Celebrities who are 195 cm or 6′4″ tall

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Carson Palmer
  • Athlete

1. Carson Palmer

Net Worth: $90 Million

Carson Palmer is the prototypical American success story. He's a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback, one of only eight professional football players to reach the $90 million career earning mark, and an icon for generations of aspiring athletes. In this exclusive magazine feature, we take you on a journey from Carson's modest childhood in California to…
Jim Thome
  • Athlete

2. Jim Thome

Net Worth: $80 Million

Get ready to step up to the plate with one of baseball's all-time greatest hitters, Jim Thome. His name has become synonymous with power and determination, as he smashed an incredible 612 home runs during his career. But there's much more to this legendary athlete than just his impressive stats. This article takes a closer…
Jason Schmidt
  • Actor

3. Jason Schmidt

Net Worth: $45 Million

He's the Pakistani actor who has captured our hearts and taken Hollywood by storm. With a net worth of $45 million, Jason Schmidt is living proof that hard work and dedication pay off. From his early days on stage to his breakout role in a blockbuster hit, this leading man has earned his place as…
Kerry Wood
  • Athlete

4. Kerry Wood

Net Worth: $40 Million

From pitching a perfect game as a rookie to retiring with an impressive 1,582 strikeouts, Kerry Wood's career in baseball has been nothing short of legendary. But what many don't know is the incredible story behind the man himself. In this must-read article, we delve deep into the life and times of one of America's…
Derrek Lee
  • Athlete

5. Derrek Lee

Net Worth: $30 Million

From hitting homeruns to conquering hearts, Derrek Lee has left an undeniable impact on the world of baseball. Born on September 6, 1975, in Sacramento, California, this American athlete is a force to be reckoned with. Known for his powerful swings and impressive fielding skills, Derrek's career boasts numerous accolades and milestones that cemented his…
Dan Haren
  • Athlete

6. Dan Haren

Net Worth: $26 Million

Step into the world of one of Major League Baseball's most successful pitchers, Dan Haren. From humble beginnings in California to stardom on the diamond, this athlete has charmed fans and critics alike with his winning attitude both on and off the field. With a net worth of $26 million, Haren is more than just…
Fernando Llorente
  • Athlete

7. Fernando Llorente

Net Worth: $25 Million

From conquering the football field to winning hearts worldwide, Fernando Llorente has become a sensation in the world of sports. This charismatic athlete, born on February 26, 1985, has captivated fans with his astonishing skills and undeniable charm. Renowned for his goal-scoring prowess and towering presence on the pitch, Llorente's journey to success is nothing…
Chris Berman
  • Radio Sportscaster

8. Chris Berman

Net Worth: $20 Million

From the dazzling world of sports broadcasting comes a legendary figure who has redefined the art of play-by-play commentary. Brace yourself, because we're about to delve into the captivating life and career of none other than Chris Berman! With a voice that could make your heart skip a beat and statistics at his fingertips, this…
Fess Parker
  • Actor

9. Fess Parker

Net Worth: $20 Million

Fess Parker was a Hollywood actor and winemaker who achieved household stardom in the 1950s. Born on August 16, 1924, he rose to fame with his titular role as Davy Crockett in 1954's ‘Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier’ and went on to become an immortal figure among TV audiences. Apart from his acting…
Peter Hermann
  • Actor

10. Peter Hermann

Net Worth: $20 Million

Peter Hermann is a highly talented and successful American actor, best known for his extensive work on TV, including memorably playing Charles Brooks in NBC's hit show "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and his starring role in the TV Land series "Younger". With countless accolades, awards and over twenty years of experience in the…