Richest Sports commentators of all time

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Phyllis George
  • Actor

1. Phyllis George

Net Worth: $100 Million

Meet Phyllis George, an iconic figure of the 20th century! She's a businessperson, TV journalist, sports commentator and actor who has reached unprecedented heights over the course of her career. A native Texan born in 1949, she is now considered one of America's most influential women with a net worth estimated at $100 million. From…
John Tesh
  • Actor

2. John Tesh

Net Worth: $35 Million

From piano prodigy to multi-talented superstar, prepare to be captivated by the incredible life of John Tesh! ? ?? ?✨ With a career spanning across music, sports commentary, acting, and journalism, this enigmatic Renaissance man has become a household name across America. ? ??????????? Join us as we delve into the extraordinary journey of an…
Kenny Smith
  • Actor

3. Kenny Smith

Net Worth: $22 Million

Introducing one of the hottest personalities in the world right now – Kenny Smith! Born on March 8, 1965, this multi-talented American has made a name for himself as an outstanding basketball player, sports commentator and actor. With a staggering net worth of $22 million and a successful career spanning over three decades, Smith's life…
Bill Walton
  • Actor

4. Bill Walton

Net Worth: $20 Million

Bill Walton is a living legend. The American sports icon has achieved incredible success in both his professional and personal life. Born on November 5th, 1952, the basketball player-turned-commentator has amassed an enviable net worth of $20 million over the course of his career. But Bill Walton's illustrious history goes far beyond finances. With numerous…
David Hobbs
  • Actor

5. David Hobbs

Net Worth: $20 Million

Get your engines revved up for a glimpse into the life and career of David Hobbs, one of the most iconic racing drivers, actors, sports commentators and voice actors in Britain. Born on June 9th 1939, he's been making waves in the industry since his debut – whether burning rubber on the track or lending…
Dick Vitale
  • Coach

6. Dick Vitale

Net Worth: $20 Million

Meet Dick Vitale, an American sports commentator and former NCAA basketball coach, who has made a name for himself in the field of basketball. Born on June 9, 1939 in East Rutherford, New Jersey to Italian immigrant parents, he is not just famous for his profession but also renowned for his strong character and personality.…
Ernie Johnson Jr
  • Sports commentator

7. Ernie Johnson Jr

Net Worth: $16 Million

He's the Emmy Award-winning sports commentator who has taken the world by storm – Ernie Johnson Jr. With a career spanning over three decades, Ernie has become a household name in the world of sports broadcasting and is widely regarded as one of the most influential people in his field today. From hosting TNT's "Inside…
Bill Goldberg
  • Actor

8. Bill Goldberg

Net Worth: $16 Million

Bill Goldberg is a celebrated American wrestler, actor, former football player, sports commentator, entrepreneur and author with a net worth of $16 million. He's also been the host of his own TV show. Born in 1966 and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma, this living legend has earned himself international fame over the years as one of…
Jon Runyan
  • American football player

9. Jon Runyan

Net Worth: $16 Million

Introducing John Runyan, a true American success story with a net worth of $16 million dollars! The former American football player, sportscaster and politician -truly a jack-of-all trades- is famous for his extraordinary career accomplishments. Born on November 27th 1973 in Detroit Michigan, Runyan has been able to experience victory both on the playing field…
Dick Enberg
  • Actor

10. Dick Enberg

Net Worth: $16 Million

Introducing Dick Enberg – the sporting figure and celebrity who graced America’s sports arenas for more than six decades. Born on January 9, 1935, his career spanned multiple generations and built a net worth of $16 million. If you know anything about popular culture, chances are you’ve seen or heard him at some point in…