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Eric Millegan
Full name: Eric Millegan
Birthday: August 25, 1974
Height: No Data
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Zodiac Sign:
Net Worth: $750 Thousand

Have you ever heard of the multi-faceted talent Eric Millegan? He is an American actor and singer, born on August 25, 1974.

Despite his humble beginnings from New York City's Broadway, Eric has truly made a name for himself with dozens of roles in TV series and films such as Bones and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Not to mention – he also starred on the international award-winning musical Spring Awakening!

With this article, get to know some fascinating glimpses into the professional life of Eric Millegan. Learn about his success story, career highlights, and even find out what’s the secret behind this multi-talented man's $750 thousand net worth!

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Where Is Eric Millegan From and Where Was Eric Millegan Born

Eric Millegan is an American actor born in Hackettstown, New Jersey on August 25, 1974. After the release of his debut film "The Lost and Found Family" in 1999, he quickly became one of Hollywood's most sought after actors.

With his talent for captivating performances and chameleon-like ability to adapt to any role thrown his way, Eric has been gracing our screens for two decades. Today at nearly fifty years old, he is still as vibrant and inspiring as ever.

Those close to him describe him as a kind but intense individual who loves exploring new places and pushing himself beyond what's expected. His work ethic and unique creative style have made Eric one of the biggest names in entertainment after achieving success from some major projects such as "Bones" (2005-2017) which won him nomination for a Saturn Award.

He continues to set an example by consistently creating characters that are remembered long after screen time is over and making sure each one is complex enough truthfully portray the human condition whether it be dark or lighthearted comedy.

How Old is Eric Millegan? Eric Millegan Age and Birthday Info

Eric Millegan is 48 years old, born on August 25, 1974 in Hackettstown, New Jersey. The American actor and singer has been performing since his teenage years in local theatre productions to national Broadway tours.

Since then he's gone on to numerous television appearances, with a key role on the popular series Bones from 2005-2011 playing Zack Addy. Nowadays Eric can be found pursuing charitable causes while also producing works of musical theatre himself.

With nearly four decades of experience under his belt there's sure to be more exciting moments and projects ahead for this beloved star who doesn't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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What is Eric Millegan’s Zodiac Sign

Eric Millegan is a Virgo, born on August 25th, 1974. His Virgo traits make him an ideal actor: he's hardworking and has a strong eye for detail.

He's analytical and methodical, which allows him to accurately recall scripts or create real-world scenarios. His intuitive sense of people makes it easy for him to connect with others in his roles, while his ability to remain composed under pressure translates flawlessly into any dramatic situation.

Eric symbolizes the best that Virgos have to offer -- intelligence, creativity, and reliability -- all of which have led this talented performer to great success! Whether it's playing the lead role in a Broadway show or taking home an Oscar for Best Actor, there's no doubt Eric will continue to wow us with his incredible talent and dedication.

Eric Millegan Net Worth and Earnings

Eric Millegan's net worth is estimated to be $750 Thousand. The 48 year-old American actor, known for his appearances on Bones and Hack, has made quite the impact in Hollywood after starting off as a dancer in Broadway musicals.

His career began with minor roles in movies like Spider-Man 2 and Zodiac before he scored top parts in blockbuster films such as Cutthroat Island and To Have & To Hold. He also had television gigs on shows such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent and The Secret Life of Pets.

Ever since establishing himself as an iconic figure in Hollywood, Eric Millegan’s fame continues to skyrocket higher amid his vibrant acting performances that have endeared him to many fans around the world. This dynamic star has left behind an impressive legacy that has seen him add millions of dollars into his bank account over the years; all thanks to smart investments and wise decisions!

As of May 29th 2023, Eric Millegan’s current net worth stands at a reported 750 thousand US dollars—a figure that reflects how far this established actor has come since he first hit big screens across America!

Eric Millegan Nationality and Ethnicity

Eric Millegan is an American actor whose father's ethnic background is Scottish, English, and distant Dutch. His nationality has enabled him to travel the world while pursuing his successful career in acting.

He has been able to use his different cultural backgrounds to his advantage by taking on roles that reflect each part of himself. His unique perspective as a multicultural individual allows him to bring something special and interesting with every role he takes on.

Furthermore, Millegan's journeys around the globe have allowed him to explore new cultures and tap into various subcultures from which he can draw inspiration for his artistry. His ability to bridge cultures through art shows us how powerful a tool art can be for understanding one another’s differences instead of shying away because of them.

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Eric Millegan Body Measurements

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