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Scott Kelly
Full name: Scott Kelly
Birthday: February 21, 1964
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Net Worth: $500 Thousand

Meet Scott Kelly: America's Bravest Astronaut and Flight Engineer. Best known for his extraordinary service to the US space program, Scott is also credited with raising awareness around mental health and inspiring a new generation of star-chasers.

With over 20 years of service, 6 months in space, 5k+ hours flying time, and an incredible net worth of 500 thousand dollars – this man is sure to turn heads! In this exclusive interview with VOGUE Magazine – we take you inside Scott Kelly's life story to discover how one astronaut achieved such incredible heights through dedication, ambition and hard work!

Read on to learn more about why he was chosen for the role of a lifetime…

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Where Is Scott Kelly From and Where Was Scott Kelly Born

Scott Kelly is an American astronaut and flight engineer born in Orange, California, on February 21, 1964. For nearly two decades, he has been dedicated to serving his country’s space program including a 340-day stay onboard the International Space Station in 2015-2016.

His long mission made him the US record holder for longest uninterrupted spaceflight. Known as "the Spaceman of our Time" by renowned publications like Vogue Magazine and Vanity Fair, Scott Kelly continues to push boundaries as a scientist and public figure.

Despite retiring from active duty in 2016, he still works with NASA scientists studying the effects of long term space missions on human biology - inspiring generations of aspiring astronauts with his courage and fortitude. His perseverance has earned him numerous awards throughout his career such as The National Space Trophy; proving that there are no limits when it comes to achieving our dreams.

How Old is Scott Kelly? Scott Kelly Age and Birthday Info

Scott Kelly is 59 years old. He was born on February 21, 1964 in Orange, California, and has since become an iconic astronaut and flight engineer.

His impressive career span has included four space flights—two of which have lasted over a year each—and six spacewalks totaling 38 hours and 46 minutes. These incredible feats have successfully made Kelly the American record holder for most cumulative time in space!

Talk about high-flying goals! From West Point graduate to successful NASA mission lead, his life is nothing short of remarkable.

Even more remarkable? At age 50 he became the first astronaut to document his journey into space through social media.

It's no wonder that this veteran outer space explorer continues to soar both inside and outside the great beyond!

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What is Scott Kelly’s Zodiac Sign

Scott Kelly is a Pisces, born February 21, 1964. As a devoted Piscean, he has both the compassion and creativity to be a successful astronaut and flight engineer.

He loves dreaming and being in his own creative space when planning missions. Prone to daydreaming, this zodiac sign helps Scott stay focused on the objectives of each space mission he takes part in or leads.

He often relies on intuition and gut feelings when making decisions that could mean life or death for himself or those around him. With so much responsibility entrusted to him, having the calmness of a Piscean allows Scott to think through all angles before proceeding with an action plan.

His sensitivity also helps him communicate effectively with other astronauts while they’re working together in such close quarters as during their spacewalks under extreme temperatures outside Earth’s atmosphere. All these qualities combined make Scott Kelly an exceptional leader among astronauts and one that many strive to emulate when starting out their career in space exploration!

Scott Kelly Net Worth and Earnings

Scott Kelly's net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand. Astronaut and flight engineer Scott Kelly has had an extraordinary career; when it comes to exploring the unknown, he has no boundaries.

His mission in the space industry began with his selection as a Candidate for NASA Astronaut Corps on April 9, 1996 and from there his career skyrocketed. Over his 27-year journey, he more than doubled the amount of time that any human has spent in space and held three assignments aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

During this period he also undertook multiple missions on board Shuttle Endeavour as a part of ISS Assembly Flights STS-103, STS-118 and STS-134. The culmination of these achievements leave Kelly with an impressive total of 520 days logged in outer space - something only a few people have been able to accomplish.

He was instrumental in advancing our knowledge surrounding long duration spaceflight during this time and now holds consulting roles with numerous organizations globally while maintaining his $500 thousand net worth.

Scott Kelly Nationality and Ethnicity

Scott Kelly is an American astronaut and flight engineer of American nationality and ethnicity. The strength, bravery and intelligence that Scott embodies as an American have been integral to his professional successes in pushing the boundaries of exploration.

His career as a record-breaking astronaut has served as a powerful reminder that no matter how ambitious the vision, hard work, resilience and commitment can carry you anywhere. As a source of inspiration for both young Americans everywhere, Scott's journey has become iconic in its own right—showing us all that anything is possible with passion and persistence.

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Scott Kelly Body Measurements

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