Celebrities born on August 11

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Leonid Mikhelson
  • Businessman

1. Leonid Mikhelson

Net Worth: $35 Billion

Leonid Mikhelson is a well-known Russian-Israeli businessman and billionaire. With an impressive net worth of $35 billion, he has become the wealthiest man in Russia and one of the world's ten richest billionaires as recorded in 2020. Born on August 11th 1955, Leonid has built an immense fortune over five decades through his business ventures…
Masayoshi Son
  • Celebrities

2. Masayoshi Son

Net Worth: $22300 Million

Masayoshi Son is the epitome of success; a self-made billionaire investor, tech entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Japan. Born on August 11, 1957, he has made his own fortune estimated to be worth a whopping $22300 Million. His journey in the world of business started with establishing an IT firm in Tokyo right after graduating from…
John Gokongwei Jr.
  • Businessman

3. John Gokongwei Jr.

Net Worth: $5.5 Billion

"Exclusive: The Untold Success Story of John Gokongwei Jr.—The Billionaire Entrepreneur Who Built an Empire and Transformed Lives!" Prepare to be inspired as we unveil the extraordinary journey of the legendary Filipino tycoon, John Gokongwei Jr. From humble beginnings to amassing a staggering net worth of $5.5 billion, his indomitable spirit and entrepreneurial...
Patrick McGovern
  • Businessman

4. Patrick McGovern

Net Worth: $4.7 Billion

Are you looking for an inspiring tale of success? Look no further than Patrick McGovern, the American Businessperson who has made billions in the technology industry. Born on August 11, 1937, this self-made man currently holds a mind-boggling net worth of $4.7 billion! Whether it's his approach to business or his personal story that interests…
Fred Smith
  • CEO of FedEx

5. Fred Smith

Net Worth: $3.9 Billion

He revolutionized the way we send packages and changed the face of the logistics industry forever. Meet Fred Smith, the trailblazing chairman, president, and CEO of FedEx. Born on August 11, 1944, this American magnate's visionary leadership has propelled him to great heights in both business and finance. With a staggering net worth of $3.9…
Sri Prakash Lohia
  • Businessman

6. Sri Prakash Lohia

Net Worth: $3.9 Billion

Industrious Indonesian businessman Sri Prakash Lohia is an inspirational figure for anyone looking for personal or financial success. Born in 1952, he has risen up the ranks to become one of the wealthiest people in Indonesia, with a net worth estimated at $3.9 billion. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the region's most prominent…
Craig McCaw
  • CEO of Eagle River Inc.

7. Craig McCaw

Net Worth: $1.9 Billion

Craig McCaw is the renowned business magnate, billionaire and Chairman & CEO of Eagle River Inc. Born in 1949 as the youngest child of a Seattle-based telecom pioneer, Craig has set an example for how far one can go with relentless determination, hard work and passion. After achieving success in his father's company in its…
Bruce McCaw
  • Businessman

8. Bruce McCaw

Net Worth: $900 Million

Meet Bruce McCaw, the self-made millionaire and entrepreneur who's taken a page out of the books of the world's most successful business moguls! Born on August 11th, 1949 in Seattle Washington, this influential American businessman has made his mark in the world by growing a humble start up into one of the largest cellular communication…
Steve Wozniak
  • Computer Engineer

9. Steve Wozniak

Net Worth: $100 Million

From coding genius to tech trailblazer, Steve Wozniak has revolutionized the world with his visionary brilliance. Known as the co-founder of Apple Inc., this enigmatic inventor shaped our very notion of what a computer could be. Now, take a journey through the extraordinary life of this technological pioneer as we unveil the untold story behind…
  • Actor

10. Michael Moye

Net Worth: $65 Million

From Hollywood's silver screens to capturing stunning moments behind the camera, Michael Moye has conquered the entertainment industry in ways that captivate our imaginations! This celebrated screenwriter, television producer, talented photographer, and charismatic actor is a true icon of American creativity. With a net worth of $65 million and an impressive career that...