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Phil Kessel
Full name: Phil Kessel
Birthday: October 02, 1987
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: ,
Net Worth: $59 Million

Phil Kessel, one of the greatest ice hockey players in history and a regular on all-time lists in the sport, is an American professional right wing player who was born on October 2, 1987. He's achieved feats that have put him among the elite of the NHL and made him stand out from his peers.

With net worth of $59 million at just 33 years old, Kessel has had incredible success both on and off the rink. But how did he come to such huge fame?

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Where Is Phil Kessel From and Where Was Phil Kessel Born

Phil Kessel is from Madison, Wisconsin in the United States. Born on October 2, 1987, Phil has achieved remarkable success over his 16-year career as a professional ice hockey right wing player.

He was drafted in 2006 and soon secured a place with the Boston Bruins, where he made quite an impression for five years before being traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. After dedicating seven seasons to that team and setting numerous records, he currently plays for the Arizona Coyotes.

A three-time Stanley Cup champion (2008-2009 season with Pittsburgh Penguins) and two-time Olympic men’s ice hockey gold medalist (2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics & 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics), Phil is also known for his amiable personality off court - making him one of the most beloved athletes of all time. His passion and drive have earned him admiration within both his home city and abroad - inspiring countless others who strive to achieve greatness in their chosen fields.

How Old is Phil Kessel? Phil Kessel Age and Birthday Info

Phil Kessel is 35 years old. He was born in Madison, Wisconsin, on October 2nd, 1987.

The professional ice hockey right wing has certainly come a long way since his childhood days in the Midwest! At just eighteen years of age, Phil made his debut with the Boston Bruins and since then there was no turning back—he quickly moved up the ranks to become one of the most well-known and decorated players of this generation.

His career accolades include becoming the first American to be drafted fifth overall in 2006 NHL Entry Draft; receiving two Stanley Cup championships; and being named an eight-time All Star Team selection (including for 2023). As he approaches his thirty sixth birthday this October 2nd, fans all over can’t wait to see what other accomplishments are yet to come from this legendary athlete.

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What is Phil Kessel’s Zodiac Sign

Phil Kessel's zodiac sign is Libra - the scales, representing balance and social justice. As a professional ice hockey player (right wing), Phil is known for his quick reflexes on the ice, his focus on detail and precision, and an excellent sense of cooperation with teammates.

These qualities align well with Libra’s characteristics. Not surprisingly, Phil has won numerous awards throughout his long career in professional hockey.

His talents also extend beyond the game as he is dedicated to giving back to those in need through various charitable organizations. Together these two aspects of Phil represent a perfect balance between success on-ice and social justice off-field - something that perfectly suits his zodiac sign!

With this level of commitment and talent it comes as no surprise why he receives so much admiration from both fans and colleagues alike!

How Did Phil Kessel Get Famous?

Phil Kessel got famous and popular due to his incredible performance as a professional ice hockey player. The 35 year old right wing player has made it big in the sports world through his impressive playing career with multiple teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Arizona Coyotes.

As one of the NHL's top players, Phil has won three Stanley Cup championships, two Rocket Richard Trophies for most goals in a season, and an Olympic gold medal. His trademark style of shooting from the blue line and powerful wrist shot have established him as one of hockey's most respected players amongst fans around the world.

In addition to his success on the ice, Phil also stands out because of his fashionable sense of style when off-the-field; he is frequently seen sporting stylish tailored suits paired with comfortable sneakers at events and press conferences. With 15 years as a professional hockey player under his belt, Phil Kessel continues to impress both fans and critics alike with each passing season.

Phil Kessel Net Worth and Earnings

Phil Kessel currently has a net worth of $59 Million, making him one of the wealthiest professional ice hockey players alive. His skillful play on the rink has earned him quite a fortune over his career, and he's become an international celebrity with his signature style on the ice.

Widely known for being one of the most prolific right wings in hockey today, Phil Kessel is admired by millions around the globe. He has been consistently active in advancing both new talent and established teams throughout his tenure as an NHL player.

Many credit his expertise as a major factor in why teams have seen so much success in recent years. Off-the-ice, Phil leads a life befitting of this wealthy status - living a lavish lifestyle filled with top shelf vacations and fancy cars.

While it might seem like he plays without any worries, Kessel continues to stay focused on honing his craft and elevating himself within the industry even at 35 years old – proving that age is no challenge for greatness!

Phil Kessel Nationality and Ethnicity

Phil Kessel is an American professional ice hockey player and has been a right wing for the National Hockey League (NHL) since 2006. His nationality and ethnicity are both American, having been born in Madison, Wisconsin United States of America.

Phil’s heritage has had an immense influence on his success in the NHL today. He was inspired to play competitively by his parents who have passed down their passion for hockey from generation to generation in his family.

The values that Phil acquired— hard work, dedication and commitment—were fundamental keys towards achieving overall success as a professional athlete, allowing him to contribute significantly to his teams throughout different stages of his career.

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Phil Kessel Body Measurements

Height: 183 cm or 6′0″
Weight: 92 kg or 202 lbs
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Phil Kessel has an impressive body measurement of 6 ft and 202 lbs. He maintains a perfect physique to outshine on the field as a professional ice hockey player.

His weight gives him an aura of power and provides him with the right agility for swift movements while his exceptional height helps him in stretching higher up than other players. The combination of these two give Phil Kessel an edge over other essential traits for success in his sport such as strength, quickness, and stamina–all necessary components that contribute to making Phil one of the best in America's National Hockey League (NHL).

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