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Richard Gilliland
Full name: Richard Gilliland
Birthday: January 23, 1950
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $4 Million

Introducing Richard Gilliland: captivating actor and star of the golden age of television. Born on January 23rd, 1950, this American actor amassed a net worth of $4 Million from a successful acting career that spans five decades.

From playing an astronaut in 'The Man Who Fell to Earth' to stealing hearts as Jeff Grant in 'Designing Women', Richard has made his mark in TV history. This article is definitely worth reading if you're interested in uncovering the secrets behind one of America's beloved actors; find out more about Richard Gilliland's rise to fame, his memorable roles onscreen and off, plus some little-known facts about his life that will leave you mesmerised!

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Where Is Richard Gilliland From and Where Was Richard Gilliland Born

Richard Gilliland is an actor from Fort Worth, Texas. He was born on 23rd January 1950 in the city and has gone on to become a renowned name in the entertainment industry.

Now aged 73, Richard can look back with pride at what he's achieved over the decades - a career that began when he moved to Los Angeles as a young man and started appearing on TV shows like The Jeffersons or Magnum P.I.. But it wasn't until his role as Bo Hopkins' son in the 1984 movie Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone that his acting talent truly shone through.

Since then, Gilliland's star has risen and fallen - most recently winning him an Emmy nomination for his performance in Brothers & Sisters (2006-2011). A true trailblazer of our times, Richard has paved the way for many aspiring actors who have followed him into show business since.

Even at 73 years old there is still so much more life and stories ahead for this veteran actor.

How Old is Richard Gilliland? Richard Gilliland Age and Birthday Info

Richard Gilliland is 73 years old and was born on January 23, 1950 in Fort Worth, Texas. A true Hollywood stalwart, actor Richard Gilliland has been wowing audiences since the late 1970s.

Born in a small town in Texas, he made his way to Tinseltown with nothing but a dream - and the drive to make it happen. In a career spanning more than four decades, Gilliland has made waves with roles in some of our favorite shows: from 'The Waltons' to 'Alice', this is one actor who clearly knows how to make an impact!

Now at 73 years old, he continues to inspire us all with performances full of wit and charm that never cease to delight us. He's living proof that age can't keep you from making your mark on show business!

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What is Richard Gilliland’s Zodiac Sign

Richard Gilliland is an Aquarius, born January 23, 1950. As a creative and intuitive sign of the zodiac, Aquarians are natural performers, so it's no surprise that Richard has excelled at acting!

Known for their open-mindedness and originality, the fast-thinking Aquarian loves to play with ideas and entertain audiences with their unique perspectives. Despite having less control over their emotions than other signs, Richard's ability to express himself allows him to take on challenging roles as an actor without hesitation.

His never-ending stream of innovative ideas also gives directors the opportunity to present fresh new storylines for movies or television shows. Since water (the element associated with his sign) is all about fluidity and movement, it makes sense that Richard finds fulfillment in playing different characters that bring excitement into his life!

Whatever role he takes on next will surely be a hit because of his ambition and ability to explore any genre or story concept fearlessly.

Richard Gilliland Net Worth and Earnings

Richard Gilliland, the 73-year-old actor, currently has a net worth of $4 million as of June 10, 2023. Known for his roles in popular television shows such as Designing Women and Family Matters, Richard continues to make an impact on both large and small screens.

He is celebrated by fans everywhere for his stellar performances that capture the audience’s attention and emotions. His commitment to the craft and passion for acting come across in every character he plays, allowing viewers to become fully immersed in his work.

With four decades of experience under his belt—including several awards—Richard is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. From big movies like The Ringmaster to independent films like Picture This, Richard Gilliland is sure to make an even bigger name for himself within the entertainment industry over the coming years!

Richard Gilliland Nationality and Ethnicity

Richard Gilliland is an American actor who was born in the United States of America. His ethnic background is also American.

By exploring his nationality and ethnicity, we can understand more about Richard's work as an actor. His national identity has allowed him to get cast in characters that reflect the experiences of many Americans, which has helped further cultural understanding and appreciation around different parts of the United States.

His ethnicity has also impacted how he portrays characters on stage and screen; a mixture of unique accents, mannerisms, inflections, and slang help to bring life to each role he takes on.

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Richard Gilliland Body Measurements

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