Richest Astronauts of all time

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Alan Shepard
  • Astronaut

1. Alan Shepard

Net Worth: $50 Million

Step into the world of one of history's greatest adventure seekers – American astronaut, United States Naval Aviator, and pilot Alan Shepard! Born on November 18th, 1923 to an affluent family in Derry, New Hampshire, Shepard has achieved worldwide fame for his daring adventures in space. With a net worth estimated at $50 million dollars,…
Neil Armstrong
  • Aerospace Engineer

2. Neil Armstrong

Net Worth: $8 Million

Meet Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon and one of history's most beloved figures. Dubbed "The Astronaut Who Changed History," his courage and resilience have inspired generations around the globe. If you're looking for an inspiring story of grit, ambition, and success against all odds, look no further! This article is…
John Glenn
  • Astronaut

3. John Glenn

Net Worth: $5 Million

John Glenn, born in 1921, is the legendary American astronaut best known for being the first human to orbit Earth. He has become an icon of America's space achievements – he was part of NASA's Mercury Seven group, who were considered America's pioneers in space exploration. As if this wasn't enough, John Glenn also served…
Eugene Cernan
  • Astronaut

4. Eugene Cernan

Net Worth: $5 Million

Eugene Cernan is a legend among adventurers. Born in 1934, this American astronaut achieved an immense level of fame for becoming the last person to step off the Moon during NASA's Apollo 17 mission and making history. Not only did his brave and daring deeds captivate audiences around the globe, but he also reached new…
Jim Lovell
  • Astronaut

5. Jim Lovell

Net Worth: $2 Million

Step back in time to the heroic story of Jim Lovell – one of NASA’s most decorated heroes. Born on March 25, 1928, this American astronaut made history throughout his lifetime and is credited with some of mankind’s greatest space achievements. From walking on the Moon in Apollo 13 to designing the first manned mission…
Mae Jemison
  • Astronaut

6. Mae Jemison

Net Worth: $2 Million

Meet Mae Jemison, the scientist-astronaut who is considered an inspiration for generations to come. A brilliant woman with an outstanding career, she has been recording successes and achievements in every field of work that she pursues. From a physician to an engineer, from a professor to a businesswoman and finally an astronaut – her story…
James Voss
  • Astronaut

7. James Voss

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Meet James Voss, an inspiring American astronaut and engineer who has helped create a new golden age of space exploration! Born on March 3, 1949, James is a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. From his successful mission to the International Space Station to becoming the first astronaut in…
Scott Kelly
  • Astronaut

8. Scott Kelly

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

Meet Scott Kelly: America's Bravest Astronaut and Flight Engineer. Best known for his extraordinary service to the US space program, Scott is also credited with raising awareness around mental health and inspiring a new generation of star-chasers. With over 20 years of service, 6 months in space, 5k+ hours flying time, and an incredible net…