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Stavros Niarchos III
Full name: Stavros Niarchos III
Birthday: April 17, 1985
Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $120 Million

Introducing Stavros Niarchos III; the celebrated American skateboarder, philanthropist, and heir to a fortune worth an estimated $120 million. A real-life Renaissance man who refuses to be defined by his wealth or privilege, Stavros has continued to redefine what it means to live life on his own terms – from becoming one of America's preeminent skateboarding champions at just 21 years old to launching a string of humanitarian initiatives that have made him both wealthy and beloved around the globe.

This Vogue exclusive will take you behind-the-scenes as we uncover the rise of this groundbreaking entrepreneur and get an intimate look into how he is breaking conventions and redefining success as we know it.

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Where Is Stavros Niarchos III From and Where Was Stavros Niarchos III Born

Straight answer: Stavros Niarchos III was born on April 17, 1985 in New York City, United States. Vogue-style text: Stavros Niarchos III is an icon of skateboarding culture, hailing from the bustling city streets of New York City in the United States.

Born on April 17th, 1985, he has become a masterful figure within the sport since his teenage years and continues to take it by storm in 2021 as he turns 38 years old this year. His signature style combines high energy with creative tricks that draw crowds around parks and skating rinks when ever he’s there.

He’s been lauded for pushing boundaries into different worlds of music and art – innovating as he goes along – which explains why his meteoric rise within skateboarding culture is one to behold!

How Old is Stavros Niarchos III? Stavros Niarchos III Age and Birthday Info

Stavros Niarchos III is 38 years old. On April 17th, 1985 the world welcomed the now professional skateboarder from New York City to the scene!

Stavros lived up to his family name as a leader in sports and fashion alike from an early age. As of May 20th, 2023 he has now experienced 38 glorious years on this planet doing what he loves most – skateboarding.

Not only does he give back through his passion for sports, but continuously designs product collections with some of the leading brands across industries. He’s breaking boundaries and pushing creative limits wherever he goes while inspiring all generations around him to do their part in making a brighter future for everyone!

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What is Stavros Niarchos III’s Zodiac Sign

Stavros Niarchos III is an Aries, born April 17, 1985. To any skateboarder of this sign, Aries means courage, fiery ambition and inspirational leadership.

It takes a lot of self-belief to be a successful skateboarder and Aries has that in spades! They are the trailblazers among athletes who have no issue pushing themselves past their limits and achieving what others might think is impossible.

But while they might seem fiery from the outside, inside their hearts are full of kindness and understanding for those around them. Skateboarding requires determination, resilience and creativity – all hallmarks of an Aries personality.

Over time Stavros has fine-tuned his skillset to become one of the most respected figures in the skateboarding world: he always does things his own way with confidence and never gives in to peer pressure – displaying admirable levels of dedication despite adversity or setbacks along the way. These traits come naturally to an Aries!

Stavros Niarchos III Net Worth and Earnings

Stavros Niarchos III's net worth is estimated to be $120 million. A legendary daredevil and skateboarder, Stavros Niarchos III, age 38, has reached the apex of success within his profession.

His incredible talent and daring skate style have earned him the admiration of fans worldwide. Despite his extreme stunts on the board, he continues to remain humble and passionate about what he does every day.

He has gained many sponsorships from top apparel brands over his career and is always pushing the limits of skating with innovative tricks that make people go wild. Recently, Stavros was named as one of "Forbes" magazine’s Top Richest Skateboarders list for 2023 - proof that it pays to follow your dreams!

Stavros Niarchos III Nationality and Ethnicity

Stavros Niarchos III is an American skateboarder with a nationality of United States of America and an ethnicity of American. His multi-faceted background has served him well, allowing him to make a name for himself in the world of professional skateboarding.

Beyond his prowess on the board, he has tapped into his culture and heritage to create unique designs that reflect his identity and experience as both an athlete and artist. He masters technical tricks while adding flair from his innate sense of artistic expression, always seeking new heights despite relying heavily on elements from within himself such as nationality, ethnicity, physical skills, branding etcetera - all combining together to bring life to every part of his performance

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Stavros Niarchos III Body Measurements

Height: No Data
Weight: No Data
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Waist size: No Data
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