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Uli Latukefu
Full name: Uli Latukefu
Birthday: August 02, 1984
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From humble beginnings to Hollywood's red carpets – Uli Latukefu, the rising star who will leave you breathless! Discover the captivating journey of this multifaceted actor as we unveil the untold chapters of his extraordinary life.

Talent oozes from every pore of this American sensation, and as he celebrates another year on August 2, Uli Latukefu's star continues to soar higher than ever before. Breaking barriers and captivating audiences worldwide with his mesmerizing performances, Latukefu has solidified his place in Tinseltown's elite.

His innate ability to transform into diverse characters effortlessly has garnered him rave reviews from critics and fans alike. But behind those piercing eyes lies a tale of sheer determination that will inspire even the most weary dreamer.

In this exclusive biography, we peel back the layers and delve into the personal triumphs, heartaches, and hard-won victories that have shaped Uli Latukefu into the cinematic force he is today. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring narrative that promises to touch your soul and ignite your passion for living life fearlessly.

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Where Is Uli Latukefu From and Where Was Uli Latukefu Born

Uli Latukefu is from Yonkers, New York, United States. He was born in Yonkers on August 2, 1984.

In the dazzling world of Hollywood, rising star Uli Latukefu shines bright as an actor extraordinaire. Hailing from the vibrant city of Yonkers, New York, this charismatic male talent took his first breaths on August 2nd, 1984.

His birthplace and early upbringing undoubtedly contributed to his innate ability to captivate audiences with his magnetism and raw talent. With his chiseled features and commanding presence, it's no wonder that Uli has become a coveted name in the entertainment industry.

From thrilling action blockbusters to heartfelt dramas, he effortlessly embodies a wide range of characters with depth and conviction. But it's not just Uli's striking looks that have stolen hearts; his passion for acting permeates every role he takes on.

Whether gracing the silver screen or treading the boards of Broadway theaters, Uli leaves an indelible mark on audiences who are always left wanting more. As we eagerly watch this burgeoning star rise to even greater heights in the realm of film and television, we can't help but be mesmerized by Uli Latukefu's incredible talent and undeniable charisma - qualities that make him truly one-of-a-kind in Hollywood today.

How Old is Uli Latukefu? Uli Latukefu Age and Birthday Info

Uli Latukefu is currently 38 years old. He was born on August 2, 1984 in Yonkers, New York, United States.

As an actor, Uli has captivated audiences with his talent and charisma. With a diverse range of roles under his belt, he has proven himself to be a versatile performer.

Uli's journey into the world of acting began at a young age. Growing up in New York, he was exposed to the vibrant arts scene that surrounded him.

This early exposure fueled his passion for storytelling and performing. Over the years, Uli has garnered critical acclaim for his performances on both stage and screen.

His ability to embody characters with depth and authenticity has made him a sought-after talent in Hollywood. As we celebrate Uli's upcoming birthday on August 2nd, it is evident that age is just a number for this talented actor.

With each new project he takes on, Uli continues to challenge himself and push boundaries within the industry. We eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this remarkable artist.

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What is Uli Latukefu’s Zodiac Sign

Uli Latukefu's Zodiac sign is Leo. News flash!

Get ready to bask in the celestial allure of Uli Latukefu, an accomplished actor born under the fiery and charismatic sign of Leo. As a natural-born star, this August-born entertainer radiates passion and confidence both on and off the screen.

Leos are known for their magnetic presence and innate ability to command attention, qualities that undoubtedly contribute to Uli's undeniable talent as an actor. With his birthday fast approaching on August 2, this gifted performer embraces the regal traits associated with his zodiac sign.

Leos are characterized by their theatrical flair, ambitious nature, and unwavering determination – all essential ingredients for succeeding in the competitive realm of acting. Uli effortlessly embodies these traits, captivating audiences with his commanding performances and exuberant energy.

As we eagerly anticipate Uli Latukefu's upcoming projects, let us recognize the influence of his Leo persona on his craft – a potent blend of creativity, ambition, and limitless potential. Prepare to be dazzled by this extraordinary artist as he continues to conquer new heights in the entertainment industry.

Uli Latukefu Nationality and Ethnicity

Uli Latukefu is an American actor of Tongan descent. His nationality, being American, has allowed him to access opportunities within the entertainment industry in the United States.

However, it is his unique ethnic background that adds a distinctive touch to his profession. With his Tongan heritage, Uli brings diversity and cultural richness to his roles, bringing characters to life with authenticity and depth.

His ethnicity gives Uli a unique perspective and understanding of different cultures, adding depth and nuance to his performances on screen. Uli's talent combined with his nationality and ethnicity make him a captivating presence in the world of acting.

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Uli Latukefu Body Measurements

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