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Shannon Moore
Full name: Shannon Moore
Birthday: July 27, 1979
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Zodiac Sign:
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Net Worth: $1 Million

Shannon Moore is a rising star in the world of professional wrestling. Born on July 27, 1979 and hailing from the United States of America, this multitalented athlete has already made his mark in the field with an impressive estimated net worth of $1 million.

But there's so much more to this show-stopping wrestler than meets the eye. Did you know Shannon Moore started out as a guitarist in a punk rock band?

Dive into this inspiring story to discover how his determination and resolve brought him to the top of wrestling superstardom! Find out all about Shanon Moore's fascinating biography here – it's worth your time.

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Where Is Shannon Moore From and Where Was Shannon Moore Born

Shannon Moore is a professional wrestler born on July 27, 1979 in Cameron, British Columbia, Canada. He has forged an impressive career, having wrestled for various independent wrestling promotions as well as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

From humble beginnings in his birthplace of Canada to being a major part of the WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair's entourage, "The Flair Appreciation Squad," Shannon Moore has come a long way. In addition to entertaining audiences across the globe with his energetic high-flying style and technical prowess in the ring, he has also displayed leadership skills by leading several wrestling stables over the years.

His star continues to rise as he enters his 44th year with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. An inspiration to aspiring wrestlers everywhere, Shannon Moore is proof that dreams can be achieved given hard work and dedication.

How Old is Shannon Moore? Shannon Moore Age and Birthday Info

Shannon Moore is 43 years old, born on July 27, 1979 in Cameron, British Columbia, Canada. He has been involved in professional wrestling for many decades and still holds the title of one of the biggest champions.

The wrestler surprised his fans and followers when he announced his birthday this month – a whole 43 years of age! It's crazy to think what such a young faced man could have achieved at this ripe old age.

From championships to fame and success in the world of professional wrestling, Shannon has enjoyed every bit of it throughout his career. This year marks 44 years since Shannon’s birth, but there’s no sign that our beloved champion is slowing down anytime soon; he remains as devoted to his craft as ever before!

We wish him the happiest birthday yet and look forward to seeing him tear up the ring during tournaments like never before. Happy Birthday Shannon!

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What is Shannon Moore’s Zodiac Sign

Shannon Moore is a Leo, born on July 27, 1979. A Leo personality is known for having leadership qualities, being ambitious and confident - all of which are perfect traits for a wrestler to have!

As an outgoing sign, Lions know how to project their energy into the ring and exude passion during wrestling matches. They have strong willpower that allows them to pursue their goals without hesitation and stay focused until they reach success.

Shannon's natural charisma gives him an extra edge over the competition - giving the fans something to cheer about every time he steps in the ring! His determination and loyalty to his fans makes him an even more likeable figure within the wrestling community.

Anytime he finds himself in a difficult match or moment of doubt it's often quickly put aside by his unwavering commitment toward achieving great things. With this kind of drive and ambition, it’s no surprise that Shannon has become one of today’s most well-known professional wrestlers!

Shannon Moore Net Worth and Earnings

Shannon Moore's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of May 8, 2023. Born in 1980, Shannon has been an icon in the wrestling world for more than two decades.

He began his career joining WWF and WCW in 1999, but it was primarily on the independent circuit where he garnered success. During the 2000s, Shannon developed a larger following and eventually signed with WWE in 2003 where he achieved legendary status due to his high-flying aerial moves and technical prowess.

After several successful years with WWE, Shannon decided to focus his attention on his own training facility as well as expanding into other business partnerships. Despite stepping away from active wrestling competition in 2016, this 43-year-old wrestler continues to make waves by building upon his impressive legacy and growing net worth over the past decade!

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Shannon Moore Body Measurements

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