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Rico Rodriguez
Full name: Rico Rodriguez
Birthday: July 31, 1998
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $7 Million

Rico Rodriguez may only be 23 years old, but he has already made a name for himself in Hollywood. This American actor is best known for his role as Manny Delgado in the hit TV show Modern Family, which garnered him critical acclaim and numerous awards.

But there's more to this rising star than just his on-screen talent. In this exclusive biography, we delve into Rico's humble beginnings and follow his journey to success – from auditioning for commercials to becoming one of the most recognizable young actors in the industry.

You'll discover how Rico balances being a celebrity with being a regular guy, plus get insider tips on how he manages to maintain such an impressive net worth of $7 million at such a young age. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply curious about one of Hollywood's brightest stars, this article is not one to miss!

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Where Is Rico Rodriguez From and Where Was Rico Rodriguez Born

Rico Rodriguez, the talented male actor known for his roles in various television series and films, is originally from College Station, Texas. He was born on July 31, 1998 and has since captured the hearts of many with his natural acting abilities and charming personality.

Since rising to fame at a young age, Rico has become a notable figure in Hollywood's entertainment industry. He first gained attention for his performance as Manny Delgado in the popular sitcom Modern Family.

From there, he landed numerous roles in other hit shows such as The Troop and Austin & Ally. Apart from his thriving career, Rico is also known for being family-oriented and humble despite his success.

He often shares photos of himself spending time with loved ones on social media platforms while advocating for mental health awareness as well. At just 24 years old, Rico continues to flourish in both his personal and professional life.

We can't wait to see what exciting projects he has in store next!

How Old is Rico Rodriguez? Rico Rodriguez Age and Birthday Info

Rico Rodriguez is currently 24 years old. Born on July 31, 1998 in College Station, Texas, he rose to fame with his role as Manny Delgado in the hit TV show Modern Family.

As a young actor, Rico has achieved numerous accolades such as winning the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series four times with his Modern Family co-stars. Now at the age of 24 and already a veteran of television, Rico continues to shine on-screen and off.

He has used his platform to support various charitable organizations and causes such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Stand Up to Cancer. Rico's youthful energy and talent have made him one of Hollywood's most promising actors.

He shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and we can't wait to see what he will do next!

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What is Rico Rodriguez’s Zodiac Sign

Rico Rodriguez's zodiac sign is Leo, meaning he is creative, energetic, and loves to be in the spotlight. As an actor born under this sign, he likely possesses natural charisma and a flair for dramatic performances.

With his talent and charming personality, Rico has become one of Hollywood's hottest young stars. He first rose to fame with his role as Manny Delgado on the hit comedy series Modern Family, earning multiple awards for his portrayal.

As a Leo, Rico may have a natural confidence that allows him to stand out in auditions and on set. He may also enjoy being the center of attention and receiving praise for his work.

Overall, Rico's Leo sign could be seen as an asset in the entertainment industry. It gives him the passion and drive needed to succeed as an actor while also allowing him to show off his unique style and personality.

With so much talent at such a young age, it's clear that Rico Rodriguez is destined for greatness!

How Did Rico Rodriguez Get Famous?

Rico Rodriguez got famous and popular through his successful acting career in film and television. Rico Rodriguez, the 24-year-old actor who rose to fame with his Emmy-nominated role as Manny Delgado on the hit TV show Modern Family, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

But it wasn't just luck that brought him to where he is today - Rico's undeniable talent, combined with his charming personality and impeccable sense of style, have made him a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. With a string of successful projects under his belt, including The Muppets and NCIS: Los Angeles, Rico has proven himself to be one of Hollywood's most promising young actors.

And not only is he talented on screen - off screen, Rico has become somewhat of a fashion icon, often spotted at red carpet events wearing bold colors and statement pieces that perfectly showcase his unique personality. As Rico continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, we can't wait to see what projects he takes on next.

With such incredible talent and charisma, there's no doubt that he will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

Rico Rodriguez Net Worth and Earnings

Rico Rodriguez's Net Worth? $7 Million.

At just 24 years old, actor Rico Rodriguez has already made quite the name for himself in the entertainment industry. Known for his work on both television and film, Rodriguez has amassed an impressive net worth of $7 million.

With a trademark charm and wit that have endeared him to audiences around the world, it's no surprise that Rodriguez's star continues to rise. Whether he's playing quirky characters or more serious roles, he always manages to captivate viewers with his natural talent and authenticity.

And as he continues to take on new projects in the years ahead, there's no doubt that this talented young actor will continue to make waves in Hollywood - and add even more millions to his already-impressive net worth. For fans who can't get enough of Rodriguez's unique brand of talent, there are sure to be exciting things on the horizon!

Rico Rodriguez Nationality and Ethnicity

Rico Rodriguez is an American actor of Mexican ethnicity. Growing up in a bilingual household, he was able to fluently switch between English and Spanish which helped him land roles that required both languages.

His heritage has also played a significant role in his profession as it has afforded him the opportunity to portray characters with Hispanic backgrounds authentically. Rico has made headlines for breaking stereotypes on television by portraying characters who are not defined by their ethnicity, but rather their unique personalities.

He continues to be an inspiration to young actors from diverse backgrounds looking to break into Hollywood.

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Rico Rodriguez Body Measurements

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