Richest Business Executives of all time

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1. Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila

Net Worth: $13.5 Billion

Meet the man who is making waves in the business world: Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila. Born February 13, 1977, this US financier and business executive has a net worth of an estimated $13.5 billion USD. A veteran entrepreneur with experience in Latin American investments and venture capital, Alejandro is making his mark on the industry…
Stephen Bisciotti
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2. Stephen Bisciotti

Net Worth: $4 Billion

Meet Stephen Bisciotti – FBI's 'Businessman of the Year' and the man behind one of the most successful franchises in the National Football League. His journey to becoming a billionaire entrepreneur was full of pitfalls, but with sheer dedication and determination, he managed to turn his dreams into reality. The 60-year-old comes from humble beginnings…
Chris Larsen
  • Angel investor

3. Chris Larsen

Net Worth: $2 Billion

Introducing Chris Larsen – the American business executive, angel investor and crypto billionaire. With a net worth of $2 Billion, Chris is one of the wealthiest individuals in America with an impressive legacy achieving peak success in both business and finance. His career is full of success stories that range from founding various fintech startups…
Ferdinand Piech
  • Automobile engineer

4. Ferdinand Piech

Net Worth: $1 Billion

Ferdinand Piech was an influential Austrian automobile engineer and business executive who left a mark on the industry. As chairman of Volkswagen Group, he pushed it to become one of the world’s largest companies in terms of market capitalization. Piech’s net worth reached 1 billion dollars at its peak, while also making him one of…
Albert del Rosario
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5. Albert del Rosario

Net Worth: $657 Million

From the corridors of power to the boardrooms of success, Albert del Rosario has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with. As one of the most influential leaders in the Philippines, this business executive turned politician has captivated hearts and minds with his inspiring journey to success. With a…
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6. Lee Amaitis

Net Worth: $600 Million

From Wall Street to the world of glamour and high stakes, Lee Amaitis has become an undeniable force to be reckoned with. This business executive has amassed a staggering net worth of $600 million, captivating both American and British markets with his unparalleled success. But who is the man behind the wealth? In this gripping…
Amo Houghton
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7. Amo Houghton

Net Worth: $475 Million

Amo Houghton, born on August 7th 1926 and a true American icon, is an illustrious business executive, politician and philanthropist. He has an estimated net worth of 475 million and is the epitome of success in both his personal and professional life. In addition to being known for his key role as former CEO at…
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8. Roxanne Quimby

Net Worth: $400 Million

Roxanne Quimby, the extraordinary entrepreneur and business executive with a staggering net worth of $400 million, is making history once again. Born on July 11th 1950 in the US, she's famous for her innovative vision that has disrupted markets around the world. With her various holdings and multiple charitable donations, Roxanne Quimby is living proof…
Satya Nadella
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9. Satya Nadella

Net Worth: $387 Million

From a small town in India to leading one of the world's most valuable companies, Satya Nadella's extraordinary journey is as awe-inspiring as it is glamorous. This captivating article takes you behind the scenes of his remarkable rise to fame and fortune, revealing the secrets to his success and the intriguing twists that shaped him…
Joe Lacob
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10. Joe Lacob

Net Worth: $325 Million

American business executive Joe Lacob is an inspirational success story. Born on January 10, 1956, he was able to build a net worth of $325 million by creating revolutionary new investments and leveraging his background in venture capital. But that’s only the start of why this magnate should be seen as an example for all…