Richest Martial Artists of all time

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Renzo Gracie
  • Coach

21. Renzo Gracie

Net Worth: $3 Million

Renzo Gracie is a Brazilian martial artist, coach, and member of the famous Gracie family. With an impressive career spanning more than 25 years, Renzo has become one of the most respected figures in MMA. He was inducted into UFC's Hall Of Fame in 2013 due to his outstanding accomplishments as a coach and fighter…
Don Frye
  • Actor

22. Don Frye

Net Worth: $2 Million

Meet Don Frye: The Ultimate American Action Hero. Among his many talents, he is an actor, stunt-performer, wrestler, martial artist and voice actor – making him the epitome of masculinity and the ideal action hero for all generations. With an impressive net worth of $2 million, this iconic Hollywood hero has certainly earned his stripes.…
Bo Svenson
  • Actor

23. Bo Svenson

Net Worth: $2 Million

Are you looking for an entertaining and inspiring story of a real-life action hero? Then Bo Svenson is the answer! The 79-year old American actor, film director, producer, writer, soldier, martial artist and athlete has had one of the most incredible careers ever. With over 200 roles on his IMDB profile – from being part…
  • Actor

24. Frank Dux

Net Worth: $1 Million

Frank Dux is an American screenwriter, actor and martial artist who has built a multi-million dollar net worth from his storied career. Born on July 13th 1956, Frank has dazzled audiences as one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood. He's also known for his prolific work as a screenwriter, having written and produced multiple…
Bill Wallace
  • Actor

25. Bill Wallace

Net Worth: $700 Thousand

Introducing Bill Wallace, a martial artist and actor whose remarkable achievements made him one of the most inspiring figures in American history. Born on December 1st, 1945, he has risen to become an icon of achievement and strength. With a net worth of $700 thousand, it’s no wonder that this legend continues to attract attention…
David Carradine
  • Actor

26. David Carradine

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

David Carradine, the American actor, martial artist, musician, and multi-talented producer/director left behind a storied legacy that has captivated audiences for decades. Best known for his role in the 1970s TV series 'Kung Fu' as well as critically acclaimed performances in films like 'Bound For Glory', and Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill'...
Mark Kerr
  • Athlete

27. Mark Kerr

Net Worth: $400 Thousand

Meet Mark Kerr, the legendary American wrestler and martial artist — a sports icon who has made an impact in countless lives! Born on December 21, 1968 in the United States of America, this professional warrior is known for his amazing strength and agility. With a net worth of $400 thousand, he is one of…
Evan Tanner
  • Martial Artist

28. Evan Tanner

Net Worth: $400 Thousand

Evan Tanner was an American martial artist who made a name for himself with entertaining fights, championship titles, and passion for teaching. This former UFC middleweight champion achieved success at every level, from amateur kickboxing to professional Mixed Martial Arts. With a long list of accolades and achievements, Tanner's determination and commitment to his craft...
Austin St. John
  • Actor

29. Austin St. John

Net Worth: $300 Thousand

Meeting Austin St. John is like meeting a real-life superhero! Born on September 17, 1975, he is an American actor, martial artist and emergency medical technician who gained worldwide fame for his role as Jason Lee Scott in the 90s hit show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But this incredible man has far more talent than…
Ernie Reyes
  • Actor

30. Ernie Reyes, Jr.

Net Worth: $300 Thousand

Actor and Martial Arts superstar Ernie Reyes, Jr. is a man of many talents. From stunt-acting to producing films and writing screenplays, the award-winning entertainer has made an impact on Hollywood over the past two decades with his unique style of action film artistry. Get ready for a deep dive into this actor’s story—from humble…