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Rory Cochrane
Full name: Rory Cochrane
Birthday: February 28, 1972
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $3 Million

Meet Rory Cochrane, the talented and successful American actor who has graced Hollywood with his amazing performances. Born on February 28th, 1972, this star is worth an estimated $3 million dollars!

His work has been featured in some of the biggest box office hits over the last few decades. But do you know about his humble beginnings and remarkable journey to Hollywood stardom?

This exclusive insight into the life of one of Hollywood's A-listers will introduce you to a side of him that isn't often seen. Get ready for an inspiring story, told by none other than Rory Cochrane himself.

Join us as we dive into this incredible actor's fascinating life, from his childhood days to becoming one of America’s most beloved stars today. There’s no doubt that after reading this article, everyone will have nothing but admiration for Rory Cochrane – so let’s get started now!

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Where Is Rory Cochrane From and Where Was Rory Cochrane Born

Rory Cochrane is an American actor from Syracuse, New York born on February 28, 1972. For over 25 years he has captivated audiences with his dynamic acting chops in such works as Empire Records, Argo and Boyhood.

His impressive body of work earned him a Critics Choice Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2012. Beyond the screen, it’s no secret that this A-list talent values his charity work and environmental sustainability efforts to give back to his community.

Cochrane recently returned from visiting Peru where he donated school supplies to a local primary school along with leading workshops for teachers and students alike. This star is truly dedicated to making the world a better place!

It’s easy to understand why this alluring icon has stolen our hearts since the 1990s—and two decades later Rory is still leaving us wanting more!

How Old is Rory Cochrane? Rory Cochrane Age and Birthday Info

Rory Cochrane is 51 years old. Born in Syracuse, New York on February 28th, 1972, this veteran actor is celebrated for his distinguished roles over the past two decades and counting.

Within the vibrant atmosphere of show business, he has continuously impressed fans and colleagues alike with both his charm and vast array of talents. Over the course of his career to date, this hard-working native New Yorker has consistently earned critical acclaim with performances ranging from Indie dramas to blockbusters; securing roles in films such as Empire Records (1995), A Scanner Darkly (2006) and Argo (2012).

His most recent release was Netflix’s thriller Night Teeth in 2021 which received positive reviews from industry magazines such as Variety. As a mainstay actor within Hollywood’s elite circle, Rory Cochrane continues to amuse onlookers through amazing projects - making him a constant source of entertainment after fifty-one years!

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What is Rory Cochrane’s Zodiac Sign

Rory Cochrane is a male actor born on February 28, 1972, which makes him a Pisces. His zodiac sign gives him the innate ability to act as an empath and connect deeply with others since they are a very empathic sign.

As someone in the entertainment industry, he will be able to understand and portray characters in a way that tug at our hearts and evoke emotion more easily than other signs. When it comes to performing arts, Pisceans have an internal compass that guides them in the right direction, always pushing them toward success.

They have artistic inclinations since they are sensitive and intuitive which allows for their work to feel convincing and believable; perfect for any creative endeavor or character portrayal. In addition, their zodiac sign allows them to be charming while maintaining balance between reality and fantasy – essential traits for an actor like Rory Cochrane.

Their charm helps draw audiences into his performance so the resulting connection is both magical and realistic at once - perfecting every role he plays!

Rory Cochrane Net Worth and Earnings

Rory Cochrane's net worth is estimated at $3 Million. The 51-year-old actor has been a long-standing staple in Hollywood, appearing in notable films such as Empire Records and Traffic, both released in the 90s.

He received his first Emmy nomination for the miniseries Lonesome Dove and has since gone on to feature more recently in television series' such as CSI: Miami and more recently 24: Legacy. His filmography also includes work on Argo, Flubber, Dazed and Confused, amongst many others.

With a career spanning nearly four decades of quality work, Rory Cochrane is now one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood with an impressive net worth of $3 million - a fitting reward for his undeniable talent and trailblazing successes.

Rory Cochrane Nationality and Ethnicity

Rory Cochrane is an American actor of Irish and Indian descent. His heritage has imbued him with a unique capacity to act roles from different cultural contexts, making him one of Hollywood's go-to actors for characters that need to switch between worlds.

He has a flair for creating vivid portrayals of characters with multifaceted identities and backgrounds; these come naturally to him thanks to his hybrid cultural roots. His ability to bring nuances of culture into his performance ensures that he can embody dualities while maintaining the depth and spirit of the script.

Through his work, Rory gives voice to those who have been silenced by society or overlooked by mainstream media, enriching audiences' understanding and appreciation for diversity in the film industry.

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Rory Cochrane Body Measurements

Height: 182 cm or 5′11″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: No Data
Hair color: No Data
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Rory Cochrane is a 5 ft 11 inch American actor. His trim physique and well-proportioned body make him the perfect choice for any movie role, so it's no surprise that his weight, height, and other body measurements have been essential to his success in the entertainment industry.

He has kept fit over the years with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine that helps him maintain his toned figure without compromising on energy or strength. His athletic stature allows him to perform at peak performance during stunts and chase scenes while keeping up with larger counterparts.

Rory's frame highlights his agility and determination to bring characters to life like never before – an added reason why he is a favorite actor of both directors and fans alike!

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