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Richard Lawson
Full name: Richard Lawson
Birthday: March 07, 1947
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $1 Million

Get to know Richard Lawson, an American actor who has achieved success in both television and film. Born on March 7, 1947, his career spans over 40 years with notable appearances in films such as "Any Given Sunday" starring Al Pacino and Oliver Stone’s biopic of Jim Morrison, "The Doors."

With a net worth of one million dollars, it's no secret that he's made his mark as a top talent in the entertainment business. Read on to find out why Richard Lawson is much more than just another Hollywood star—this article will delve into his life story and how he got to where he is today!

With details from this biography that you won't find anywhere else, this article is your all access pass into the illustrious world of Richard Lawson.

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Where Is Richard Lawson From and Where Was Richard Lawson Born

Richard Lawson is an American actor born on March 7, 1947 in Loma Linda, California. An academic and humanitarian as well as a talented thespian, he has become one of the most bankable stars of stage and screen in his seven-decade career.

With deep roots in southern California, Richard was exposed to theatre early on and it soon became his passion. His early years were spent fine tuning his craft at The Pasadena Playhouse and landing supporting roles on television hits like "Hart to Hart" and shows such as "Fantasy Island".

He went on to star in Foxy Brown (1974), Roots: The Next Generation (1979) House Party 3 (1994). Ever devoted to giving back – both personally and through acting - Richard Lawson visits schools worldwide for workshops teaching empowerment amongst young audiences - sharing stories from his life experiences along with lessons learned throughout the span of his career that are sure to captivate any crowd.

How Old is Richard Lawson? Richard Lawson Age and Birthday Info

Richard Lawson is 76 years old. He was born on March 7, 1947 in Loma Linda, California and is an American actor primarily known for his roles on Dynasty and The Bill Cosby Show.

Over the past decades, Richard’s acting career has seen him star in a gamut of film and television projects, but it was his dominant role as District Attorney Joshua Ashton on Dynasty that he became most widely recognized for. Although he retired three years ago in 2020, today Richard Lawson continues to enjoy a luxurious life of leisure around the world with friends and family – his beloved wife Marilyn Watson by his side.

This year marks the 76th birthday of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars who, despite being over 70 years old, still radiates youthfulness and charisma - just look at those abs! Here's to another great year with Hollywood's favorite senior citizen!

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What is Richard Lawson’s Zodiac Sign

Richard Lawson is a Pisces, born on March 7, 1947. According to astrology, this water sign can be a strategic and sensitive performer — perfect for the stage or screen!

Notorious for being dreamy but determined, Pisceans are creative yet highly practical. Richard’s affinity for storytelling and strong sense of self have earned him success in his acting career.

In Richard's world of performance, feel-good emotions always take center stage. He uses imaginativeness as his foundation when creating characters and allows audience members to revel in the emotional power of each scene he performs.

His dreamy nature makes it easy for him to create connections with other actors while staying true to himself - whether he's playing the bad guy or a lovable lead. With his superbly ambitious and chameleonlike qualities that bring forth enthralling performances each time, Richard Lawson brings zodiac magic to life every time he takes the stage!

Richard Lawson Net Worth and Earnings

Richard Lawson's net worth is estimated at $1 million. The veteran actor, 76-year-old Richard Lawson has had an illustrious career over the years and with his wealth accumulated from his celebrity status it comes as no surprise that he is worth so much.

In the past five decades, Richard has starred in a variety of movies ranging from classics such as Blade Runner to more recent blockbusters like Avengers: Age of Ultron. He has also featured on various television shows, making appearances across all major networks in the US and around the world.

Furthermore, throughout his career he has been associated with several iconic brands and collaborated with renowned stars in Hollywood. On June 5th 2023, there is much to celebrate for Richard’s long and successful career - a journey that started back when he was just 16 sending out audition tapes with hopes of one day making it big in Hollywood!

After close to 60 years later, now retired but still immensely popular amongst fans worldwide; we can certainly say his dreams have come true!

Richard Lawson Nationality and Ethnicity

Richard Lawson is an American actor of American ethnicity. His national identity has largely informed his career choices, allowing him to explore stories that speak to the various experiences and perspectives of people living in the United States.

Notably, Lawson has been lauded for roles that have highlighted the diversity within the U.S., such as his portrayal of a gay black man on ABC’s "How To Get Away with Murder" or his portrayal of a Latinx family patriarch on HBO’s "The Deuce". These opportunities demonstrate how being American grants Lawson access to parts and stories not everyone gets - something he cherishes deeply and continues to explore through his work both onstage and off it.

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Richard Lawson Body Measurements

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