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Najib Mikati
Full name: Najib Mikati
Birthday: November 24, 1955
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Net Worth: $3.3 Billion

Najib Mikati is an inspirational Lebanese politician and businessman who has made a name for himself in the world due to his immense success. Born on November 24, 1955, Mikati has a net worth of over $3.3 billion and was the Prime Minister of Lebanon from 2005-2011.

As one of the most celebrated Arab leaders today, he is a prime example of how hard work pays off. This article will take readers on a journey through Najib Mikati's inspiring life story – from humble beginnings to becoming one of the richest people in the world.

We will explore his rise to power: From joining parliament at 29, being appointed Prime Minister at 50 and beyond! With this exclusive interview with Najib Mikati himself, we discover what it takes to reach the pinnacle of political success and financial stability.

You won't want to miss reading this inspiring tale; find out more by continuing on!

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Where Is Najib Mikati From and Where Was Najib Mikati Born

Najib Mikati is a politician and businessman from Tripoli, Libya, born on November 24, 1955. A prominent figure in the Middle Eastern business and political arenas for decades, he has been praised for his work supporting governmental reform throughout the region.

Though born of humble beginnings in a bustling port city in North Africa, Najib Mikati’s ambition and determination have helped him make quite a name for himself within both the private sector partnering with corporate giants as well as navigational politics negotiating deals on behalf of individual countries. With an inventory of achievements to be proud of – including being appointed Prime Minister of Lebanon by its president back in 2011 – it is no wonder that at 68 years old there are still few who can compare to this larger-than-life statesman when it comes to international success stories.

How Old is Najib Mikati? Najib Mikati Age and Birthday Info

Najib Mikati is 65 years old. He was born on November 24, 1955 in Tripoli, Libya.

Najib Mikati has led an incredible life full of success and impactful work. This pioneering Lebanese politician and businessman has held several public positions such as Prime Minister of Lebanon from 2011 to 2014 and Minister of Public Works from 1989 to 1992.

He was also a prominent entrepreneur in the region’s telecommunications sector, founding Investcom in 1982, which he sold in 2006 for more than 5 billion US dollar. After turning sixty-five last November, he continues to leave his mark on international politics both as a philanthropist and mindful statesman dedicated to promoting economic development across the Middle East – proving that age is just but a number!

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What is Najib Mikati’s Zodiac Sign

Najib Mikati's zodiac sign is Sagittarius, making him an optimistic and ambitious leader. As a businessman and politician, his natural charisma and enthusiasm benefits him in negotiations, while his passion for justice makes him a great public figure.

In the world of politics, Najib Mikati's Sagittarius sign gives him the ability to see both sides of any situation—even when two opposing views seem at odds—and make fair decisions that everyone can agree with. His ambition means he will never give up on any problem until it is resolved, resulting in many people looking up to him as a reliable leader who will always strive for what’s best for his constituency.

In business dealings, Najib’s eagerness to take risks allows him to find creative solutions that benefit all parties involved. The same sense of fairness he displays in politics carries over into business relationships as well; his partners are confident they can trust his judgement and integrity when making vital decisions.

Ultimately, Najib Mikati has achieved so much because of the qualities imparted by being born under the sign of Sagittarius: optimism, ambition, charisma and justice. He has proven himself to be a shrewd negotiator capable of finding common ground between two warring sides – something often needed in both business and politics alike!

How Did Najib Mikati Get Famous?

Najib Mikati is a 65-year-old politician and businessman from Lebanon who became famous for his success in politics, business, and entrepreneurship. He established himself as a renowned figure in the fields of politics and business, which made him popular among Lebanese citizens.

His political career started when he was elected to be Prime Minister in 2005, just two weeks after the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. He served twice as a Prime Minister (2005-2008 & 2011- 2014).

His time at office included successful economic reforms and investment programs that led to the growth of Lebanon’s economy. As an entrepreneur he founded several companies including M1 Group which has investments across numerous countries such as Switzerland, Holland, France, Cyprus and more.

Additionally, his leadership skills were proven throughout his career with multiple awards such as "Businessman of the Year" 2019 by Arabian Business Magazine. Not only is Najib Mikati celebrated for his phenomenal economic achievements but also for his humble demeanor embodying public service and philanthropy; it's no wonder why he has become an iconic figure amongst Lebanese citizens today!

Najib Mikati Net Worth and Earnings

Najib Mikati's net worth is estimated at $3.3 billion, making him one of the richest politicians and businessmen in the world. May 15th marks the 65th birthday of Lebanese politician and billionaire trade mogul Najib Mikati.

This extraordinary man has been dazzling us with his success since the early '80s, when he became a driving force in Lebanese politics and business. Born into wealth, he quickly gained notoriety for his savvy investments in industry and media outlets across the Middle East starting from his home country of Lebanon to Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

During recent years he has also taken on higher roles associated with politics as Minister of Economy & Trade followed by Prime Minister between 2005-2008. Throughout his journey Mikati has managed to maintain an air of quiet sophistication while amassing a massive fortune that continues to keep growing despite set backs and turbulent times of crisis both nationally and internationally.

One thing is certain we are looking forward to seeing more brilliance from this inspiring leader over the coming years!

Najib Mikati Nationality and Ethnicity

Najib Mikati is a Lebanese politician and businessman who holds Lebanese nationality and ethnicity. His heritage has played an integral role in his success as a strong leader of the nation, bridging the different worlds of government, business and politics.

Mikati's unique position allows him to be both a voice for his nation on an international scale, as well as find innovative solutions to benefit the people of Lebanon economically. He has been known to bridge divides between opposing parties, using his understanding of how culture can come together in times of disagreement to help move forward powerful decisions.

Through this, he represents his homeland proudly and gives hope that its unity can still remain strong yet diverse in opinion.

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Najib Mikati Body Measurements

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