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Robert Miles
Full name: Robert Miles
Birthday: November 03, 1969
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Net Worth: $8 Million

Introducing Robert Miles, one of the most influential composers in dance music history and a true pioneer of record production. Born in Italy on November 3, 1969, he changed the face of electropop with his massive hit 'Children' back in 1996.

With an estimated net worth at 8 million dollars, according to Forbes Magazine, he is today appreciated as one of the biggest musical talents ever to come out from Europe. If you are looking for inspiration and want to know more about this amazing artist and how his groundbreaking works put him at the top of electronic music industry, then read on!

His journey has been full of ups and downs but now we get an exclusive chance to discover what made Robert Miles into such a successful star!

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Where Is Robert Miles From and Where Was Robert Miles Born

Robert Miles is an internationally acclaimed composer, born in Fleurier, France on November 3, 1969. His groundbreaking musical style has captivated listeners for over three decades.

Miles began playing piano at the tender age of five and went on to attend the Academy of Music in Milan where he graduated with a degree in composition. A regular fixture within the world of international electronic music, Miles has crafted an unparalleled legacy as a producer and composer of imaginative works that fuse classical orchestration with modern sound production techniques.

Since his debut album Dreamland (1996) broke through to mainstream airwaves around the globe – charting at number one in several countries – Robert’s prolific discography continues to influence contemporary artists across multiple genres today. Having collaborated with some of music's biggest names and dazzled audiences at numerous live events from Ibiza to New York City, Robert Miles' life-long passion for creating ambitious sonic journeys lives on strong even into his fifth decade - something few musicians achieve today!

How Old is Robert Miles? Robert Miles Age and Birthday Info

Robert Miles is 53 years old. He was born in Fleurier, France on November 3rd 1969 to parents of Italian descent.

As a child, Robert moved around Europe with his family and developed an appreciation for music which he has carried throughout his life. Robert Miles went on to become one of the most well-known composers in the world, releasing hit singles such as "Children" and "Fable".

In recent years, he has continued to work on numerous musical projects and just celebrated his 53rd birthday this past November. He now lives part time between London, Italy and Serbia where he is currently working on refining some new track ideas for upcoming releases.

With over 30 years of experience producing and composing music under his belt, it's no wonder that Robert Miles continues to be a leader in the international music industry today at the age of 53!

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What is Robert Miles’s Zodiac Sign

Robert Miles is a Scorpio, born on November 3, 1969. As an air sign with Water energy, this zodiac sign is known for their creativity and passion - ideal traits for an aspiring composer.

With strong intuition, Scorpios are often connected to higher dimensions of thought and love expressing themselves through music. Ruled by the intense planet Mars and enigmatic Pluto, Robert's Scorpionic nature provides him with a courageous spirit — allowing him to take risks in order to bring his compositions alive.

His deep understanding of emotion draws audiences into his work as he expresses the depths of life itself through his unique musical creations. Thanks to the focus provided by Scorpio's Fixed quality, Robert can access powerful states of concentration when crafting melodies that truly capture the essence of our world - signs that he was meant to be a composer from day one!

Robert Miles Net Worth and Earnings

Robert Miles's Net Worth is estimated to be $8 million as of May 25, 2023. Already a respected composer with over three decades in the music industry, 53-year-old Robert Miles boasts an impressive collection of hits that have made him one of the most successful composers of all time.

His name has been synonymous with quality and innovation since he first burst onto the scene more than thirty years ago, paving the way for many modern composers today. With a career that has spanned the world and his current net worth standing at an impressive 8 million dollars, Robert Miles continues to enjoy success even in his advancing age.

Despite being asked to compose and produce music for some of Hollywood’s biggest events - including multiple Academy Award ceremonies - his work remains humble, never veering away from its core values and style. An absolute cultural icon who deserves just recognition from both fans and professionals alike!

Robert Miles Nationality and Ethnicity

Robert Miles is an Italian composer, with Italian ethnicity. He can be considered a living example of the creative power that exists in his home country.

His music has been a source of inspiration to many and his nationality has allowed him to live a life heavily steeped in Italian culture. While Robert Miles's roots are firmly planted in Italy, he has embraced his cultural identity and used it as an advantage when it comes to composing awe-inspiring works of art.

Moreover, his understanding of traditional European music - its history and its techniques - have made him adept at blending together different genres to create unique masterpieces that continue to mesmerise audiences around the world today.

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Robert Miles Body Measurements

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