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David Geffen
Full name: David Geffen
Birthday: February 21, 1943
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Net Worth: $8 Billion

He's known as a titan in the entertainment industry, amassing an estimated net worth of $8 billion and leading iconic companies like Geffen Records, Dreamworks SKG, and Asylum Records. David Geffen is one of the most influential figures to ever grace Hollywood.

Born on February 21st in 1943, he proves that it is possible for anyone with ambition and creativity to build an empire. This article reveals why David Geffen has been successful over his 40-year career, from his humble beginnings as a mailroom worker to his current success in philanthropy.

Uncover the inspiring story behind this industry maven: how he maintains control over the media landscape while still being driven by innovation; what drives him to give back; and how he makes sure every decision counts. Dive into this ultimate guide about David Geffen: the mogul who bridged together music labels, film studios, and Broadway shows – all while making history!

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Where Is David Geffen From and Where Was David Geffen Born

David Geffen is from Brooklyn, New York, USA and was born on February 21, 1943. He has established himself as a major force in the entertainment industry over the past 80 years.

As a record executive and film producer he has helped shape countless projects that have achieved massive success and given voice to talented artists in both music and cinema. His philanthropic works are equally impressive; perhaps best known for his work with charity foundations such as "The David Geffen Foundation" which supports a variety of causes such as educational organizations, health care research, AIDS awareness, human rights advocacy initiatives, art institutions and LGBT social groups.

He truly is an inspiring role model who not only contributes to society through his ventures but inspires others to do so too! Even at the age of 80 David Geffen continues to make waves across multiple genres of entertainment today - proving his impact will continue far into the next generation's future.

How Old is David Geffen? David Geffen Age and Birthday Info

David Geffen is 80 years old, born on February 21, 1943 in Brooklyn, New York. The critically acclaimed record executive and film producer has a remarkable story to tell: from his childhood in Brooklyn to now being one of the wealthiest people in the world.

At age 80, Geffen continues to be a passionate and creative force that has changed the face of entertainment for decades. Throughout his career he co-founded Asylum Records and was part of the founding team at Dreamworks SKG; orchestrated mergers with MCA Music Entertainment Group and Universal Pictures; plus produced films such as Jerry Maguire and Little Fockers (2010).

He's also been widely recognized for his philanthropic work throughout America. An inspiration, David Geffen remains an influence among those who care deeply about art and culture today – standing firm on both sides of the music industry’s business successes as well as cultural transformation.

Most recently celebrating his 80th birthday earlier this year (2021), he continues to give back through generous donations that impact countless lives worldwide each day. As time goes by, David Geffen’s legacy will continue to live on through appreciations across generations well into future centuries ahead!

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What is David Geffen’s Zodiac Sign

David Geffen's zodiac sign is Pisces, making him a naturally intuitive and creative individual. As a record executive, film producer, theatrical producer, and philanthropist, these qualities make him well-suited to his roles.

His intuitive nature helps him easily identify untapped potential in new projects while his creativity allows him to develop innovative approaches to problem-solving. With a Piscean dreamer’s mindset, David Geffen has created some of the world’s most beloved cultural experiences for millions of fans across the globe through music and film production over the past four decades - truly remarkable!

This same intuition serves as an asset in both business and charitable contributions; he is unafraid to take risks when necessary because he trusts his inner voice. His work ethic and passion for helping others makes David Geffen one of Hollywood's most respected entrepreneurs - someone whose name will be remembered for years to come.

How Did David Geffen Get Famous?

David Geffen is an 80-year-old record executive, film producer, theatrical producer and philanthropist who has made a remarkable impact on the entertainment industry. He is most well-known for his founding of the iconic Geffen Records, Asylum Records, DGC Records and DreamWorks SKG labels.

His influence and success have earned him international celebrity status. Diving into David's early years in Brooklyn reveals a man with determination to succeed in life: he attended college for only two semesters before leaving to pursue a career as an agent at William Morris Agency.

There he discovered musical talents such as Joni Mitchell and helped nurture young talents like Jackson Browne, securing recording deals that changed their lives forever. His journey towards fame continued steadily over the years as he became the vice chairman of Warner Brothers then moved onto Asylums Records which soon led to his ultimate creation -Geffen records in 1980.

A few years later, New Kids on The Block rocketed him to mainstream attention from being signed by him onto Geffen label; this catapulted him into one of world’s richest men with an estimated net worth close to $7 billion today! Through sheer hard work and dedication over decades, David Geffen has not only become immensely successful but also solidified a name synonymous with business savvy within Hollywood circles.

He truly is living proof that dreams can come true!

David Geffen Net Worth and Earnings

David Geffen's Net Worth is estimated to be around $8 Billion as of May 19, 2023. He earned this fortune through his career as a record executive, film producer, theatrical producer and philanthropist.

Being the founder of three successful labels - Geffen Records, Asylum Records and DGC Records - he helped launch the careers of some of music's biggest stars such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Guns N' Roses. His venture into Hollywood with the DreamWorks SKG studio saw further success and critical acclaim with films such as Saving Private Ryan and Gladiator.

Now aged 80 years old, David has used his wealth to donate millions to charities supporting AIDS research, arts initiatives and other causes close to his heart including UCLA School Of Law where he is now an active Board Member.

David Geffen Nationality and Ethnicity

David Geffen is an American record executive, film producer, theatrical producer and philanthropist of Jewish ethnicity. His nationality has always played a key role in his success as a professional in the entertainment industry.

As an individual from the US whose background is rooted deeply within the faith of Judaism, he was gifted with ambition and responsibility for excellence that shaped him into the mogul he is today. From his early days at one of Los Angeles’ renowned recording studios to creating two movie production companies dedicated to providing excellent films for passionate audiences, Geffen’s ambition has resonated with many Americans.

He was able to use his nationality and ethnicity as a means to strive for unprecedented successes both personally and professionally.

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David Geffen Body Measurements

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