Richest Strategists of all time

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Ross Brawn
  • Engineer

1. Ross Brawn

Net Worth: $150 Million

Ross Brawn, the legendary British engineer and strategist, is one of those people who make a breakthrough in sports history. He's made an immense influence on Formula One and helped to create some of the biggest teams in motorsports from scratch. That's why his story deserves to be told! Born November 23rd, 1954, Ross has…
Dick Morris
  • Author

2. Dick Morris

Net Worth: $4 Million

He's a man of many talents, sharp wit and quick intelligence. He is the one that political experts turn to for advice and insights. Dick Morris is a veteran American author, commentator, consultant, strategist with an impressive estimated net worth of $4 million. From his bestselling books to convincing campaigns he has been instrumental in…
Donna Brazile
  • Strategist

3. Donna Brazile

Net Worth: $3 Million

Donna Brazile is an American strategist making waves with her impressive and extensive career. Celebrated as the first African-American woman to run a major U.S presidential campaign, Donna's story of hard work, determination and success is one that needs to be heard – and what better place than in our glamorous magazine? Born on December…