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Masayoshi Son
Full name: Masayoshi Son
Birthday: August 11, 1957
Weight: No Data
Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $22300 Million

Masayoshi Son is the epitome of success; a self-made billionaire investor, tech entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Japan. Born on August 11, 1957, he has made his own fortune estimated to be worth a whopping $22300 Million.

His journey in the world of business started with establishing an IT firm in Tokyo right after graduating from university. Over time he has become one of the most prominent personalities in the industry – owning numerous companies including SoftBank Group Corporation and its subsidiaries around the globe.

From investing in renowned brands like Uber to donating millions for medical research – Masayoshi Son's accomplishments have been celebrated widely by individuals from all walks of life. This article is your chance to learn more about this inspirational titan whose ambition knows no boundaries!

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Where Is Masayoshi Son From and Where Was Masayoshi Son Born

Masayoshi Son is a Japanese entrepreneur and the richest man in Japan, born on August 11, 1957, in Tosu, Saga. As founder and chairman of SoftBank Group, he's responsible for driving massive digital transformation across industries such as finance and telecommunications.

He has been credited with leading Japan into the modern era through his innovative technology solutions. Masayoshi Son's impact on business can't be overstated: he led major investments in companies like Yahoo!, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Uber Technologies Inc., and WeWork Companies Inc., helping to shape the world we know today.

His success story is truly astounding—not only did he establish SoftBank at age 25 and become one of Fortune 500’s youngest CEOs at 41, but by 2020 his net worth peaked at $22 billion USD making him not only one of the world’s most powerful billionaires but also an icon of ambition and drive for entrepreneurs worldwide. His legacy will no doubt continue to inspire generations to come with its compelling narrative of ‘starting from nothing’ before achieving dizzying heights as a leader in industry innovation.

How Old is Masayoshi Son? Masayoshi Son Age and Birthday Info

Masayoshi Son is 65 years old. Born in Tosu, Saga, Japan on August 11th, 1957, Masayoshi Son has had a remarkable journey that solidifies him as one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

After decades spent behind the cameras and building his empire with investments all over the world, he is now a global titan in business and philanthropy. He has been honored by numerous organizations and publications such as Forbes for his contributions to technology innovation and entrepreneurship.

Masayoshi Son continues to be an inspiration to many people across generations and borders with his perseverance through challenging times like no other. As he celebrates his 65th birthday this year on May 19th 2023 it’s only fitting for someone of such renown to be feted with festivities that bring together people from every corner of the world.

Here’s wishing him good health and more success in the upcoming future!

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What is Masayoshi Son’s Zodiac Sign

Masayoshi Son's zodiac sign is Leo and it means that he has a strong desire to be loved and appreciated. As a Leo, Masayoshi Son also loves to have control over others and be respected in his social circle.

This characteristic lends well to the life of a celebrity, who is often looked up to as an idol by many people. Masayoshi Son's Leo-like traits are sure to serve him well in his career as a celebrity.

His courage, determination, and strong will provide him with the confidence needed for success; while his generousness towards those around him gives them trust in him as their leader. Not only that, but Leo's famed creativity fuels his ability to come up with new ideas or reinventing old ones into something fresh - perfect for someone always looking for the latest trend or style!

Aside from being excellent at public speaking which plays an important part of any celebrities profession, Masayoshi’s kind disposition garners admiration from all those he encounters – making it easy for him foster relationships with those outside of industry circles and throughout different stages of life. Overall, having Leo as his Zodiac sign should prove advantageous on this continuing journey throughout fame and fortune!

How Did Masayoshi Son Get Famous?

Masayoshi Son got famous and popular for his successful investments in the internet, telecom, and tech sectors. He is a perfect example of someone who started with nothing and created a multi-billion dollar empire that has changed the face of online innovation.

Born in 1957 to humble beginnings in Japan, Masayoshi quickly rose through the ranks as an entrepreneur and investor. By age 65, he’s a major player on the global investment scene.

His success story began with SoftBank Group Corporation investing their own money into risky startups such as Yahoo!, Alibaba,, Supercell, Slack Technologies Inc., Didi Chuxing, Lyft Inc., WeWork Technology Inc., The RealReal Inc., Oyo Hotels & Homes (India), DoorDash Inc., Getaround LLC (US) and many more successful projects around the world across various markets such as telecoms, e-commerce and robotics engineering companies. His shrewd investments have made him one of Japan's most influential investors today - inspiring generations with his massive influence on society from business deals to charitable causes.

With a wide range of interests from fine art to professional sports teams , it’s no surprise why he retains a strong fanbase amongst industry professionals and beyond!

Masayoshi Son Net Worth and Earnings

Masayoshi Son's net worth is estimated to be around $22.3 billion as of May 19th, 2023. The 65-year-old self-made tech billionaire has had an impressive career, leading the way in internet and telecom innovation.

From introducing Japan to the world's first high speed wireless broadband service to his latest venture into artificial intelligence technology, Masayoshi has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible while simultaneously amassing a massive fortune. His success speaks volumes about his ambition and work ethic which continue to serve as inspirations throughout Asian culture.

While Masayoshi may have reached incredible levels of wealth, he continues proving that nothing is impossible with perseverance and dedication – ideals that will remain timeless in years to come.

Masayoshi Son Nationality and Ethnicity

Masayoshi Son is a Japanese celebrity of Asian ethnicity. He has used his unique background to become one of Japan's most successful and influential public personalities.

His status as an Asian citizen has helped him bridge the gap between the nation’s cultures, inspiring many people with his own humble beginnings. On top of that, he is well-versed in global business practices, making him a sought-after guest for international events and conferences.

With his broad experience and knowledge, Masayoshi Son continues to be an inspiration to people from all walks of life through his work and presence as both an innovate leader and celebrity trendsetter.

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Masayoshi Son Body Measurements

Height: 167 cm or 5′5″
Weight: No Data
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Grey
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No

Masayoshi Son's body measurements are 167 cm for height, grey hair, and dark brown eyes. His success as a celebrity in Japan is partly due to his physique which surely helps him stand out.

Even though his frame may not be the same as that of professional athletes or models, it carries with it a certain gravitas and charm. Despite being on the shorter side, his focused demeanor comes through in pictures—making people take note of his presence.

He has become some kind of an icon by having such unique features like grey hair at this age and striking dark brown eyes. One thing is for sure – Masayoshi Son’s charismatic personality will never go unnoticed.

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