Celebrities named Susan

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Susan Harris
  • Screenwriter

11. Susan Harris

Net Worth: $20 Million

From penning captivating storylines to producing groundbreaking television series, Susan Harris is the genius behind some of the most iconic shows in American entertainment history. With a career spanning decades and an impressive net worth of $20 million, this screenwriting maven has left an indelible mark on popular culture. In this exclusive Vogue feature, delve…
Susan Downey
  • Film Producer

12. Susan Downey

Net Worth: $20 Million

From Hollywood power player to respected film producer, Susan Downey has conquered the world of entertainment with her sheer talent and unwavering determination. Known for bringing blockbuster hits to life, this leading lady has paved a path of success that is unparalleled in the industry. But what lies behind the glitz and glamour? In this…
Susan Dey
  • Actress

13. Susan Dey

Net Worth: $10 Million

Susan Dey – the iconic actress who forever became known as Laurie Partridge, captivating audiences with her innocent beauty and undeniable talent in The Partridge Family. Now, more than four decades on since she graced our screens during the ‘70s, we’re taking a look back at her life in this exclusive biography. With a net…
Susan Anton
  • Actress

14. Susan Anton

Net Worth: $10 Million

Introducing Susan Anton, a renowned actress from the United States of America. Born on October 12, 1950, she is known for her statuesque and model-like figure and has earned around $10 million throughout her successful career in Hollywood. This article will provide an exclusive biography of one of the biggest stars in film, exploring what…
Susan Flannery
  • Actress

15. Susan Flannery

Net Worth: $9 Million

Susan Flannery is an American actress and Emmy-winner well known for her roles on CBS's hit soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Fans of the show adore Flannery's acting and regularly cite her as being one of the best characters to appear in its almost three decade-long run. With a net worth close to…
Susan Blakely
  • Actress

16. Susan Blakely

Net Worth: $8 Million

Susan Blakely is a legendary actress who rose to fame with her breakout role in the 1976 film, The Towering Inferno. She was born in Germany on September 7, 1948. Over the four decades that followed, she became one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood with an impressive résumé and a net worth of…
Susan Tedeschi
  • Musician

17. Susan Tedeschi

Net Worth: $6 Million

From the smoky blues clubs of Boston to the Grammy-winning stages, Susan Tedeschi has captivated audiences with her soulful voice and undeniably raw talent. This fearless musician, hailed as the modern queen of blues-rock, has carved a name for herself in the music industry like no other. With chart-topping albums and electrifying live performances, she…
Susan Seaforth Hayes
  • Actor

18. Susan Seaforth Hayes

Net Worth: $5 Million

Meet Susan Seaforth Hayes – a charming, iconic Hollywood icon who has captivated audiences with her glamour and grace since the early 1970s. She is most widely recognized for her roles in 'Days of Our Lives', where she has portrayed an enduring fan favourite character, Julie Anderson, for more than four decades. At 77-years-young, Susan…
  • Actor

19. Susan Howard Chrane

Net Worth: $5 Million

Meet Susan Howard Chrane – the multi-talented actress, screenwriter, and producer from Texas who has created a legacy in the entertainment industry that is worth more than $5 million. Born on January 28th, 1944, this 76-year-old dynamo is showing no signs of slowing down! She has won numerous awards for her work and has a…
Susan Silver
  • Entrepreneur

20. Susan Silver

Net Worth: $5 Million

From music mogul to business extraordinaire, Susan Silver has taken the entertainment world by storm. With a net worth of $5 million, this enigmatic entrepreneur has built an empire like no other. Get ready to delve into the captivating life and triumphs of Susan Silver as we uncover the secrets behind her meteoric rise. As…