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Pedro Passos Coelho
Full name: Pedro Passos Coelho
Birthday: July 24, 1964
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $600 Thousand

Pedro Passos Coelho is the man you need to pay attention to. A former Prime Minister of Portugal, this prominent economist has been an integral part of Portuguese politics for decades.

With a stellar background in economics, Pedro Passos Coelho was appointed Prime Minister in 2011 and held that position until 2015. Rich in experience and knowledge, he is one of the most influential figures to have come out of Portugal recently with a net worth estimated at $600 thousand.

If you're looking for an inspiring read about a knowledgeable leader who made significant changes to his country – look no further! This article is informative, intriguing, and unforgettable – just like Pedro Passos Coelho himself!

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Where Is Pedro Passos Coelho From and Where Was Pedro Passos Coelho Born

Pedro Passos Coelho was born in Coimbra, Portugal on July 24, 1964. Now aged 58, this economist is a well-renowned force from the small European country.

Known for his unwavering commitment to the Portuguese economy, Pedro has been a beacon of hope for many during challenging times. His steady and calm approach to budgets and taxes have endeared him to the nation and enabled his repeated success in elections nationwide.

He is often seen as an down-to-earth leader with a real connection to the citizens of Portugal. In honour of this great man, we can look forward to his continued dedication to improving all aspects of life across Portugal as he strives towards a better future for all!

How Old is Pedro Passos Coelho? Pedro Passos Coelho Age and Birthday Info

Pedro Passos Coelho is 58 years old. Born in the city of Coimbra, Portugal on July 24, 1964, this renowned Economist has had a highly successful career spanning over decades.

He began at a young age and took the world of business by storm with his sharp intellect and ambition. Although he has achieved an impressive level of success, he still finds time to be present in his home country – recently celebrating his anniversary at one of Lisbon’s most elegant restaurants with his family by his side.

Pedro is living proof that age doesn't limit success; rather it expands possibilities if you are willing to work hard enough for them. His respect for life’s finer moments continues to inspire others around him as he remains dedicated to moving forward with every passing year.

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What is Pedro Passos Coelho’s Zodiac Sign

Pedro Passos Coelho is a Leo, born July 24th, 1964. As the zodiac's most flamboyant sign, Leos are renowned for their creativity and ambition.

Pedro’s propensity for grandiose expression has served him well as an economist: as both former Prime Minister of Portugal and head of the opposition party in parliament, he’s known for his trailblazing public policy initiatives and his commitment to creating a stronger economy for the benefit of all citizens. His tenacity coupled with his flair for the dramatic have enabled him to rise to positions of power that would be difficult for anyone else to attain.

This strength is brimming from within; it is not a facade but rather an expression of who he truly is - a confident and unapologetically passionate Leo who will march forward no matter what obstacles may lie ahead. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they share their lion-like symbol with monetary symbols like gold!

Pedro Passos Coelho Net Worth and Earnings

Answer: Pedro Passos Coelho's net worth is estimated to be $600 Thousand. Stylish Portuguese economist, Pedro Passos Coelho, has achieved a remarkable success in his career and amassed an impressive net worth of $600 Thousand at the age of 58.

Graduating from one of the most prestigious schools in the country, this Portuguese politician served as Prime Minister from 2011 to 2015, making him one of the youngest politicians to have held that post. For his notable contributions in politics, he was acknowledged all over Europe which elevated his stature even further.

Since 2018 he is serving as leader of Social Democratic Party and making sure that Portugal keeps thriving on economic development and social equality. Despite being aged 58 years old, Pedro continues to remain one of the most influential people in European politics today!

Pedro Passos Coelho Nationality and Ethnicity

Pedro Passos Coelho is a Portuguese economist of Portuguese ethnicity. His nationality and ethnicity have been instrumental in helping him become a successful businessman in the competitive global market.

With his roots firmly grounded in the culture of Portugal, Mr. Passos Coelho has been able to draw on the strength and wisdom of his national identity to navigate difficult situations throughout his career. He brings a unique insight into economic issues that few others can offer, as well as an understanding of what it truly means to be Portuguese - especially in today's world economy.

His success stands as testament to the power that our origins and cultural heritage can have with regards to achieving professional excellence.

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Pedro Passos Coelho Body Measurements

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