Richest Martial Artists of all time

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  • Actor

11. Jeff Speakman

Net Worth: $10 Million

Jeff Speakman is the epitome of a modern-day action hero. With countless blockbuster hits, martial arts credentials and an enduring presence in Hollywood, he has captivated audiences around the world for nearly 30 years. The 58-year-old actor, producer and black belt 10th dan kenpo karate champion has achieved success both onscreen and offscreen – with…
Tatchakorn Yeerum
  • Actor

12. Tatchakorn Yeerum

Net Worth: $10 Million

Meet Tatchakorn Yeerum, the martial arts master who has taken Hollywood by storm. This renowned Thai actor, producer, and choreographer is often referred to as Thailand's Jackie Chan for his incredible physical feats in films like Ong-Bak (2003) and Tom Yum Goong (2005). With a net worth of $10 million and a reputation as one…
Zoltan Bathory
  • Entrepreneur

13. Zoltan Bathory

Net Worth: $9 Million

From shredding on the strings to dominating the business world, Zoltan Bathory is a force to be reckoned with. This multi-talented maestro has conquered the music industry as the guitarist and songwriter for the internationally acclaimed heavy metal band, Five Finger Death Punch. But his talents don't stop there – this charismatic superstar also boasts…
Urijah Faber
  • Actor

14. Urijah Faber

Net Worth: $8 Million

Urijah Faber is a powerful force in the world of mixed martial arts and acting – but his impact doesn’t end there. With an estimated net worth of 8 million dollars, this American-born martial artist is living proof that hard work pays off. Born on May 14th, 1979, Urijah started his career as a professional…
Michael Jai White
  • Actor

15. Michael Jai White

Net Worth: $7 Million

From breaking stereotypes to becoming a renowned actor and martial artist, Michael Jai White has taken the world by storm with his incredible talent and triumphs. As one of Hollywood's most celebrated icons, he has made a mark in the industry with his dynamic performances and larger-than-life personality. But who is this man behind the…
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16. Sho Kosugi

Net Worth: $6 Million

From martial arts prowess to silver screen success, Sho Kosugi has captivated audiences worldwide with his extraordinary talent and electrifying presence. Born on June 17, 1948, in Japan, this iconic figure has become a true legend in the entertainment industry. With an impressive net worth of $6 million, Sho's journey from dojo to Hollywood is…
Brandon Lee
  • Actor

17. Brandon Lee

Net Worth: $5 Million

Discover the amazing life story of Brandon Lee, one of the most talented and beloved martial artist and actor in film history. With a net worth of $5 million, he is one of the most iconic stars from the 1980s that still has an impact on popular culture today! From his rise to fame in…
Mirko Cro Cop
  • Martial Artist

18. Mirko Cro Cop

Net Worth: $5 Million

Meet Mirko Cro Cop, the Croatian martial artist, professional boxer, and politician who has taken his home country by storm. As one of Croatia's notable figures, he's known for his athleticism and prowess in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He has also served as a Representative to the Croatian Parliament from 2011-2016. With an impressive net…
Iko Uwais
  • Actor

19. Iko Uwais

Net Worth: $4 Million

This article is about Iko Uwais’s inspiring life story and why he deserves to be recognized as a modern action film legend. Born in Indonesian on February 12, 1983, Iko Uwais has built an impressive career from his incredible martial arts talent, to acting in major movies and choreographing fight scenes. But before finding fame…
Renzo Gracie
  • Coach

20. Renzo Gracie

Net Worth: $3 Million

Renzo Gracie is a Brazilian martial artist, coach, and member of the famous Gracie family. With an impressive career spanning more than 25 years, Renzo has become one of the most respected figures in MMA. He was inducted into UFC's Hall Of Fame in 2013 due to his outstanding accomplishments as a coach and fighter…