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Ozzie Newsome
Full name: Ozzie Newsome
Birthday: March 16, 1956
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Net Worth: $10 Million

Ozzie Newsome is a legendary American football player and executive. He was born on March 16, 1956 in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and rose to fame when he signed for the Cleveland Browns as the 23rd overall pick in the 1978 NFL Draft.

He set multiple records during his 13-year career with the franchise and retired after winning two Pro Bowl wins. Today, Ozzie Newsome is still an influential figure in professional sports due to his role as Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Baltimore Ravens.

As a 3x Super Bowl Champion executive, Ozzie has established himself as one of the most successful figures ever in professional football management. This exclusive article looks into Ozzie's remarkable life story – from rookie success on the field to becoming one of pro-football's all-time greats off it.

With an estimated fortune worth $10 million and counting, join us as we explore how this iconic athlete cemented himself a place among sports royalty!

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Where Is Ozzie Newsome From and Where Was Ozzie Newsome Born

Ozzie Newsome is an American football player, born in Muscle Shoals, Alabama on March 16, 1956. A Hall of Fame inductee (1994) and former NFL player for the Cleveland Browns between 1978-1990, Ozzie has forged an incredible career as a professional athlete and front office executive with three Super Bowl wins throughout his career.

As someone from the heart of America's Southland region, Ozzie embodies the qualities that have made this country great: integrity, hard work, perseverance and loyalty. His genuine nature and grounded sense of humility shines through in everything he does; whether it be his selfless determination to give back to the community or using his position to fight for racial justice and inclusion for all people.

Indeed Ozzie is a true hero - admired both on and off the field - who will never forget his roots that began way down south in Muscle Shoals all those years ago.

How Old is Ozzie Newsome? Ozzie Newsome Age and Birthday Info

Ozzie Newsome is 67 years old, born on March 16, 1956 in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Already a highly successful professional American football player during his impressive career with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens from 1978 to 1991, he now serves as the Executive Vice President of the Baltimore Ravens.

Ozzie’s legacy still stands today in not only what he did on the field but off it too; reigning as one of the greatest tight ends of all time and later working up through management with two Super Bowl wins under his belt. Born into a family with 13 other siblings, age has done nothing but make Ozzie sharper and more determined than ever before – to many others, he has become an inspiration over these past 67 years.

With plenty more to add onto an already incredible story – enjoy seeing him turn 68 this upcoming spring and beyond!

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What is Ozzie Newsome’s Zodiac Sign

Ozzie Newsome's zodiac sign is Pisces, which means he is a sensitive and intuitive person that excels in creative problem-solving. As an American football player, these traits can be incredibly useful.

Not only does being sensitive make him more aware of his surroundings on the field, but it also means he is better able to understand players' emotions and provide much-needed encouragement in difficult moments. His intuition gives him the ability to think quickly and come up with unexpected strategies during game time, making him a valuable asset both on and off the field.

He will likely always remember his successes; however, when faced with failure or disappointment, sympathetic Pisces like Newsome find strength from within to persevere through any struggles.

Ozzie Newsome Net Worth and Earnings

Ozzie Newsome's net worth is estimated at $10 million USD as of May 22, 2023. The 67-year-old American football legend has achieved a wealth unmatched by any other athlete in his lifetime.

A dominant force on the field, he was taken with the 23rd pick of the 1978 NFL Draft and went on to have an illustrious career as a tight end for the Cleveland Browns from 1978 through 1990 - where he earned three Pro Bowl selections and two All-Pro selections. In the years since retiring, Ozzie Newsome has transitioned into a powerful executive role with many leadership roles in the front office such as General Manager of Baltimore Ravens from 2002 to 2018; earning him respect throughout the league.

His monumental success speaks highly of how far hard work can take one in life - even after leaving their sport behind them - ultimately leading to his impressive net worth today.

Ozzie Newsome Nationality and Ethnicity

Ozzie Newsome is an American football player from the United States of America with Pakistani ethnicity. Beside his undeniable talent, it's hard to ignore the influence of his multi-cultural heritage on his career.

His determination has broken boundaries and has been a source of inspiration for young athletes, regardless of background or nationality. Not only does he serve as an example that success can be achieved no matter where you come from, but also that any ambition deserves to be pursued despite any obstacles that may stand in the way.

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Ozzie Newsome Body Measurements

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