Celebrities named Nancy

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Nancy Grace
  • Commentator

11. Nancy Grace

Net Worth: $18 Million

Meet Nancy Grace: the girl-next-door made good. This pioneering lawyer, commentator, journalist, and television show host has developed a cult following thanks to her no-nonsense attitude and no holds barred stance against injustice. Born October 23rd 1959, this powerful woman went from humble beginnings to become an empire worth of $18 million! What makes Nancy…
Nancy Wilson
  • Musician

12. Nancy Wilson

Net Worth: $15 Million

From Grammy-winning melodies that have enthralled millions to her magnetic presence on stage, Nancy Wilson needs no introduction in the world of music. The iconic musician, talented songwriter, and soulful singer has captivated hearts for decades with her mesmerizing voice and infectious energy. Prepare to dive into the sensational journey of a true musical powerhouse…
Nancy Snyderman
  • Author

13. Nancy Snyderman

Net Worth: $10 Million

Meet Nancy Snyderman, America's favorite physician and journalist! She is a renowned figure in the field of medicine – known for her expertise in global health issues – as well as a well-respected author and veteran NBC News Correspondent. That's not all though; did you know that her success has earned her an estimated net…
Nancy Meyers

14. Nancy Meyers

Net Worth: $10 Million

From blockbuster films to iconic interiors, discover the captivating life of Hollywood's master storyteller – Nancy Meyers! This visionary writer and director has delighted audiences for decades with her unparalleled knack for creating heartwarming rom-coms and beautifully designed cinematic worlds. With a career spanning over four decades, Meyers has etched her...
Nancy Lopez
  • Golfer

15. Nancy Lopez

Net Worth: $10 Million

Nancy Lopez made history when she became one of the most successful women golfers in the world. Born on January 6, 1957, this American sports icon has won 48 professional tournaments and earned a net worth of $10 million. Get ready to take an inspiring insider look into the extraordinary career and life journey of…
Nancy Morgan
  • Actor

16. Nancy Morgan

Net Worth: $10 Million

Meet Nancy Morgan – the award-winning American actor taking Hollywood by storm! Born on April 1, 1949, this iconic star has taken home multiple awards and her net worth is estimated at a whopping $10 million. Renowned for her captivating performances, Nancy Morgan is dominating the acting industry today. She's becoming an inspiring figure to…
Nancy Kerrigan
  • figure skater

17. Nancy Kerrigan

Net Worth: $8 Million

Nancy Kerrigan is an American figure skating legend and one of the most celebrated athletes in history. Born on October 13, 1969, she has captured millions of hearts with her remarkable talent and captivating grace on the ice. After winning two Olympic medals (including a silver medal at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville), she…
Nancy McKeon
  • Actress

18. Nancy McKeon

Net Worth: $6 Million

Former child actress turned Hollywood royalty, Nancy McKeon, has been a familiar face on our screens for over three decades. Best known for her iconic role in the hit TV series "The Facts of Life," McKeon is a talented performer who has captured audiences worldwide with her captivating acting skills and undeniable charm. From playing…
Nancy Stafford
  • Actor

19. Nancy Stafford

Net Worth: $5 Million

Nancy Stafford is one of the most recognizable faces on TV. Born on June 5, 1954, she has a remarkable career in acting spanning over thirty years. With millions of loyal fans all around the world, Nancy is best known for her iconic smile and roles in hit series such as Matlock and St. Elsewhere.…
Nancy Heigl
  • Film Producer

20. Nancy Heigl

Net Worth: $5 Million

From Hollywood Insider to Powerhouse Producer: Get an Exclusive Peek into Nancy Heigl's Extraordinary Rise to Fame! This captivating biography will unveil the remarkable journey of Nancy Heigl, a true icon in the film industry. Renowned as an esteemed film producer and talent manager, Heigl has undeniably left her indelible mark on Tinseltown's glitziest stars....