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Travis Kalanick
  • Celebrities

1. Travis Kalanick

Net Worth: $5300 Million

From techpreneur to controversial figure, Travis Kalanick's journey has been nothing short of captivating. As the co-founder of Uber, an iconic ride-sharing giant that disrupted the taxi industry, Kalanick quickly rose to fame and amassed a staggering net worth of $5300 million. But his success story is not without its share of controversies and scandals.…
Travis Barker
  • Musician

2. Travis Barker

Net Worth: $85 Million

From the heart-pounding beats that define an era to his jaw-dropping fashion sense, Travis Barker is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry and beyond. As one of America's most influential musicians, this iconic powerhouse has become synonymous with revolutionizing modern drumming and pushing boundaries like no other. With a staggering net…
Travis VanderZanden
  • Entrepreneur

3. Travis VanderZanden

Net Worth: $70 Million

Travis VanderZanden is a modern-day Silicon Valley success story. This young entrepreneur has achieved a net worth of 70 million – and counting – through his small but nimble tech startups. Dubbed an "uberpreneur", he's been making waves in the VC world with his disruptor attitude and innovative business solutions. But there's more to this…
Travis Tritt
  • Actor

4. Travis Tritt

Net Worth: $35 Million

From humble beginnings to country music stardom, Travis Tritt has captivated audiences with his poignant lyrics and soulful voice. This iconic singer-songwriter, born on February 9, 1963, has not only made a name for himself in the music industry but has also dabbled in acting, proving his versatility as an artist. With a net worth…
Travis Hafner
  • Athlete

5. Travis Hafner

Net Worth: $26 Million

Attention all sports enthusiasts and fans of baseball! Today, we bring you an exclusive peek into the life of one of the most talented players to have graced the field – Travis Hafner. A true legend in America's favorite pastime sport, Hafner was born on June 3, 1977, in a small town in North Dakota.…
Travis Kelce
  • football tight end

6. Travis Kelce

Net Worth: $25 Million

Travis Kelce is an American football tight end and a three-time Pro Bowl selection. The 30-year old athlete is originally from Westlake, Ohio and is widely known for his impressive performance on the field as well as his fashion sense off the field with a net worth of $25 million. As one of the NFL's…
Travis Frederick
  • American football player

7. Travis Frederick

Net Worth: $16 Million

Travis Frederick is an American professional NFL player who has made a career of excellence with his talents on the field. Born in 1991, Travis has achieved immense success within the league and amassed a significant net worth of $16 million. His explosive plays on the field have earned him accolades from many of his…
Travis Pastrana
  • Motor Biking

8. Travis Pastrana

Net Worth: $15 Million

Introducing Travis Pastrana, the X-Games and motorsport champion who has pushed the boundaries of racing and motorbiking since 1983! This heartthrob's career is an inspiration to millions – from being a promising motocross racer to becoming one of Americas most celebrated racers. In this article we explore his fearless journey, from winning multiple championships...
Travis Fine
  • Actor

9. Travis Fine

Net Worth: $14 Million

Travis Fine: The Hollywood Heartthrob Who's Captivated Audiences and Amassed a Fortune!" Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible charm and talent of Travis Fine, the dashing leading man taking Tinseltown by storm. Best known for his mesmerizing performances on both the silver screen and television, this Hollywood heartthrob has become a true icon in…
Travis Stork
  • Actor

10. Travis Stork

Net Worth: $8 Million

Travis Stork is an American celebrity and physician, who has made a name for himself in both fields. Born on March 9, 1972, he is best known as the Emmy Award-winning host of the daily talk show The Doctors. With his captivating presence and broad knowledge in medicine, Travis is also one of the most…