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Ferdinand Piech
Full name: Ferdinand Piech
Birthday: April 17, 1937
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Net Worth: $1 Billion

Ferdinand Piech was an influential Austrian automobile engineer and business executive who left a mark on the industry. As chairman of Volkswagen Group, he pushed it to become one of the world’s largest companies in terms of market capitalization.

Piech’s net worth reached 1 billion dollars at its peak, while also making him one of Europe's most successful businessmen. In this article you will discover the incredible story behind Ferdinand Piech’s rise to success.

From his humble beginnings as an automobile engineer in his native Austria, all the way to becoming chairman and CEO of Volkswagen Group – we will explore how his ambition and hard work made him a household name within the international automotive industry! Your curiosity is already piqued – so come find out what feats Ferdinand achieved that made him one of Europe's wealthiest people!

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Where Is Ferdinand Piech From and Where Was Ferdinand Piech Born

Ferdinand Piech was born in Vienna, Austria on April 17, 1937. Today, he is viewed as one of the most influential figures in the automotive industry and holds a special place in the world's business elite.

With a revolutionary vision for the future of automobiles, Piech rose to prominence at Volkswagen AG where he served as Chairman until 2015. Under his leadership, Volkswagen changed from being a company that produced dependable but unremarkable cars into an international powerhouse renowned for its innovative engineering and adventurous design.

Piech has also been instrumental in revitalizing Porsche and Audi while expanding VW’s global reach into India, China and Russia. This remarkable career trajectory culminated with him receiving numerous awards including the Grand Decoration of Honour from his native Austria along with honors from Germany’s Economics Ministry and even Japan’s Emperor himself!

Today at 86 years old, Ferdinand Piech's bold ideas are still driving change across multiple industries as companies around the world strive to imitate his success—an unmistakable trait for an icon who continues to defy both age and convention alike by staying on top of all new developments even well into his eighties.

How Old is Ferdinand Piech? Ferdinand Piech Age and Birthday Info

Ferdinand Piech is 86 years old, born in Vienna, Austria on April 17th 1937. A titan of the automotive industry, Ferdinand Piech's career defines a twofold legacy: that of a skilled engineer and of an ambitious business leader.

What began as his dream to fulfill Joseph Stalin's call for creating a people’s car in Germany - despite strong opposition - would later become one of the most successful businesses in history: Volkswagen. Piech's technical brilliance combined with his visionary leadership propel Volkswagen into becoming what it is today - one of the world’s biggest auto companies for both passenger vehicles and commercial transport.

Despite stepping down from their executive board after almost 20 years at helm in 2015, Mr Piech — now 86 and living comfortably outside Salzburg, Austria — continues tutoring aspiring engineers while giving back to education initiatives across Europe. He will forever remain remembered as a pioneer who pushed boundaries while transforming industries around him.

Undoubtedly, Mr Piech will be unforgettable!

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What is Ferdinand Piech’s Zodiac Sign

Ferdinand Piech was born on April 17 1937, which makes him an Aries. For a business executive and automobile engineer such as himself, Aries is a great sign to have - it's all about ambition and the drive to push forward no matter what.

He has had the determination to be successful in his career, proving that astrology can often reflect people's lives in many different ways. With his fiery passion for motorsport engineering, sharp eye for detail and unbridled ambition, Ferdinand Piech has pushed boundaries both in industry and life.

His knack for problem solving combined with the natural leadership of an Arian make it easy to see why he reached dizzying heights of success throughout his illustrious career as an automotive engineer and business executive.

Ferdinand Piech Net Worth and Earnings

Ferdinand Piech, the 86-year-old automobile engineer and business executive, has a net worth of $1 billion. Piech built his fortune as CEO and Chairman of Volkswagen Group for two decades as well as through investments in the automotive industry.

He is known for reviving the fortunes of carmaker Audi in the 1990s, and leading VW's expansion into more than 30 international markets around the world. During his tenure, Porsche AG was acquired by Volkswagen Group, earning him further fame and recognition — but also controversy due to his autocratic style of leadership.

Today, at age 86, Piech maintains considerable stakes in Volkswagen despite having resigned from its board several years ago. With a net worth now estimated at over $1 billion dollars, he stands among Europe's wealthiest men and is widely admired for transforming commodities like cars into lasting works of art that defy definitions such as class or status.

Ferdinand Piech Nationality and Ethnicity

Ferdinand Piech was an Austrian automobile engineer and business executive. His nationality and ethnicity were both Austrian.

Piech's success in the automotive industry is credited, at least partially, to his Austrian roots. The locally-known car historian from Vienna had a deep understanding of the Autobahn culture, which led him to be appointed as chairman of Volkswagen Group in 1993.

His lifelong passion for cars placed Austria on the global map as a major player in the automobile engineering sector. Even after he retired from VW in 2015, Ferdinand Piech was recognized as one of Austria's most influential figures with a lasting legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

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