Celebrities who are 98 years old

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Michele Ferrero
  • Business man

1. Michele Ferrero

Net Worth: $25 Billion

Michele Ferrero, the Italian business mogul and billionaire, is a symbol of the ultimate success story. Born on April 26, 1925, his commitment to excellence and innovation has taken him from humble beginnings to become one of the wealthiest people in the world with an estimated net worth of $25 billion. This iconic entrepreneur had…
Serge Dassault
  • Businessman

2. Serge Dassault

Net Worth: $22.5 Billion

Serge Dassault was born on April 4, 1925, and is one of France's most celebrated entrepreneurs, politicians and businesspeople. With a net worth estimated at $22.5 billion, Serge has been an iconic figure in the French economy since the 1950s. He made headlines worldwide with his philanthropic endeavors, noteworthy accomplishments as a municipal councilor in...
Henry Sy
  • Richest Billionaires

3. Henry Sy

Net Worth: $19 Billion

Henry Sy, the Philippine's richest billionaire and one of the world's greatest business figures, is the perfect example of a self-made man. Born in December 1924, his remarkable career took off from humble beginnings as a shoe store owner. With his ambition, strong work ethic and keen eye for investment opportunities, he singlehandedly built an…
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
  • King of Saudi Arabia

4. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Net Worth: $18 Billion

From rags to riches, meet the enigmatic ruler who redefined Arabian opulence. Introducing King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the legendary stalwart of Saudi Arabia's throne. Born on August 1, 1924, this visionary monarch captivated hearts and minds during his reign as king of one of the world's wealthiest nations. With a net worth of…
King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz
  • Politician

5. King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz

Net Worth: $18 Billion

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz is a legendary figure in the world of politics. Born on August 1, 1924, he was the former King of Saudi Arabia and Commander of the National Guard. Over his reign, beginning in 2005 until 2015 when he passed away at aged 90, he has accomplished so much for the…
Maurice Greenberg
  • Businessman

6. Maurice Greenberg

Net Worth: $3.5 Billion

From humble beginnings to a billionaire empire, get ready to uncover the mesmerizing tale of Maurice Greenberg! This enigmatic businessman and former CEO has captured the world's attention with his unparalleled success. Born on May 4, 1925, in the United States, Greenberg's ascent from rags to riches will leave you utterly spellbound. With a net…
  • Businessman

7. Kunio Busujima

Net Worth: $3 Billion

Kunio Busujima is a renowned Japanese businessperson and one of the original tycoons of modern Japan. He has an astounding net worth of $3 billion, making him one of the wealthiest people in Asia. His success began with his humble beginnings in April 1, 1925 and grew it to become a massive conglomerate including real…
S. Daniel Abraham
  • Businessman

8. S. Daniel Abraham

Net Worth: $2 Billion

Meet S. Daniel Abraham, one of the wealthiest businessmen in the United States. At a staggering net worth of $2 billion, he is an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs! Born on August 15th 1924, this 96-year old mogul has built an impressive portfolio over his lifetime – but there's more to the story than meets…
William Ford Sr
  • Businessman

9. William Ford Sr

Net Worth: $1.25 Billion

William Ford Sr: The Billionaire Businessman Who Revolutionized the Automotive Industry. Prepare to be inspired by the extraordinary life story of William Ford Sr, a true American icon and visionary leader. With an impressive net worth of $1.25 billion, this self-made billionaire has not only left an indelible mark on the business world but also…
Lee Iacocca

10. Lee Iacocca

Net Worth: $150 Million

From revolutionizing the American automotive industry to becoming an iconic business tycoon, Lee Iacocca's life is a captivating tale of triumph and resilience. In this exclusive biography, we delve into the extraordinary journey of the man who brought forth legendary vehicles like the Ford Mustang and saved Chrysler from bankruptcy. Discover how an ordinary boy…