Celebrities born on June 19

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Gilberto Benetton
  • Co-Founder

1. Gilberto Benetton

Net Worth: $3 Billion

Gilberto Benetton is an Italian billionaire entrepreneur and co-founder of the iconic fashion company, Benetton Group. Born in 1941, he has led an incredible life as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Accumulating a net worth of 3 billion dollars by mid 2020, Gilberto's story is one that defies all odds and stands testament to his…
Mario Gabelli
  • Businessman

2. Mario Gabelli

Net Worth: $1.56 Billion

Meet Mario Gabelli, the high-flying businessman who is making waves in the world of finance. Born on June 19, 1942, this American entrepreneur has amassed a net worth of an impressive $1.56 billion! This self-made mogul is shaking up Wall Street – and it may be time for you to take note! Join us as…
Michael Burry
  • Investor

3. Michael Burry

Net Worth: $320 Million

Michael Burry is the man behind one of the greatest investment success stories in history. He revolutionized Wall Street, beat the banks at their own game, and made one of the boldest moves in modern finance – all while nobody was looking. At just 49 years old, his estimated net worth stands at a staggering…
Don McCarthy
  • CEO

4. Don McCarthy

Net Worth: $240 Million

From rags to riches, meet the extraordinary Don McCarthy – the British CEO who defied all odds and amassed a staggering net worth of $240 million. This captivating article takes you on an enthralling journey through the life of a self-made tycoon, revealing astonishing secrets of his success that will leave you hungry for more!…
Louis Jourdan
  • Actor

5. Louis Jourdan

Net Worth: $215 Million

The Legendary Life of Louis Jourdan: Hollywood Icon Revealed! ? ??????? Discover the captivating story behind one of Tinseltown's most glamorous leading men, Louis Jourdan! From his dazzling rise to fame to his secret fortune unraveled, this article is your all-access pass to the enigmatic world of a true silver screen legend. Prepare to be…
  • Co-Chairman of Potamkin Automotive Group Inc.

6. Alan Potamkin

Net Worth: $150 Million

Step inside the captivating world of Alan Potamkin, the trailblazing tycoon who has taken the automotive industry by storm. As the enigmatic Co-Chairman of Potamkin Automotive Group Inc., this American sensation has amassed a staggering net worth of $150 million and shows no sign of stopping. In this exclusive deep dive into his extraordinary life,…
Dirk Nowitzki
  • Athlete

7. Dirk Nowitzki

Net Worth: $150 Million

Meet Dirk Nowitzki, the German-born NBA superstar who is worth a staggering $150 million! From humble beginnings in Würzburg, Germany to an incredible 20 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks – reaching 11 All-Star appearances and one championship victory – this modern day icon has revolutionized the game of basketball. With his jaw-dropping physique and impressive...
Boris Johnson
  • Politician

8. Boris Johnson

Net Worth: $89 Million

"From politics to personal style, Boris Johnson is a man who has captivated the world’s attention. Known for his iconic blonde locks and charismatic charm, this British-American politician has become an international sensation. But there’s so much more to Boris than meets the eye! In this exclusive Vogue article, we delve into the extraordinary life…
Tom Breitling
  • President of Breitling Ventures

9. Tom Breitling

Net Worth: $80 Million

Meet Tom Breitling, the billionaire American dreamer who turned an idea into a globally renowned brand. Born on June 19, 1969 in the US, Tom Breitling is the president of Breitling Ventures and one of America's most successful entrepreneurs. His net worth stands at $80 million, but it's not just his wealth that has made…
  • Athlete

10. Jacob deGrom

Net Worth: $70 Million

Attention sports fans, get ready to learn all about the baseball superstar known for his lightning-fast pitches and All-Star performances – Jacob deGrom! This American athlete has amassed a net worth of $70 million and an impressive record on the field. But there's more to deGrom than just his stats and salary. In this exclusive…