Richest Olympians of all time

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Eileen Gu
  • Athlete

1. Eileen Gu

Net Worth: $32 Million

The world of sports has a new star, and it's Eileen Gu! She started competing in the Olympics at the tender age of 17, with her already impressive $32 million net worth. Born on September 3rd, 2003 in America to Chinese parents, she is undoubtedly one of the most talented athletes today. From winning hundreds…
Jennifer Katharine Gates
  • Athlete

2. Jennifer Katharine Gates

Net Worth: $20 Million

Jennifer Katharine Gates is not your average athlete. As the daughter of the world-renown philanthropist Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, she was born into a life unparalleled to most people. But make no mistake, despite her privileged upbringing, Jennifer has set out to make her own mark on the world and succeeded as…
Shang Chunsong
  • Athlete

3. Shang Chunsong

Net Worth: $10 Million

Shang Chunsong is a sensational and talented Chinese Olympian who has been inspiring the world with her grace, poise, and spectacular performances since winning the bronze medal at Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Games in 2016. She has achieved tremendous success as an athlete, earning a net worth of $10 million along the way. At only…
Ekaterina Gordeeva
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4. Ekaterina Gordeeva

Net Worth: $10 Million

Ekaterina Gordeeva is a world renowned Russian figure skater, best known for her two Olympic gold medals in pairs skating. Aged only 24 when she won her second gold medal, Ekaterina made Olympics history as the youngest female to ever win two golds! She retired from competitive ice skating in 1998 and published a memoir…
Inaki Urdangarin
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5. Inaki Urdangarin

Net Worth: $10 Million

Inaki Urdangarin, the champion Olympian and Andalusian native, is a man of many accomplishments. Born on January 15th, 1968 in Palmar de Troya (Andalusia), Urdangarin has represented Spain in fencing at three Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. With his winning streak and wise business choices that resulted in an estimated net…
Shoaib Akhtar
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6. Shoaib Akhtar

Net Worth: $8 Million

Shoaib Akhtar is the epitome of an international star. One of the most famous Olympians, he is known as the "Rawalpindi Express" due to his speed on the pitch. Born in 1975, his sports career began at a young age and continued to grow over time until it peaked with him becoming one of the…
Yuna Kim
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7. Yuna Kim

Net Worth: $8 Million

South Korea's sweetheart and international ice skating sensation, Yuna Kim, has stolen the hearts of millions around the world. Born on September 5th, 1990 in Bucheon, South Korea, this Olympian made her name known through her outstanding performances at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. With an estimated net worth…
Jimmy Houston
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8. Jimmy Houston

Net Worth: $6 Million

Meet Jimmy Houston–Olympians and millionaire! This former track and field athlete's inspiring rise to success is a story worth knowing. From humble beginnings, he managed to reach the dizzying heights of the Olympic games, then went on to amass an incredible net worth of six million dollars. As if that wasn't enough, his incredible work…
Eunice Barber
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9. Eunice Barber

Net Worth: $5 Million

Eunice Barber, the amazing Sierra Leonean Olympic legend, is a woman who knows how to reach new heights and leave her opponents in awe. Born on November 17, 1974, she has achieved record-breaking success as an athlete and is now worth 5 million dollars. From gold medals to world records, Eunice has achieved it all!…
Elaine Thompson
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10. Elaine Thompson

Net Worth: $4 Million

Introducing Elaine Thompson, one of the world's most successful Olympians and a true inspiration to everyone in pursuit of greatness. Born on June 28th, 1992 in Jamaica, she has turned her passion for running into a solid career worth $4 million. Lauded by critics and fans alike for her speed and dedication to achieving gold…