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Full name: Consequence Consequence
Birthday: June 14, 1977
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Net Worth: $2 Million

Consequence, born on June 14th 1977, is a critically acclaimed singer, rapper, record producer, and songwriter from the United States of America. He has established himself as one of the most versatile artists in music history with his body of work.

With his estimated net worth of $2 million dollars, Consequence stands out among the most successful musical performers of all time. His unique combination of singing and rapping has captivated audiences since his rise to fame.

This article will give you an in-depth look into the life and career successes of Consequence – information that any fan would be thrilled to read about! This piece will provide insight into his creative process and accomplishments over the years as well as how he's managed to stay atop such a competitive industry for so long.

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Where Is Consequence From and Where Was Consequence Born

Consequence is a singer, record producer, rapper, and songwriter born in Queens, New York on June 14th, 1977. Blessed with an ear for good sound since his youth and now well into his 40s, the multi-faceted talent is an inspiration to fellow artists of all ages in the industry.

His success reflects a life that's been dedicated to creating innovative music for over two decades - from producing beats for A Tribe Called Quest samples as a teenager to writing up tracks alongside Kanye West in the present day. Consequence's journey has seen countless peaks and valleys - "Dream On Dreamer," which was included on Common's critically acclaimed album Be was an early high point; he later opened for Jay-Z during his "Blueprint 3" tour; still later came the founding of Movies On Demand Records which earned him numerous accolades among music aficionados everywhere.

But despite all these professional achievements it's Consequence's unwavering dedication to perfecting his craft that shines through: He says he doesn't want to just make more hits —he wants make timeless ones.

How Old is Consequence? Consequence Age and Birthday Info

Consequence is 45 years old and he was born on June 14, 1977 in Queens, New York, United States. On the occasion of celebrating his 45th birthday this year, Consequence can look back to an accomplished career as a successful singer, record producer, rapper and songwriter.

With nearly three decades' experience of making music for fans worldwide since the early 90s', Consequence's artistry has seen him collaborate with some top names in rap music including A Tribe Called Quest and Kanye West. His many accolades speak for themselves; from numerous awards nominations to multiple platinum records sales - it's no surprise why Consequence continues to be an inspiration to millions of people all over the world.

While his work as a musician clearly speaks volumes about his talent, one cannot ignore how he uses his platform to fight injustice and call out inequality faced by Black communities throughout America. As we wish Consequence a very happy birthday today, let us celebrate not only his tremendous success but also his unwavering commitment toward making this world a better place!

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What is Consequence’s Zodiac Sign

Consequence's zodiac sign is Gemini, which makes him a great communicator, quick thinker and talented multitasker. This skill set can be incredibly useful in his career as a singer, record producer, rapper, and songwriter - allowing him to draw upon different aspects of the creative process to create something truly special.

His natural adaptability means that he can easily take on new projects without getting overwhelmed or stuck in old ways of thinking. He also loves networking with other creatives and collaborating - something he has already experienced major success doing in the past.

With 46 years under his belt as one of hip-hop's most renowned talents, Consequence is sure to continue pushing boundaries for years to come.

Consequence Net Worth and Earnings

Consequence's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This charismatic hip-hop star has been a prominent figure in the music industry for nearly three decades now.

At 45 years old, Consquence is still going strong, capable of producing chart topping hits and captivating live performances. His talents have contributed to him amassing an impressive fortune over the years, estimated at $2 million as of May 13th 2023.

His success has allowed him to expand from strictly being a rapper into music producing and songwriting while also becoming the head of A Tribe Called Quest’s label ‘Good Vibe Recordings’ back in 2011. With his smart business investments and sharp musical career choices, it looks like Consequence will continue to reign in hip-hop and produce amazing music for many more years to come!

Consequence Nationality and Ethnicity

Consequence is an American singer, record producer, rapper, and songwriter with nationality from the United States of America and an ethnicity of American. His unique take on music allows him to blend his identity as a citizen of the United States and American ethic background together in his creative work.

With the combination of catchy lyrics, beats that never fail to jam out too, Consequence produces timeless tunes which can truly be called "hip-hop for the modern era". His identity plays a large role in tapping into different musical cultures from within and outside America; creating unexpected splashes in all aspects of music entertainment around the world.

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Consequence Body Measurements

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