Celebrities born on May 31

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  • Businessman

1. Ira Rennert

Net Worth: $5.1 Billion

Meet Ira Rennert, an inspiring businessperson and investor who has achieved remarkable success in both fields. Born on May 31, 1934, in the United States of America, he has earned a net worth of $5.1 billion throughout his career – a truly impressive feat! Through this article, we'll take you on a journey to discover…
Daryl Katz
  • Businessperson

2. Daryl Katz

Net Worth: $3.5 Billion

Discover the captivating life of Daryl Katz, the enigmatic Canadian tycoon who blazed a trail from humble beginnings to stratospheric success. With a net worth of $3.5 billion, this powerhouse lawyer turned business magnate is making waves across the globe. From his influential business ventures to his incredible philanthropic efforts, this mesmerizing billionaire's...
Clint Eastwood
  • Actor

3. Clint Eastwood

Net Worth: $375 Million

Clint Eastwood is an iconic American actor and film director, whose career has spanned over five decades. Born on May 31 1930 in San Francisco, he began his career as a TV actor before transitioning to movies and becoming an international star. He has been celebrated for his powerful performances in films such as Dirty…
Sebastian Koch
  • Actor

4. Sebastian Koch

Net Worth: $185 Million

From the big screen to esteemed stage productions, German heartthrob Sebastian Koch has captivated audiences worldwide with his magnetic performances and undeniable charm. With a net worth of a staggering $185 million, this enigmatic actor has not only established himself as a household name but also as an industry powerhouse. But who is the man…
Sarah Murdoch
  • Actress

5. Sarah Murdoch

Net Worth: $100 Million

Sarah Murdoch is a name that resonates in the entertainment industry. As a British actress, she has graced our screens with her talent, captivating viewers with her performances for over two decades. But there’s much more to this stunning personality than just acting – she’s also known for her philanthropic endeavors and business acumen. With…
Colin Farrell
  • Actor

6. Colin Farrell

Net Worth: $80 Million

From a teenage heartthrob to an award-winning actor, Colin Farrell's life has been nothing but extraordinary. Born on May 31, 1976, in Ireland, Farrell became a Hollywood sensation with his exceptional talent and irresistible charm. He's starred in numerous box office hits like "S.W.A.T" and "Minority Report," earning him an impressive net worth...
Darryl McDaniels
  • Actor

7. Darryl McDaniels

Net Worth: $45 Million

Darryl McDaniels, the legendary American rapper and co-founder of Run-D.M.C., is a towering figure in hip hop culture whose influence continues to shape the music today. Born in May 31, 1964, this celebrated artist has not only achieved worldwide fame as a musician but also established himself as an actor, composer, record producer and film…
Joe Namath
  • Actor

8. Joe Namath

Net Worth: $25 Million

Joe Willie Namath, legendary American football player and actor, was born on May 31st, 1943. As one of the most prominent players in NFL history and an iconic representative of the swinging 60s, Namath’s exuberant personality has captivated audiences for decades. His net worth reaches a massive $25 million today. If you want to know…
Kenny Lofton
  • Athlete

9. Kenny Lofton

Net Worth: $25 Million

Batter up, sports fanatics! Today's feature is none other than the sensational athlete, Kenny Lofton. This baseball star has earned a reputation as one of the finest center fielders to have ever graced the diamond. With an illustrious career spanning over 17 years, he has achieved feats that many players can only dream of. From…
Jordy Nelson
  • American football player

10. Jordy Nelson

Net Worth: $25 Million

Jordy Nelson is an incredible American story. Born in Kansas on May 31, 1985, this former NFL star has arguably lived the American Dream. An all-star wide receiver with over $25 Million in net worth, Jordy was a key player for the Green Bay Packers throughout his career – playing a huge part in their…