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Full name: Gunna Gunna
Birthday: June 14, 1993
Zodiac Sign:
Category/Profession: , , ,
Net Worth: $4 Million

Gunna is the hottest new artist on the music scene right now and his success story is inspiring. He's an American rapper, singer, and songwriter hailing from Atlanta, Georgia who has made a name for himself with chart-topping hits like "Drip Too Hard," "Skybox," and many others.

Born on June 14, 1993, Gunna quickly rose to fame in 2018 when Drake featured him on his single "Never Recover." Today he has achieved massive success in the industry with four studio albums under his belt and net worth of $4 million by 2020.

His signature sound combines elements of trap music with melodic sonics that have seen him collaborate alongside some of the biggest names such as Lil Baby, Young Thug and even Travis Scott. In this article we explore what makes Gunna such a force to be reckoned with!

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Where Is Gunna From and Where Was Gunna Born

Gunna, born on June 14, 1993 in College Park, Georgia is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. His signature melodic flow has made him one of the leading figures of hip hop music today.

A native of Atlanta's south side, Gunna created a lane for himself while still an adolescent by perfecting his musical talent with freestyle rap battles in local cyphers. With the help of mentor Young Thug, Gunna propelled himself to success with bangers like 2019's "Drip Too Hard" with Lil Baby and 2020's "Skybox."

Today at 30 years old the world-famous artist is known for setting trends in fashion and lifestyle culture - often mixing bold prints and athletic wear staples for unique looks. While dominating both radio airwaves and streaming platforms alike showing no plan to slow down anytime soon this proud Georgian native continues to break boundaries within the music industry.

Whether it’s selling out tours around the globe or collaborating across genres Gunna remains unaffected by fame thanks to his strong support system from home which keeps him humble and driven towards both personal growth and creative innovation.

Where does Gunna currently live?

United States

How Old is Gunna? Gunna Age and Birthday Info

Gunna is 29 years old, born on June 14th, 1993 in College Park, Georgia. He has been a fixture in the rap and hip-hop industry since his debut album dropped in 2017.

The Atlanta-based rapper, singer and songwriter rose to fame thanks to his iconic swagger, infectious melodies and undeniable talent. Since then he has been shaking up the music scene with an expansive catalog of singles as well as successful collaborations with artists such as Lil Baby and Young Thug.

From Atlanta to London, Gunna is always on the move making sure he stays current with all of the latest trends both musically and fashionably. As a young entrepreneur with business ventures in footwear design and technology investments, he ensures that he’s always one step ahead no matter what career path he chooses next.

On June 14th this year (2023) Gunna will be turning 30 always looking towards new horizons while never forgetting where it all began: College Park Georgia.

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What is Gunna’s Zodiac Sign

Gunna's zodiac sign is Gemini. This makes him a very creative and versatile artist, as the traits associated with Geminis are those of adaptability, expression and communication.

His ability to easily switch between musical styles will have served him well in his career as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. As Gunna enters his 30s (born on June 14th 1993), he will be able to channel his Gemini nature even further into his work – which is sure to create some excellent music for us all!

He can express himself through rhythmic beats or melodic ballads that set the tone for emotional upsurges. His creative flow allows Gunna to take risks with minimal fear of failure - fostering innovative ideas that are unique to his artistry.

Consequently, Gemini’s versatility has enabled Gunna to ride many waves in the music industry while still staying true to himself.

Gunna Net Worth and Earnings

Gunna's net worth is an estimated $4 million as of May 15, 2023. The 29-year-old musician and entrepreneur has made a name for himself in the rap and music industry.

In his short career, Gunna has already established himself as one of the most successful rappers and singers, with multiple singles topping international charts. His teaming up with fellow stars like Lil Baby and Young Thug further increased his fame around the globe.

As an entrepreneur, Gunna focuses on investing in tech startups such as cryptocurrency trading to increase his net worth. He also puts out versatile projects ranging from hip hop albums to fashion lines that have attracted both rap fans and luxury fashion followers alike.

With so many lucrative opportunities lined up for him, there's no doubt Gunna will soon become one of the wealthiest musicians in the world!

Gunna Nationality and Ethnicity

Gunna is an American rapper, singer and songwriter of African-American descent. His ethnic background has played a key role in his musical success due to its messages about issues faced by the black community being woven into his work.

Gunna's songs often tackle themes related to identity, race, social justice and politics - painting a vivid picture of what it's like growing up in America as an African-American male. In doing so, he shares powerful stories through rap music that have resonated with people from all backgrounds and walks of life alike - helping him rise in the ranks both domestically and abroad as one of today’s most innovative hip-hop stars.

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Gunna Body Measurements

Height: 178 cm or 5′9″
Weight: 70 kg or 154 lbs
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: No Data
Waist size: No Data
Hips: No Data
Feet size: No Data
Have tattoo: No Data

Gunna's body measurements are 1.78m (5' 10") height, 70 kg or 154 lbs weight, brown hair and black eyes. His stature and weight have played a crucial role in his successful career as a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

His tall yet slim figure allows him to move gracefully while performing on stage – making a lasting impression with ease. He has used fashion to make bold statements in the music industry; often seen wearing streetwear with an added touch of luxury by pairing it with designer items such as Gucci belts and vintage leather jackets.

Gunna embodies the fusion of artistry and style – proving that taking care of your physical well-being can be beneficial for success inside and outside of the entertainment world.

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