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Sofia Boutella
Full name: Sofia Boutella
Birthday: April 03, 1982
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $4 Million

Meet Sofia Boutella, the French actress born on April 3, 1982 who has become a global star in Hollywood! From her breakthrough performance as the iconic "Atomic Blonde" to her much-anticipated lead role in the upcoming action movie "The Old Guard," Sofia's career is on fire.

She is known for her beauty, talent and energy that bring an extraordinary thrill to every project she’s involved in. With a net worth of $4 million and fan following all over the world, it's no surprise that this gorgeous French actress is making waves in Hollywood.

Get ready to be mesmerized as we take you through the life of Sofia Boutella!

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Where Is Sofia Boutella From and Where Was Sofia Boutella Born

Sofia Boutella is an Algerian-born actress, born in Bab El Oued, Lebanon on April 3rd 1982. Growing up, she was largely exposed to film and music from her father’s record store before eventually starting her own dance career and becoming one of the world’s most sought after and iconic performers.

A determined spirit even from a young age, Sofia’s career path has taken her down many fascinating roads as she has starred in numerous Hollywood films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond and Atomic Blonde. With each project offering unique opportunities for exploration and joy for the multi-faceted starlet - it's no surprise that Sofia continues to amaze audiences with both her prodigious talent and magnetic charm!

And looking into the future she appears to have even bigger projects ahead of her as we watch this brilliant star soar ever higher past the clouds!

How Old is Sofia Boutella? Sofia Boutella Age and Birthday Info

Sofia Boutella is 41 years old, born on April 3, 1982 in Bab El Oued, Lebanon. The captivating and enigmatic star of the film industry has achieved global fame for her astonishing performances in dramatic roles and action-filled scenes alike.

She’s also known as an elite dancer who took the art form to a new level - standing out from time to time for her work with Madonna and Nike. At 41, Sofia Boutella remains as inspiringly beautiful as ever.

Whether she's gracing red carpets around the world or gearing up for another action movie role that will leave viewers at the edge of their seats, this dauntless entertainer dives into each task with unrivaled grace and skill. With 10 acting credits under her belt since 2021 alone —and no signs of slowing down—Boutella is an icon to be celebrated not only for her remarkable contribution to cinema but also to culture at large.

It’s clear that Sofia Boutella is continuing to grow and evolve within her career, inspiring us all along the way with impeccable glamour while serving as a symbol of hope in troubled times.

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What is Sofia Boutella’s Zodiac Sign

Sofia Boutella's zodiac sign is Aries, indicating she is a determined, dynamic and creative person. Naturally ambitious and driven, Sofia Boutella has used her dynamism to help launch a successful career as an actress.

With her belief in herself and strong sense of self-confidence, she knows no boundaries when it comes to taking on the next acting project. The fire inside of her makes her tireless in her work and helps fuel the enthusiasm for any role she takes on.

Her birth date (April 3, 1982) allows her access to great potential energy which gives her the bravery to fight for roles that can showcase all aspects of this multi-talented star. Despite time having passed since she first graced our screens (June 10 2023), Sofia remains at the forefront of Hollywood’s most influential stars with remarkable looks, charm and drive that catch everyone’s attention every time she steps into the spotlight!

Sofia Boutella Net Worth and Earnings

Sofia Boutella's net worth is estimated to be $4 million. The 41-year old Algerian-French actress, dancer, and musician Sofia Boutella has made her name in the global film industry over the last two decades with her stunning performances in films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond, Atomic Blonde and Hotel Artemis.

Her continued success has seen her net worth grow immensely from appearances both on television and the big screen. Throughout her career she has been nominated for several prestigious awards including Most Promising Actress at Cannes Film Festival for her role in StreetDance 2 and Choice Movie Actress at Teen Choice Awards 2019 for Hotel Artemis.

Moving forward into 2023 she is set to appear alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names such as Chris Pine and Zach Galifianakis in Wonder Woman 1984 one of this year's most anticipated movies. Clearly it doesn't seem like Boutella will be slowing down any time soon; we can foresee that she'll continue to gain more success moving into the future while building on an already impressive net worth!

Sofia Boutella Nationality and Ethnicity

Sofia Boutella's nationality is French and her ethnicity is Algerian. As an actress, Sofia Boutella's cultural background has shaped her career in many ways.

Drawing from both French and North African culture, she brings a unique flavor to each part that she plays on the screen. Her mother is French-Algerian which has made her eligible for leading roles in films such as The Mummy and Atomic Blonde where ethnic diversity was required for authenticity and accuracy.

Furthermore, it has provided filmmakers with access to a variety of cultural nuances that cannot be found anywhere else. By branching out to different cultures, Sofia Boutella continues to inspire audiences all around the world.

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Sofia Boutella Body Measurements

Height: 165 cm or 5′4″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Black
Hair style: casual
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: 8.5
Have tattoo: No

Sofia Boutella's body measurements are 32B-24-34. As an actress and dancer, her physique plays a crucial role in both her professional pursuits.

At a height of 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m), she's known for her lithe yet toned figure, thanks to her strict fitness routine that involves dancing, yoga, and martial arts. Her bra cup size is often highlighted due to the avant-garde costumes she wears on-screen, which showcase both her athleticism and elegance.

Overall, Sofia's body measurements contribute to embodying versatile characters with grace and strength – making her a prominent figure in the entertainment industry today.

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