a beloved British comedian and television presenter, hailing from Merton, Surrey in England. Born on February 21st 1976, he found success on the UK comedy circuit before being given his own show on BBC One.

A master of observational humour and quick wit, Michael has become one of the most popular figures in British comedy today. He was also a judge on Britain's Got Talent for four years.

To get to know more about this comedic genius we spoke with Michael himself! From his day-to-day life with his wife Lara and two sons Lucas and Oliver to his work as an actor/presenter; Michael loves what he does - and it shows!

His energy radiates through every room he enters - whether it’s onstage or offstage. There is no doubt that Michael will continue to bring laughs for many years to come!

How Old is Michael McIntyre? Michael McIntyre Age and Birthday Info

Michael McIntyre is 47 years old. He was born on February 21, 1976 in Merton, Surrey, England, U.K. and has been a well-known actor/comedian in the entertainment industry for decades.

McIntyre celebrates his birthday among friends and family each year as it's a special event to mark his growing age and wisdom. His birthplace of Merton, Surrey still holds a special place in his heart with friends from childhood that remain close to him throughout the years.

From appearing on Britain’s Got Talent to British television stand-up performances across the country and even nominated for BAFTA awards - Michael McIntyre continues to entertain audiences all over the world at 47 years young! With an extensive acting and hosting career under his belt as well as three successful comedy books written by him: Life & Laughing (2010), Hello Wembley (2014) and Workin' It!

(2018). It is without doubt that Mr McIntyre will continue to leave us laughing into our future generations!

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What is Michael McIntyre’s Zodiac Sign

Michael McIntyre, born February 21, 1976, is a Pisces. This star sign is known for being intuitive and creative; traits that have no doubt helped him navigate his path as an actor/actress.

As a Pisces, Michael is sensitive to the emotions of others and enjoys expressing himself through art and music - both of which are integral in the entertainment industry. His natural friendliness and optimism make it easy for him to connect with those around him on-set or off-stage.

With his kind spirit, gentle mannerisms, and enthusiasm for bringing stories to life, Michael has become one of Hollywood's most beloved leading men. His compassionate nature allows him to relate deeply with the characters he plays - creating moments that leave us spellbound when watching his performances on screen or stage.

An astrological sign synonymous with creativity; it comes as no surprise that this driven Pisces continues to captivate audiences all over the world with his remarkable talent.

How Did Michael McIntyre Get Famous?

Michael McIntyre got famous and popular for his stand-up comedy, which has been successful on stage, television, radio and publishing. His natural style of comedy coupled with a captivating energy saw him rise to become one of the most beloved comedians in the UK.

He also won an array of accolades including British Comedy Award and The International Emmy for Best Entertainment Performance. The Michael McIntyre experience is undoubtedly one of a kind; an hour-long show filled with jokes about everyday life, perfectly delivered in his unique tone that keeps audiences laughing nonstop - even after he’s left the stage.

His public appearances always draw large crowds excited to have their own taste of ‘McIntyre magic’. Whether it's on BBC's Live at the Apollo or from book launches, Michael never fails to electrify the room with laughter and have people onto their feet with wild applause when it comes time for curtain call.

After nearly three decades as a professional comedian, it is clear that Michael McIntyre continues to be an unstoppable force in entertainment industry who will forever be revered as Britain’s favourite funnyman!

Michael McIntyre Net Worth and Earnings

Michael McIntyre's net worth is estimated to be around $80 Million. The multi-talented British actor, comedian, and writer has made his fortune through an illustrious career that spans television, stage, radio and books over two decades.

Michael McIntyre has been entertaining audiences for nearly twenty years with his unique brand of comedy that seamlessly combines self-deprecating humor with social commentary. He started at the BBC in 1999 as a comedian going on to branch out into award-winning sitcoms like 'Outnumbered' and documentary series such as 'The Reboot Roadshow'.

His star power expanded further with successful stand-up tours across Europe and North America before writing four bestselling books since 2015. At 47 years old he remains one of Britain’s best loved comedians who continues to captivate millions around the world through his live performances and regular appearances on panel shows like 'Would I Lie To You?'

Now boasting an impressive $80 million net worth (source Forbes), it goes without saying that Michael McIntyre is living proof that good things come to those who laugh!

Michael McIntyre Nationality and Ethnicity

Michael McIntyre's nationality is British and his ethnicity is Scottish, Ashkenazi Jewish, and Hungarian. His diverse heritage has played a significant role in his illustrious career as an actor.

Sculpting stories that speak to people of all walks of life, Michael's roles are often applauded for their authenticity. From taking on the part of a struggling father in Scotland to portraying an Ashkenazi Jewish scientist conducting groundbreaking alien research in London, each role is expertly crafted by Michael with a nuanced understanding of culture and way of life that only someone with his unique background can bring.

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Michael McIntyre Body Measurements

Height: 170 cm or 5′6″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: Light Blue
Hair color: Light brown
Hair style: chic
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No

Michael McIntyre is a British actor and comedian with a height of 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m), light brown hair, and light blue eyes. His weight has long been integral to his career; it gives him the power to perform physical comedy while also optimizing his energy so that he can give an extraordinary performance every night.

The light shade of his hair accentuates the lively sparkle of his eyes, giving him an air of boyish charm — making it easier for audiences to connect with him. Michael’s physique is further given character by its average size; just enough to be disarming but not overwhelming for viewers on-screen or live at the theater.

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