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Full name: Ronaldinho Ronaldinho
Birthday: March 21, 1980
Height: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: ,
Net Worth: $90 Million

Is there anyone in the world who hasn't heard of iconic Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho? Born on March 21, 1980, this living legend from Rio de Janeiro has conquered many European leagues and competitions and is considered one of the greatest footballers of his generation.

With an estimated net worth of $90 million, he's not only doing great things on the field but also as a brand ambassador for several renowned companies. It's no doubt that Ronaldinho has achieved some incredible success!

In this article, we explore how he rose to fame and fortune and hear what inspired him throughout his journey. Get ready to be taken on an epic ride with Ronaldinho – it will be worth your while.

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Where Is Ronaldinho From and Where Was Ronaldinho Born

Ronaldinho is a Brazilian football and endorsement superstar, born on March 21, 1980 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Although he started his career playing for Gremio Porto Alegre, it was with Barcelona's dream team in the early 2000s where he truly made his mark as one of the most creative players the game has ever seen.

Whether taking magic free kicks or mesmerizing defenders with his ball control and magical tricks, Ronaldinho has always had crowds captivated. His unyielding energy has not only brought joy to soccer fans worldwide but also inspired generations of new players - and still does!

These days you are sure to find him out in Brazil giving motivational speeches or promoting one of his many endorsement deals. Always humble and full of life when spending time in the stadiums watching matches: there is no doubt that Ronaldinho will continue to be adored by fans around the world for many years to come!

How Old is Ronaldinho? Ronaldinho Age and Birthday Info

Ronaldinho, the legendary football star, is 43 years old. He was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil on March 21st, 1980.

His actual age may be hard to pinpoint due to his incredible talent and wisdom with how he carries himself at this momentous point in time. Ronaldinho's natural charisma has only grown since his early days when he first made a name for himself as an unstoppable footballer.

Some say he seems almost ageless; yet every year that passes certainly adds more wisdom and sophistication to his repertoire of artful dodging and lethal passing - not to mention the countless endorsement deals! Since 2012 mostly spent advertising Gatorade and Poker Stars (to just name a few), it's hard not to recognize Ronaldinho out and about these days - even now in 2023!

He continues to make waves as one of the top Soccer stars of all time, leaving us all with no doubt as to why we love him and admire his greatness so much.

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What is Ronaldinho’s Zodiac Sign

Ronaldinho's zodiac sign is Aries, which brings a sense of ambition and eagerness to succeed. This fiery energy reflects in his spirit for football and endorsements as he continuously strives to triumph over obstacles.

An adventurous lifestyle allows him to gain life experience that adds valuable insight into Ronaldinho's pursuits. His competitive nature is evident both on the field and in the boardroom where his daring ideas come to life with an enthusiastic yet calculated approach.

With a natural ability to envision success, Ronaldinho's risks often pay off; though not without some bumps along the way, these challenging experiences increase his resolve and fortitude in times of tribulation, making him an even greater asset as he matures into one of sports' most legendary icons .

How Did Ronaldinho Get Famous?

Ronaldinho is a 43-year-old Brazilian footballer who rose to fame and became popular due to his exceptional football skills. He was born with the talent of playing football that he nurtured from an early age, and soon enough he had numerous clubs chasing after him.

A nationwide star by the time he was in his teens, Ronaldinho showed his true potential when he joined Barcelona in 2003. His intricate moves on the pitch stunned audiences across the world and made him a fan favorite right away.

His trademark backheel nutmegs also set him apart from other players, quickly becoming one of the most iconic symbols of modern football. Apart from his career in football, Ronaldinho has become famous for endorsing numerous international brands including Nike, EA Sports and PepsiCo—all helping to amplify his fame further.

His unfaltering smile has been part of many memorable advertisements around the globe and adds to Ronaldinho's prestigious profile as one of Brazil's greatest sports celebrities today.

Ronaldinho Net Worth and Earnings

Ronaldinho's net worth is estimated to be around $90 million as of May 20, 2023. His success in the beautiful game began at an early age and as a professional, he went on to play for some of the most successful clubs worldwide.

Over the course of his career, Ronaldinho has won numerous domestic and global titles including two FIFA World Player of the Year awards in 2004 and 2005. Besides football, Ronaldinho has been able to add significantly to his net worth with endorsements from brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Gatorade and EA Sports.

He lives a luxurious life which includes amazing mansions across countries like Brazil and Spain. Even at 43 years old now, Ronaldinho is still considered one of the greatest footballers ever who continues to inspire millions all over the world with his iconic trade mark moves and goals.

Earnings 2011 $24.16 Million
Earnings 2010 $25 Million
Earnings 2009 $29.2 Million
Earnings 2007 $31 Million

Ronaldinho Nationality and Ethnicity

Ronaldinho is a Brazilian professional footballer and endorser with Spanish and Brazilian ethnicity. His nationality has been essential for him to become an international superstar, as he represents Brazil in many competitions, receiving accolades from both the country and the world.

As a symbol of Brazilian football culture, Ronaldinho embodies its values of joyfulness, humility and creativity which have made him stand out through his amazing performances. In addition, his ability to make entertaining cameos when endorsing products or attending events makes his presence very sought after.

All these components help to build on the foundation that being Brazilian has brought to Ronaldinho's success: an identity as a talented footballer that knows how to entertain people around the world.

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Ronaldinho Body Measurements

Height: No Data
Weight: 80 kg or 176 lbs
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Ronaldinho is a Brazilian footballer and celebrity with a weight of 80 kg (176 lbs) and an unknown height. His impressive physique is integral to his professional success, as his physical attributes have enabled him to perform a variety of moves at peak efficiency for the best part of two decades.

He has been well known for dribbling past defenders like they weren't there – agility, balance, coordination and speed being abilities enhanced by his power, strength, and proportions. Ronaldinho's body measurements provide an impressive example of how athleticism combined with natural ability can result in extraordinary feats on the football pitch!

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