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Rutger Hauer
Full name: Rutger Hauer
Birthday: January 23, 1944
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , ,
Net Worth: $16 Million

Introducing the one and only Rutger Hauer, an award-winning Dutch actor, writer, producer and director. He is renowned for his intense portrayal of psychopaths in films – a quality that has always been uniquely showcased in his work.

So if you’re looking to learn more about the ultimate Hollywood legend whose cinematic career spans five decades, then this is the article for you! From humble beginnings in the Netherlands to becoming a globally recognizable name within the film industry – get ready to see how Rutger went from one success story to another.

Be prepared to be enthralled by his unique life story as we take a dive into uncovering who he really was.

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Where Is Rutger Hauer From and Where Was Rutger Hauer Born

Rutger Hauer was born in Breukelen, Netherlands on January 23, 1944. One of the most iconic actors to grace the silver screen, Rutger has been a popular figure since he made his first big break as protagonist Roy Batty in Blade Runner (1982).

From an aspiring young actor from the sleepy Dutch town of Breukelen, Rutger's career has spanned over seven decades and includes dozens of memorable performances. A tireless advocate for social justice and a passionate supporter of sustainability initiatives, Rutger is 79 years old now and can easily hold his own against younger counterparts in any debate or in any field.

Coming from humble beginnings three quarters of a century ago, Rutger Hauer continues to shine brightly on-screen even today - inspiring generations with his work off screen as well.

How Old is Rutger Hauer? Rutger Hauer Age and Birthday Info

Rutger Hauer is 79 years old and was born on January 23, 1944 in Breukelen, Netherlands. His career as an actor, writer, film producer, and film director has spanned over four decades, delivering iconic performances like the evil but sympathetic replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner (1982).

He is lauded for his diverse roles over the years – from The Hitcher (1986) to Ladyhawke (1985), he has delighted both audiences and critics alike. He also has a starring role in Batman Begins (2005) as Earle of Wayne Enterprises.

Despite being in his late seventies Rutger Hauer shows no signs of stopping anytime soon; indeed, he currently stars as Lord Kembleon on Syfy's series Van Helsing. At 80 next year, this Dutch icon continues to be a powerful presence both on-screen and off – a symbol of strength, grace and talent that will inspire us for many more decades to come!

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What is Rutger Hauer’s Zodiac Sign

Rutger Hauer was born on January 23, 1944, making his zodiac sign Aquarius. For an actor, writer, film producer and director like Rutger Hauer, being an Aquarian brings incredible potential for success.

Represented by the Water Bearer of Ancient Greece who gifts humanity with life-sustaining water without expectation or condition, an Aquarian is full of originality and inspiration that could be beneficial to a creative professional such as Rutger. His independent nature allows him to confidently express himself in any situation which could help him gain admiration from other creatives in the filmmaking industry.

As a natural networker Rutger has the ability to easily make connections with people which can be utilized to grow and advance his career. Most importantly, as a humanitarian at heart he puts forward his best effort toward helping others succeed which could prove invaluable to furthering his own career over time.

How Did Rutger Hauer Get Famous?

Rutger Hauer was an actor, writer, film producer and director who rose to fame in the 70s with his intense performances. He is most well-known for his roles in Blade Runner and Sin City.

His gritty portrayal of psychopaths has become one of his signatures themes that attract viewers from all around the world to witness Hauer’s unique brand of intensity on screen. Being 79 years old today (May 26th 2023) does not keep Rutger Hauer out of the spotlight - he continues to work as an actor and director even after 5 decades in entertainment.

His talent has been universally appreciated by critics and fans alike through multiple generations – a rare feat for any artist! However it is Rutger's ability to stay relevant alongside a sea of young Hollywood stars that makes him truly remarkable.

From film festivals to magazine covers, media appearances on TV networks such as HBO or NBC – at 79 years old he has managed to cement himself into modern pop culture while still maintaining public relevance since the 70s when he first started gaining attention for his acting skills. Therefore we would like nothing more than to applaud this good-looking gentleman who despite age keeps entertaining us every day!

Rutger Hauer Net Worth and Earnings

Rutger Hauer's Net Worth is estimated to be around $16 million. The 79-year-old actor, writer, film producer and director has made quite the name for himself in Hollywood since his debut in 1966.

His intense depictions of psychopaths have become his trademark, capturing audiences worldwide with films like Blade Runner (1982) and Ladyhawke (1985). He won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the replicant Roy Batty in Blade Runner, which secured even greater success and recognition in his career.

As an influential figure within the film industry post-2000, he co-founded Rutger Hauer Filmfactory, established to promote young filmmakers from all over the world. Succeeding him after his retirement in 2018 was Leonard Kordes writing "we want to continue what our founder Rutger initiated".

His net worth speaks volumes of how successful he has been throughout this career journey.

Rutger Hauer Nationality and Ethnicity

Rutger Hauer is Dutch, with a mixture of Frisian ethnicity. His nationality has played an integral part in his illustrious acting career.

Hauer often chooses roles that resonate deeply within the Dutch culture, from representing traditional values to embracing fresh alternatives for a modern Netherlands. He also uses his platform as an actor to produce and direct films that give viewers a taste of what life is like in the Netherlands.

His love for his home country shines through in every project he produces, making them some of the most highly regarded works within the Dutch film industry.

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Rutger Hauer Body Measurements

Height: 185 cm or 6′0″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Regular blond
Hair style: street
Waist size: 115
Hips: No Data
Feet size: 10
Have tattoo: YesTattoo on both shoulders

Rutger Hauer had a tall and athletic body with solid proportions. He stood 6 ft (1.85 m) tall, weighed 75 kg (165 lbs), had blue eyes, and regular blond hair.

His impressive body measurements contributed to his success as an actor, film producer, writer, and director in the entertainment industry. As a professional performer who appeared in classic films such as Blade Runner and Flesh + Blood, his build was part of the key elements which helped him create memorable roles.

His athleticism was further highlighted by martial arts training he underwent for some of his projects – adding another layer to any performance he undertook throughout his career.

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