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Oleg Deripaska
Full name: Oleg Deripaska
Birthday: January 02, 1968
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Net Worth: $2 Billion

Oleg Deripaska is the Russian business tycoon and oligarch who has reached spectacular success through his chairmanship of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element Company. With a net worth of $2 billion, he’s one of the wealthiest people in Russia – and one of its most impressive success stories.

Born on January 2nd, 1968 in Dzerzhinsk, Deripaska has managed to dominate Russia’s economic landscape with some of his shrewd investments in projects such as aluminum, banking and hydroelectric power plants. But how did he get there?

Read this exclusive article about Oleg Deripaska – from rags to riches to run an empire: you will be captivated by his incredible journey!

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Where Is Oleg Deripaska From and Where Was Oleg Deripaska Born

Oleg Deripaska is a businessman from Dzerzhinsk, Russia. Born on January 2, 1968, he is the chairman of Supervisory Board of Basic Element Company.

With a career spanning over forty years in the business world, Oleg has become one of the most revered leaders and successful businessmen in all of Russia. Having grown up in Dzerzhinsk, Oleg had ambitions that took him to Moscow where he attended Moscow State University and received his MBA from New Economic School.

His illustrious career includes leading companies such as Norilsk Nickel and UC Rusal among others. Today at 55 years old, Oleg continues to be an influential figure within Russia's business circles - embodying success both personally and professionally – as well as making sure his country remains competitive worldwide.

Whether discussing the latest breakthroughs at Basic Element or his past successes while navigating through a difficult Russian landscape - there's no doubt Oleg Deripaska will remain an ever Green Giant for many years to come!

How Old is Oleg Deripaska? Oleg Deripaska Age and Birthday Info

Oleg Deripaska is 55 years old, born on January 2, 1968 in Dzerzhinsk, Russia. Oleg has made a name for himself as one of the top business leaders in Russia.

His career began as an entrepreneur and he currently serves as Chairman of Supervisory Board of Basic Element Company. He is considered a leader in the technological age with his ability to see the future and not be afraid to take risks when they present themselves.

In recent years he has been highlighted for his dedication to helping those less fortunate through his philanthropic efforts both domestically and internationally. At 55 years young, Oleg's success continues to inspire people around the world; that age truly is just a number when it comes to success!

With ambition and passion still burning strong within him, we look forward to seeing what great things this powerhouse will do next!

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What is Oleg Deripaska’s Zodiac Sign

Oleg Deripaska is a Capricorn. Born on January 2nd, 1968, this ambitious businessman and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Basic Element Company uses his natural ability to think strategically and plan for success whenever possible.

Business-savvy Capricorns tend to be highly organized and levelheaded when it comes to making decisions, which makes them invaluable in the boardroom. Described as traditional yet daring, they are driven by their desire to achieve big dreams without taking too many risks!

Oleg's experiences and skills have enabled him to become one of the most powerful businessmen in Russia. With clever strategy and ambition at his side, he can rely on both to help him succeed no matter what lies ahead - he knows that success is just a few steps away!

His precise nature allows him to weigh all options carefully while maintaining an objective view before striking a balance between potential rewards and risk factors in order to make sound business decisions. As Oleg continues down his successful path, there's no doubt that we'll continue watching with admiration at the strategic moves made by this wise Capricorn!

How Did Oleg Deripaska Get Famous?

Oleg Deripaska is a 55-year-old Russian businessman and Chairman of Supervisory Board of Basic Element Company, known for his empire in aluminum, utilities and investments. He has become famous and popular due to his remarkable achievements in the business world.

With each passing year, his profile continues to grow exponentially due to his ambitious investment plans which have been incredibly successful. As one of Russia's leading businessmen, Oleg Deripaska has experienced fame on an international level throughout the years for shrewd business acumen.

His prescience when it comes to investments and enterprises resonates with millions around the world who admire him for building empires out of virtually nothing. His oftentimes bold approaches bring life into projects that are now part of everyday conversations across various industries both locally and abroad.

As such, he has made an indelible mark on numerous global markets where he continues to soar ever higher each day as one of the most formidable business magnets we know today.

Oleg Deripaska Net Worth and Earnings

Oleg Deripaska's net worth is $2 Billion. The enigma, Oleg Deripaska, has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Russia to one of the world's most esteemed businessmen.

At age 55, this magnate commands a multi-billion dollar fortune built upon aluminum, utilities and investments. He currently serves as Chairman of Supervisory Board of Basic Element Company and has achieved remarkable success through sheer hard work and resilience.

From his luxurious lifestyle to philanthropic endeavors, Deripaska has become an iconic figure that stands for the epitome of financial power. Though he continues to strike awe among those who cross paths with him due to his affluence, he also works diligently toward bettering society through initiatives such as strengthening infrastructure and advocating for renewable energy resources.

Despite the current pandemic aftershock that shook global economies last year, Oleg Deripaska remains as one of the most prominent billionaires around the world today whose influence knows no boundaries.

Oleg Deripaska Nationality and Ethnicity

Oleg Deripaska is a Russian businessman and the chairman of Supervisory Board of Basic Element Company. His nationality and ethnicity are both Russian, making him one of the most prominent business leaders in Russia today.

The role his nationality and ethnicity play for his career can't be overstated: thanks to being a native speaker of the national language as well as having an extensive knowledge about the culture, politics, economics, and other matters related to Russia he has been able to gain an incredible advantage on local markets. By understanding unique local trends in business along with key economic players better than anyone else, he has become one of the most successful businessmen in Russia whose influence reaches far beyond its borders.

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Oleg Deripaska Body Measurements

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