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Full name: Netsky Netsky
Birthday: March 22, 1989
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Weight: No Data
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Net Worth: $12 Million

Netsky, a Belgian songwriter, record producer, musician, mixing engineer, and disc jockey worth $12 million dollars has been making headlines with his innovative music for over a decade. He's released three albums and twenty-six singles which have topped the charts in multiple countries; but this Grammy-nominated artist doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

Each one of his infectious tracks get us up on our feet dancing and filled with high energy. In this exclusive article about Netsky you will discover how he achieved such massive fame while overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.

From humble beginnings to today's fame – read all about it here! Find out what made him successful and why his success story is worth reading.

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Where Is Netsky From and Where Was Netsky Born

Netsky, the multi-talented musician known for fusing together drum and bass, house, hip-hop and pop music, was born in Edegem, Belgium on March 22nd 1989. A pioneer of his genre who has achieved massive success since his first single release in 2009.

As an electronic producer from a small Belgian town, the musical superstar is no stranger to odds being stacked against him – yet that’s exactly what has propelled him to become one of the world’s leading DJs. A master of reinvention and development, he constantly pushes himself to explore new sounds while never losing sight of his roots in Bass music.

From mounting sold-out tours across Europe to headlining some of popular culture's most well known festivals; Netsky's career trajectory has only been going up - with a slew of awards heralding him as an icon for future generations alike. His ability to blur genres makes him one of the most exciting musicians pushing boundaries today - a talent that at 34 years old shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon!

How Old is Netsky? Netsky Age and Birthday Info

Netsky is 34 years old and was born on March 22, 1989 in Edgem, Belgium. Netsky is a multi-faceted artist with an impressive career as songwriter, record producer, musician, disc jockey and mixing engineer.

His passion for creating music began early at the age of 14 when he produced in his childhood bedroom and released his first album just three years later. Throughout the years this young creative has continued to rise to new heights with hits from chart topping singles to award winning musical partnerships.

In August 2020 Netsky launched his label ‘Bruxism’, designed around collaboration building within the electronic music community. Now 34-years-old, Netsky shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as he moves into 2021 ready to take off into an exciting new direction for himself and many others too.

He stands today as one of dance music’s most respected pioneers; a journey that began decades ago all those many miles away back home in Belgium.

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What is Netsky’s Zodiac Sign

Netsky's zodiac sign is Aries, making him an independent, passionate and adventurous creative. As a songwriter, record producer, musician, disc jockey and mixing engineer - all traits the Aries sign are known for expressing - Netsky’s determination to strive for success is strong; he has full confidence in his own capabilities and will take on any challenge.

He is a born leader with intellectuality and strength of character that ensures his work stands out from the crowd. With his pioneering spirit in hand, every project Sparks thrillingly innovative ideas and new opportunities.

Always curious to explore uncharted territory, Netsky’s heart-driven approach turns every project into a powerful experience — one that leaves its audience inspired by its creativity and boldness.

Netsky Net Worth and Earnings

Netsky's net worth is estimated to be $12 million as of May 25, 2023. The 34-year-old songwriter, record producer, musician, disc jockey and mixing engineer has had a successful career in music and has received multiple awards and recognition for his work.

His ability to craft and produce intricate pieces of sound earned him the title "The Prince of Drum & Bass". From packing sold out shows to producing popular tracks that have ruled the charts around the world - Netsky has carved out an impressive legacy in his chosen profession.

He continues to bring freshness into the industry with his creative ideas and is one of few artists who manage to stay relevant over many years. With a staggering net worth like this it’s no wonder why Netsky stands among some of the most influential independent musicians in the world today.

Netsky Nationality and Ethnicity

Netsky is a Belgium-born songwriter, record producer, musician, disc jockey and mixing engineer. His Belgium nationality and Belgian ethnicity have played an integral role in the success of his musical career.

As a child he created original music by sampling songs from mainstream Belgian groups like Technotronic and Front 242. His reverence for iconic Belgian tracks has only increased since then; it can be seen in everything from his album titles ("3", referencing the famous anthem of "Les Trois Pistoles") to his collaborations with other established names in the vibrant Belgian music scene.

In addition to being able to access this rich pool of talent right at home, Netsky appreciates the unique cultural heritage that comes with being born and raised in such a diverse nation — one which will no doubt continue to shape his work for years to come.

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Netsky Body Measurements

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