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Ollanta Humala
Full name: Ollanta Humala
Birthday: June 27, 1962
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Net Worth: $1 Million

Ollanta Humala is Peru's most important political and military figure of the 21st century. Born on June 27, 1962, he has become a symbol of leadership in the South American country due to his impressive career in government service.

From leading the 2005 anti-government protests that demanded then-President Toledo’s resignation to becoming President himself in 2011, Ollanta Humala’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary! Today, with an estimated net worth of over $1 million, this humble man from Peru stands for courage and leadership represented by his unparalleled success story.

If you want to find out more about this remarkable leader and discover how he defied all expectations on his path to power and prosperity – read on!

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Where Is Ollanta Humala From and Where Was Ollanta Humala Born

Ollanta Humala was born in Lima, Peru on June 27, 1962. A renowned Peruvian politician and military officer, Humala is widely celebrated for his commitment to restoring justice and peace throughout the country.

For almost two decades, he has been a figurehead in politics and continues to remain at the forefront of many causes close to his heart. His determination has enabled growth and development opportunities for those most in need of them across Peru.

He continues to be an inspiring role model for citizens of all ages through his tireless work on behalf of social justice - something that will shape the nation for generations to come. Humala's story is one that resonates through Latin America: he has shattered expectations in a field dominated by men over fifty years old, becoming a beacon of knowledge, perseverance and passion within society today.

His rugged good looks have only served as an extra drawcard as he spreads his message far beyond Peru’s borders - regularly appearing at events around the world as an advocate of modern democracy, human rights and humanitarianism. Ollanta’s impactful life story serves as a source of inspiration for us all - proving that with hard work and dedication even dreams can become reality!

How Old is Ollanta Humala? Ollanta Humala Age and Birthday Info

Ollanta Humala is 60 years old. Born on June 27, 1962 in Lima, Peru, the renowned politician and military officer has had an illustrious career leading his nation for over a decade.

A graduate of the Peruvian Military Institute, he served as an army officer for 15 years before entering politics in 2006. His commitment to social justice resonated with many people across Peru and Latin America, spurring his election as President at the age of 48 in 2011 - making him the youngest head-of-state since 1845.

Since then he has been a staunch advocate of human rights and indigenous policies, promising to relaunch Peru’s economy while promoting educational reforms throughout his tenure. Reelected in 2016 Humala will reach his diamond jubilee next month – celebrating a life devoted to service with family and friends on June 27th

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What is Ollanta Humala’s Zodiac Sign

Ollanta Humala's Zodiac sign is Cancer, which stands for nurturing and protection. For someone in the position of a politician or military officer, these qualities can be incredibly beneficial – providing sound decision making and leadership to their constituents.

His long experience in both fields makes him relatable to his voters, yet he is able to maintain an authoritative stance when needed. This combination of softness and strength gives him the ability to apply tough love if needed but also show kindness when possible.

As a result, this creates a sense of safety among his supporters and those who look up to him; they feel like he always has their best interests in mind—which bodes well for any politician or military officer!

Ollanta Humala Net Worth and Earnings

Ollanta Humala's net worth is estimated at $1 million. The 60-year-old Peruvian politician and former military officer has made a name for himself in the public sphere since his career began.

His reported net worth of seven figures is attributed to his lengthy political career which began in 1995 when he joined the Peruvian Nationalist Party and lasted until 2011, when he was elected President of Peru. In addition to his time in office, Humala has held various other positions during this period such as that of soldier and police officer, where he earned substantial retirement funds and benefits.

As a result, these additional sources have allowed him to reach a comfortable economic status today at age sixty. Thanks to this impressive wealth accrued over the years through both government service and private sector work, Humala remains one of Peru's most celebrated figures with an admirable lifestyle befitting of a nation's leader.

Ollanta Humala Nationality and Ethnicity

Ollanda Humala is a Peruvian politician and former military officer of both Peruvian and Italian descent. His ancestry is 75% Quechua, with the remaining 25% being Italian.

Humala's diverse background has influenced his career in many ways over the years. As a prominent leader from Peru, he embraces both his ethnic roots as well as his global identity to further unite people not only within Peru but around the world as well.

He uses this inclusive philosophy to tackle social issues such as poverty and inequality—issues that mostly affect indigenous populations like the Quechua—in order to bring about positive change for all citizens of Peru.

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Ollanta Humala Body Measurements

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